Patanjali Products For Weight Loss

by Shivani Singh
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Patanjali Products For Weight Loss: Being obese and overweight can prove to be dangerous in the long run, but what can be even more hazardous is the intake of chemicals and toxins in the name of weight loss products. We need not go blind and ignore our health just for the sake of losing weight. Thanks to the brands like Patanjali that have come up with natural and ayurvedic supplements for weight loss.

Before we purchase and start taking the products, we need to understand that these products are effective for sure, but NOT ALONE! One needs to regulate their diet and lifestyle in order to make these products work. Eat fibrous, protein-rich and fresh food, exercise and practice yoga regularly, and avoid fatty/ junk/ sugar loaded food and beverages.

Patanjali Products For Weight Loss

Here is a list of products from Patanjali for the people fighting weight woes and are confused regarding where to start.

Divya Medohar Vati – 

Made from natural herbs, it aids in digesting the food properly and burns the fats from the body at a high pace. It regulates metabolism and appetite and improves immunity.

How to use: A tablet in morning and one in evening before meals or as directed by the physician.

Side effects: None

Price: INR 80/- for 50g

Divya Peya Herbal Tea

Made from Kali Mirch, Ashwagandha, it regulates the digestive fire and benefits in stomach disorders. It is useful in a cough, cold, loss of energy and boosts immunity. Putting in simple words, this has the benefits of green tea.

How to use: This being a tea powder can be mixed with other beverages and of course can be had like any other green tea.

Side effects: None

Price: INR 50/- for 100g

Aloe Vera Juice with Fibre 

Containing pulp extract from the green juicy leaf which is rich in natural nutrients and fiber, this not only improves digestion but also improves the skin and hair. Aloe Vera juice lowers the excess fat while maintaining the natural weight.

How to use: It tastes bitter so take 20 to 25 ml Aloe Vera Juice with fiber with the same amount of water.

Side effects: It should not be taken in excess as it may cause diarrhea or allergic reactions to some. However, these are not major side effects and taking the advice of a doctor is always advisable.

Price: INR 200/- for 1000ml

Amla Juice

Made from the juice of Indian Gooseberry, it again aids in burning excess body fats. Also, acts as an immunity booster, regulated metabolism, helpful in hyperacidity, eye problems, skin disorders, anemia and blood purification.

How to use: Take 20 ml Amla Juice with the same amount of water.

Side effects: No, unless allergic.

Price:  INR 100/- for 1ltr

Triphala Guggul 

 Made of two most valuable natural ayurvedic herbs Triphala and Guggul, it is yet another natural product that helps to digest the food, no matter what have u eaten, by igniting a digestive fire. It burns excess fats from the body and maintains cholesterol levels.

How to use: One capsule/ tablet in morning and one at night is sufficient. For the optimum results take it with lukewarm water or hot milk.

Side effects: No, but still it should be taken under appropriate medical consultation. It should be avoided by pregnant ladies and kids less than 12 years of age.

Price:  INR 33/- for 20gm or 40 tablets

Patanjali Pure Honey 

 It is another product that can be substituted for sugar and can be had an early morning with lukewarm water with lemon juice for melting away the fat.

Price: INR 135/- for 500g

Other Food and healthy edibles from Patanjali –

Patanjali has a wide range of healthy food items like Patanjali Oats and Breakfast range. Also, there is Soyavita range or the roasted diet to choose from.

So go ahead and make necessary changes in your diet with these products without compromising on your health or money. I would like to make a special mention at the end that does not restrict yourself to weight loss products. Maintain proper diet, practice yoga, exercise and eat healthily.

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