Plum Goodness Green Tea Alcohol Free Toner Review

by Sone
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Since the past 5-6 years, it seems as if we have rediscovered green tea. Drink green tea, cook with green tea…apply on your skin! Actually, this is quite a deserving plant. So full of antioxidants, it is an anti-aging must have!! Add to that the goodness of glycolic acid and you are sure to have a young looking skin for a long, long time!Both these ingredients, however, are not gentle on the skin. They have to stabilize into a mild formula where they actually work, without damaging the skin. Recently, I was running out of my trusted Bodyshop Tea Tree toner. Thankfully I chanced upon this Plum Goodness Green Tea Alcohol Free Toner right in time!Plum as a brand has this slowly and steadily growing reputation, of producing natural and organic ingredients, that actually work. Let’s see, if this one actually meets the mark! 😉Plum Goodness Green Tea Alcohol Free Toner

Basic Info About Plum Goodness Green Tea Alcohol Free Toner

An alcohol-free toner ideally suited for combination to oily skin types.


Rs 380 for 200 ml

Plum Goodness Green Tea Alcohol Free Toner 1

Sensitive Skin Alert?




Plum Goodness Green Tea Alcohol Free Toner 4

What does the Brand Claim about Plum Goodness Green Tea Alcohol-Free Toner?

Not goodness: ultra-drying the skin with alcohol just to tighten up a few pores.

Goodness: figuring out an alcohol-free alternative – with added green tea extracts. Let’s put alcohol to better use ☻

Best-selling alcohol-free toner from Plum. Make this an essential part of your skincare regimen for clear, smooth, well-toned skin. Astringency (tightness) on your skin that you can feel – great for enlarged pores. Antioxidant organic green tea extracts that help control blemishes and acne (pimples). And gentle exfoliation of debris and dead cells thanks to glycolic acid. 100% alcohol-free!
♥ Does not dry face like alcohol-based toners
♥ Rich in green tea extracts – tones, hydrates and clarifies skin
♥ Glycolic acid helps weed out dead cells
♥ Hand-picked non-comedogenic ingredients

Plum Goodness Green Tea Alcohol Free Toner 6

How to Use:

Take the desired amount of toner on a clean cotton pad. Apply it in a single direction. All over face neck and ears.

My Experience with the Plum Goodness Green Tea Alcohol-Free Toner

I’ll be honest; I did not have very high expectations for this product. We have been so tuned to, judging the product quality by the price tag, which we judge so many products just because they are cheaper than average. I myself am guilty of this 😛 . Which is why I say, I have been pleasantly surprised with this.

Now this toner comes in a sturdy plastic packaging. The lid is super smart, press to pop up one. That ways there are minimal chances of contamination and the fear of flip open cap, of breaking. So full points to the packaging.

Plum Goodness Green Tea Alcohol Free Toner 5

The toner is a watery liquid. It smells exactly like the green tea mask by Plum, which I have reviewed here. Thankfully, it does not sting at all like the latter!I wash my face and pat dry. Within 10-15 seconds I apply this toner, using a clean cotton pad. Face, temples, neck, and ears. All over the place.

Plum Goodness Green Tea Alcohol Free Toner 7

It makes me feel that skin has been somehow been disinfected and the pores have been closed back in. The toner is very gentle and in its gentle and mild mannered behavior, it has kept acne breakouts at bay. It compliments my Sebamed face wash beautifully. My skin does not feel dried out or stretchy after using this. I face that problem with my TBS toner.

Overall, I am pleasantly surprised and very happy with this product.

Overall Performance of Plum Goodness Green Tea Alcohol-Free Toner


  • Affordable
  • Enriched with green tea antioxidants
  • Has the mild amount of glycolic acid, that helps in regular mild exfoliation
  • Very gentle, does not sting
  • Keeps minor blemishes at bay
  • Does not dry the skin out


  • Not suitable for very dry skinned types

Overall Would I repurchase and recommend?

I will be repurchasing this. Recommended to all beauties with combination to oily skin.

GlossyPolish Verdict


Where to Buy This?

  • [easyazon_link identifier=”B00OCJ5M6C” locale=”IN” tag=”sone-21″]Plum Green Tea Alcohol Free Toner, 200ml[/easyazon_link]

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Arima December 30, 2017 - 1:25 PM

Thanks a lot!! Nice review! You have covered all the areas!! I will buy it soon!

Sone December 30, 2017 - 3:54 PM

Thank you Arima :love

Deepsikha March 18, 2018 - 1:39 PM

I have combination skin!
Totally getting this!
Great review ma’am!
And love the photos! :love

Oindrila August 21, 2018 - 4:14 PM

I find this toner a slight bit sticky on my skin, hence, sticking to the Kaya one.