Positive Nugget #2 Value Yourself !!

by Sone
2 minutes read

Hey Friends!

How was your day yesterday? Mine went mixed…there were ups and downs..but I followed my own advice  ;)Yesterday I started this positivity series..where I randomly put forward a positive thought a day. Consider it a a sign in some aspect.

The Image for Today is :


positive affirmation 2 #glossypolish

Image Credit : pinterest


The thought is simple, but so immense! You , me…everyone is special. We are not just random existences. We have a divine intention behind us. No matter what we think, we …every one of us ;has an effect on the people around us.


The most important thing we forget…we are important. We hold value.

Till the time we disregard ourselves, nothing in life will regard us.


The message is pretty straight forward. Respect yourself and hold value to yourself. It does not mean being arrogant. Arrogance is one of the highest forms of foolishness 😛


Be smart 😉 First and foremost respect yourself, your happiness! When you are comfortable with yourself, your life purpose…proceed to project the respect on everyone around you!


Have a great day!! <3

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