Pregnancy Fatigue Symptoms

by Gargi B Niyogi

Pregnancy Fatigue Symptoms  :By Week 8…you are likely to be wholly and utterly sure of the fact that you are pregnant. While not many visible physical changes are there…you can rejoice in the fact that you are now almost two months pregnant. You are likely to be set on a permanent roller coaster of emotions this week…and you can switch between uncontrolled laughter and teary eyed despair in seconds (don’t worry these are the pregnancy hormones talking). Your baby meanwhile has joyfully grown up to the size of a raspberry. The great news is that 90% of pregnant women who have made it this far go on to have healthy uneventful pregnancies….in the coming week i.e. the 9th week the risk of miscarriage will drop to 4%. You are likely to be super careful about your movements and will be busy bringing in lifestyle changes that will allow you to have a healthy comfortable pregnancy.

The downside is that it’s around this week that some women begin to experience extreme tiredness and fatigue. On some days you might feel totally unable to get out of bed and go to work. This lethargy combined with the fluttering excited state of your mind may make your professional life difficult.

Pregnancy Week 8

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Pregnancy Fatigue….Why Do I always feel so tired!!!

For those of you who have been perpetually asking yourself this question…it’s time to understand the real answer. Your baby is growing in spurts now…at the average rate of 1 mm per day. Your little raspberry’s heart is now pumping blood at the phenomenal rate of 150 to 170 bps and that’s almost double your heart beat. Tiny fingers, toes and limbs are forming along with cute button noses and smiley lips. The energy for all this is obviously supplied by your body which is perpetually working overtime to support this incredible miracle of life. Obviously, much of your energy stores are used up by the baby’s growth leaving you with an energy deficit for your other routine functions.

The second major reason behind fatigue is insufficient and improper diet. You need to be on energy rich food during this time and unfortunately for most working women sticking to a proper diet becomes a bit difficult. Remember that this is the time when vital organs of your baby, your placenta, and the amniotic fluid will form….whatever you eat will determine the quality of your baby’s life support devices. Therefore a diet comprising of cookies, spicy snacks, colas, and chips is not recommended….unless you are suffering from M.S or E.V.S where your focus changes to eating anything that you can keep down!!

How to Boost Up Your Energy Levels

The great news is that it’s entirely possible to supercharge your energy levels at least to acceptable standards where you can do all your work unhindered. The not-so great news is that this won’t happen automatically…you have to plan for it.

Break up your 3 large meals into 6 or even 8 small meals. Larger meals take longer to digest and tax your body more. Smaller meals are like energy shots which will boost you up.

Binge on fruits…they are your best friends when you are expecting. Go all out on bananas, apples, prunes, strawberries, melons, guavas, grapes etc. most fruits release instant energy and adding a little salt to them will balance the acidity well.

Pack little boxes with healthy snack options like dates, sprouts, nuts and raisins and granola bars to munch while you are at the office. This healthy stuff will prevent you from reaching out for that bag of chips or cola bottle.

Exercise even if you don’t feel like it….this will boost up your blood circulation and make you less tired in the long run. Exercise is also great for your baby as it speeds up growth.

If you have the option….take cat naps. Short 15 minute naps recharge your body and leave you feeling energetic as opposed to hour long siestas which make you lethargic.

Stay away from negativity, stress, tight clothes and high heels. The latter two will impede your blood circulation and body balance…two things that you need to take care of during pregnancy. For the first two, bond with your besties and learn the art of not sweating the small stuff. For every streak of negativity that brushes through your mind….tell yourself “I am enjoying the best gift that life can ever give me and it’s an awesome time!!!!”

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