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by Puneeta Bassi
4 minutes read

There’s nothing like a little lipstick to brighten your face and add polish to your look.Today, I would be reviewing about StreetWear Lipstick Spell Bound. Streetwear is a brand that is economical and desired for every person who wants an affordable and good quality product. It’s a lovely shade of Exclusive Street Wear Streetwear Color Rich Ultra Moist Lipcolor collection.This Ultra moisturizing lipstick is enriched with vitamins keeps the lips moisturized throughout the day.

Street Wear Lipstick Spell Bound

Street Wear Lipstick Spell Bound 2

Basic Info About Street Wear Lipstick Spell Bound

This is a dusty pink shade color from Exclusive Street Wear Streetwear Color Rich Ultra Moist Lipcolor collection. This is a lovely rich shade which looks good on every skin tone. It gives a little shiny look on lips that gives you a natural shine. It does not cake up within the fine lines of your lips. It has a matte finish but nondrying formula. Also gives you an even and a moisturized finish.Rich color and lightweight for a fresh look all day long.It’s an affordable product that is easily available in the market and all online shopping sites. This product is loved by people due to the great quality. This is a must-have for every pink lip lover.

Key Ingredients:

Shea Butter and Pearls.

Price:– INR 180 for 4.2g

Shelf life:– 2 years from the date of manufacture.

Sensitive skin alert?


Natural/ vegan/ organic?


Directions for application:

✓       Apply the color, starting at the center of the upper lip and moving outward toward one corner.

✓       Bring the lipstick back to the center and run it outward toward the other corner.

✓       Repeat this step with the lower lip.

✓       Dab the lipstick with your pinky, then dot the color onto your lips with the finger.

Street Wear Lipstick Spell Bound 3

My experience with StreetWear Lipstick Spell Bound


The packaging is attractive. It comes with a black cover with a transparent cap with a girl picture on it. It’s quite a girly product that is travel- friendly.

Colour and Texture:

It has a dusty pink color, which glides perfectly. Also gives you an even, moisturized finish. It has a creamy texture which makes your lips look good and natural. It does stay for 2-3 hours without frequent touch-ups that fade out beautifully.


It has a fruity fragrance.


This lipstick is from the range of Streetwear. This plant-based conditioner helps the lipstick glide smoothly and conditions the lips.I instantly loved streetwear due to the great quality of the cosmetics offered.

It is aa darker shade that gives the right pigmentation only after swiping it 2  times on the lips. Also gives a matte texture and a shiny touch upon application. I bought It from an online website. So, it was a great buy for me. The formulation is really impressive as it free from Lead. It tends do transfer a bit of the color after eating or drinking.It really affordable who wants to try different new colors for everyday use. This product suits every skin tone.

Street Wear Lipstick Spell Bound 1

Street Wear Lipstick Spell Bound 4

Overall performance of StreetWear Lipstick Spell Bound


▪        Highly affordable lipstick

▪        It has matt finish but not drying formula

▪        Rich & creamy texture

▪        Even, moisturized finish.

▪        Cute & Girly packaging

▪        Glides smoothly on lips

▪        Easily available


▪        Fades after eating

▪        Doesn’t comes out evenly on the lips

▪        Stays just for 2 hours

Would I Recommend?

Yes, I will recommend it to everyone as it is affordable and gives a rich color. And especially for teenagers who want to try new colors every day.

It’s available easily and Super cute-girly lip color.

Tip: For an intense color, apply lip liner all over the entire lip.


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Smriti February 14, 2018 - 12:54 PM

just 2 hours? ok..honest review. loved the shade. expected a lot more from this intense shade

Sreeparna Ganguly February 14, 2018 - 1:10 PM

I have used some other shades from this range. The Pink Passion shade had better staying power.
The shade is one of the must-haves but there are better options in the market with better performances in the similar price range..
Loved your honest opinion. :good:

Juhi Sharma February 14, 2018 - 1:35 PM

Not satisfied with the quality and staying power. Nicely written and honest review.. :haanji :good:

Puneeta Bassi February 15, 2018 - 10:42 PM

Thank you so much dear :love