Popular Beauty Subscription Boxes In India

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Hi, Girls!

Hope you all are having a great time 🙂 Many of you may be aware of the concept of subscription beauty boxes. These are bags/boxes with products samples from a variety of makeup and beauty brands. Basically, the idea is for you to try these products and buy the full sized version of these if you like them. Most subscription boxes have one or two full sized products, which are always great to have.

Let’s list the subscription boxes down below:

#1 The Fabbag Beauty Subscription  Bag

Beauty Subscription Boxes In India 4

Image Source :The Jeromydiaries

This subscription service is probably the largest. It has also been around for the longest time- earlier known as the Velvette Box. Every month, you get deluxe samples of products from different brands and a full sized product of a brand that they might be introducing. This month, for example, they are introducing the brand Hikari Cosmetics.Generally this bag is customized for your preferences. Be very careful while filling the Questionnaire. Mostly you will get the products based on your preferences, but at the same time-you can get totally different stuff! Unless you are a long term subscriber, be prepared for a long wait for your boxes.Nothing wrong with that,just be patient and you will be happier 😀 You can also purchase the full sized versions of the products on their website,usually on a discount;which you get along with your bag.

The price of Fabbag :

1 month Rs 599 | 3 month Rs 1599 | 6 month Rs 2899 | Annual Rs 4999  You usually get a bonus product with the 6 month and Annual Plans.

#2 My Envy Box Beauty Subscription Box

My Envy Box Feb 2016 Review 6

This is the luxury beauty box. Here you will get the high end and international brands only.It is an excellent service to try expensive brands and to take your own decision on whether or not to buy the full sized products.You will hardly ever get full sized products in this one, but whatever you get will be prom really good brands.Like the Fabbag, My Envy box also has an online store to buy the full sized products at a discount. They generally have a quicker service than Fabbag. You can expect your boxes by the third week of the month. I got my Feb box already 😉 There is no customization in this beauty subscription service. 

The price of My EnvyBox:

1 month Rs 850 | 3 month Rs 2250 | 6 month Rs 4350 | Annual Rs 8500

#3  MSM Beauty Subscription Box

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Image Source : The Jeromydiaries

MSM or the My Style Mile box comes in three variants. A high-end MSM Select Box, the drugstore MSM Express Box and the MSM Makeup Box.This one has a HUGE variety to offer. Relatively, a new kid on the block, these guys are trying their best to keep the customers happy. Still, you will get very local brands unless you choose their higher Select and Diva services.This is a pricey service, that ways.You can also choose your own products in the MSM box-so quite customize-able

The price of MSM Boxes :

MSM Express

1 month Rs 495 +Shipping  | 3 month Rs 1395 | 6 month Rs 2775 | Annual Rs 5345

MSM Select

1 month Rs 995  | 3 month Rs 2835 | 6 month Rs 5545 | Annual Rs 1075

MSM Diva

Rs 1995 per box 

#4 The Sugar Box

Beauty Subscription Boxes In India

Oh, this box sure is sweet! It is not strictly a beauty box-it has beauty products along with a host of other fun and quirky stuff! If you are into funky and quirky things and like beautiful collectibles-the sugar box is for you. But these sweet nothings do come for a not so sweet price. Still, a great buy if you like the uber cool lifestyle medley they have to offer!

The price of the Sugar Box :

1 month Rs 1499  | 3 month Rs 4197 | 6 month Rs 7794| Annual Rs 14388

#5 Nature’s Co Beauty Wish Box

Beauty Subscription Boxes In India 2

Image Source : Vanitynoapologies

This beauty subscription box contains only the products from Nature’s CO. You get 5 deluxe samples and 1 retail size;  of a variety of their products which you can try out.This way you choose to buy full sizes of the products if you like them.They are 100% natural and 100% made in India.

The price of Nature’s Co Beauty Wish Box :

1 month Rs 595  | 3 month Rs 1645| 6 month Rs 3215| Annual Rs 5950

#6 Lady Raga Bag

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Image Source : BeautyMommies

The latest on the block, customize this beauty subscription service offers beauty products and jewelry items. It contains all full sized products, albeit of relatively unknown brands. They have a WhatsApp service where they answer your queries. The boxes customized but come with a surprise gift that is different for everyone.

The price of the Lady Raga Bag :

1 month Rs 666  | 3 month Rs 1849| 6 month Rs 3593| Annual Rs 6666

Personally , I love the concept of beauty subscription services! I get to try a variety of high end and new brands-make my mind up about them! Plus there is this…yay! Surprise and excitement factor. That ringing of the bell, the collecting of box…the anticipation that builds up, what would it have??!! That fun and excitement is priceless 😀


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