Tarot Meets Fashion !

by Ruchika
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When you reduce life to Black and white, you never see Rainbows.  Don’t forget that our soul gets dyed with the color of its thought. So, paint your soul with the colors and see how life changes. This week I bring to you what colors you should adorn as per your zodiac sign.




Your life is changing and so should your wardrobe too. This week embrace different shades of yellow, orange and blue to keep your energy level up and going. Yellow to make you’re more jolly and positive, and blue will keep the commitment level intact. Tables are turning and gears are shifting in your favor, don’t forget to put positive paints on this week.


Tarot Meets Fashion 11

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A touch of royalty is all I can see this sun sign. This week add a pinch of royal colors and velvet in your closet. How about the shades of violet, red, navy blue and Grey to grace this week. It’s the month of love and red would definitely up your game along with the passion. Indigo and Violet would make you more wise, empathetic and artistic. Grey would make you stand out when you would need it the most.


Tarot Meets Fashion 4

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Some of you would be traveling or would want to travel, so the choice of colors should be more calming. Pull out your attires that comprise of white, blue and light green. This airy color would definitely cool you ‘Air’ sign.  Green is the color of growth, rejuvenation and abundance so why not. Don’t freak out if things go tipsy topsy, pull out your favorite tees in blue that goes well with denims.


Tarot Meets Fashion 8

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Ooooh! You will be full of energy and would want to rule the world. Well, if that’s the objective that shouldn’t be picking up the colors that can be your wingman (wing woman).  Bright colors like yellow, lemon and orange can save you this week. And, here is why these colors will make you cheerful and optimist and your creative juices would overflow. Orange is the color of flamboyancy, if the idea is to show mushy side then this color is perfect.


Tarot Meets Fashion 6

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Magical moments are lined up for you this week, so how about adding magical colors to your wardrobe. This week is all about taking a chill pill with these shades- purple, pink, beige and green. You already have so many colors to team up with and life is definitely different with pink. Pink would add to romanticism and innocence this week. Be in pink of this week  🙂


Tarot Meets Fashion 5

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Somebody would be touching the sky this week, not literally though. But a success is lined up; if this is the case then you have another reason to go shopping. Add these amazing colors to your closet- white, blue, red.  You would definitely require attention and that’s why go for red. Team it up with blue to balance the look. Blue is about commitment and serenity, on the contrary red will add to intensity and excitement.


Tarot Meets Fashion 3

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Somebody is in full power this week to achieve the unachievable, to keep your energy level intact explore the hues of yellow, ochre and golden with white. Don’t let anything dim your inner light.  Gold is for beauty, prosperity and gold also enhances your personal power. It promotes willpower and strength; gold chains worn in neck preserve health.


Tarot Meets Fashion 9

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You would be in throwback mode and some of you would also be celebrating. Up your celebration with these pastel shades of pink, beige, baby blue and white. These colors would keep your temperament in check and would make you stand out in the crowd. Let your creative streak do some wonder on your style this week. Team up your attire with floral accessories or floral prints.


Tarot Meets Fashion 2

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Oopsie! Should I ask people to maintain some safe distance from this week? You will be in your shell this week and wouldn’t want to entertain nonsense. If that’s the mood then adorn yourself with black and shades of grey that would guard you from negativity. If you want to explore a bit then wear some prints which has red and black.


Tarot Meets Fashion

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For things to move ahead swiftly you have to make it happen. Here is how you can do. Shades of orange, brown and blue can do wonders for you. More deepened shades of orange would bring exoticism and excitement. Your social nature will help you pave the way ahead and team it up with blue to raise the commitment level.


Tarot Meets Fashion 10

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Another one who would want to rule the show their way. Well, well there is no harm in this as long as you successful.  The evergreen and lethal combination i.e. white and blue will be your wingman. White to bring clarity and keep your energy pure, blue to keep you level headed and would encourage you to go an extra mile. To pump in some excitement, add some gradient touch of green.


Tarot Meets Fashion 7

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A jovial and happy week for this water sign and you would definitely want to explore different colors and apparels. Happy shades like red, yellow, blue, orange and white would keep you in happy spirit. Many of you would want to mix and match to stand out. But, don’t overdo it, accessorize well that would act as a fines.


Tarot Meets Fashion 1

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