The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Review

by Aakansha Malpani
4 minutes read

Hello gals! Are you getting tired of me reviewing The Body Shop products or what?! I hope not because I have yet another one to review for you today. I really cannot help but review the body Shop products for you as they are genuinely good and money worthy products. Today I will be reviewing The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil for you. We have all heard that tea tree oil is very beneficial to our skin and it does wonders to our skin which is true. Let me give you a little insight on why tea tree oil is good for us in case you might not know and how to use it.

Tea Tree Oil was used as a natural cure for cuts, burns, and boils back in the days, the oil is derived from tea tree leaves by distillation of the leaves. There are so many skin and health benefits of using tea tree oil. The following are some of the benefits of using tea tree oil:

– It helps fight acne

– It can be used as a toner with diluted water

– It helps fight dandruff and prevent hair fall

– It is antiseptic & antibacterial

– It stimulates immune system and blood circulation

There are many brands that now sell tea tree oil in the market, however since there so many brands out there it is really tough to find a brand to trust since a lot of them does mixing of the products. Tea Tree Oil works best if it is fully natural without any mixing of other products and substances. The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil is all natural and fully pure. In addition The Body Shop is a trustworthy brand and I believe many of us can agree on that. Bodyshop tea tree TONER and FACEWASH have already been reviewed.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

Basic Info about the Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil is multi-purpose oil that can be used in skincare, body care, as well as haircare. It removes impurities from your skin such as dirt and cleans the skin properly leaving it feeling fresh.

Brand Claims the following:

– Hand-harvested leaves & steam distilled within 12 hours to produce purest tea tree oil.

– Contains 15% tea tree oil concentrate

– Clinically proven to give clear-looking skin in 1 week

– Enriched with community trade organic tea tree oil

Price: 695 INR

Shades/Variety: Only 1

Formulation: Liquid formula as it is an oil

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil 1

My Experience with the Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

  • PACKAGING: The product comes in a small green glass bottle with a lock cap. The packaging is very simple and does the job. Getting the product out is quite easy as the lock cap helps avoid the product to leak and the mouth of the bottle is small enough to get the right amount of product out. However since it is a glass bottle, you need to be extra careful with it.
  • SMELL: It has a strong scent to it since it is made by distillation of tea tree leaves but nothing that you cannot handle.
  • WEARIBILITY: I use the tea tree oil as a toner, putting few drops on cotton pad and spraying rose water on top and rubbing it on my face gently. It cleans the dirt on the face, leaving my face feel much cleaner and healthier. Regular use of the product helps clean your pores.

Overall performance of The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

I personally love using tea tree oil on my face as it really does clean the dirt from the face. I would try it on my hair next time I was my hair to test the hair fall claim. I would the performance of the Body Shop Tea Tree Oil is very good, I have also used the tea tree foam face wash before and it was a good face wash.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil 2

Would I recommend it or repurchase?

Everyone should incorporate tea tree oil in their daily skin care in some form so I would definitely recommend it and repurchase it.

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Aria March 29, 2017 - 9:22 PM

Need to buy this ! Good one :good: :no

Paneeni March 29, 2017 - 11:00 PM

Great product :haanji 🙂

tanushree March 29, 2017 - 11:38 PM

Tea tree is a magical cure to most of the skin problems and coming from body’s hop..girl you just dun need to worry..I was just planning to buy this one but now u have made me more aware about it..thanx