The Face Shop Chia Seed Calming Mist Toner Review

by Suravi Pradhan
3 minutes read

Who is it for? The Face Shop Chia Seed Calming Mist Toner is formulated without 7 additives (paraben, tar colorant, animal-source ingredients, mineral oil, talc, paraffin, and polyacrylamide)for dry and sensitive skin which soothes dry skin and provides long-lasting hydration to the skin.

The Face Shop Chia Seed Calming Mist Toner

Price-INR 1290 for 170ml
How to Use: 

Hold bottle about 20cm (8 in’) away from your face and spray evenly all over the face. Keep eyes closed during application. Can be applied throughout the day whenever skin feels dry also it can be before and after makeup.

My Experience with The Face Shop Chia Seed Calming Mist Toner


This toner comes in a plastic bottle with a spray nozzle. Packaging is spilled proof and travels friendly.

Colour & Texture

Color is kind of whitish and it has water like consistency which absorbs quickly.


It has very soothing and mild fragrance which fades after a while.


I have combination skin which tends to get dry during winters so I wanted a hydrating skincare range to add moisture and glow to my skin. So I came across with the face shop chia seed range their mist toner. for hydration. This toner is the absolute savior as it provides hydration as well as it does not clog pores or break my skin out. I use it twice a day with face shop chia seed moisturizer. Unlike another variant of chia seed toner with a pump bottle, it’s consistency is thinner and more like water which absorbs quickly. In the morning after cleansing my face, I spray this directly on my face and wait to get absorbed then apply moisturizer and sun protection cream. In an entire day of work, my skin never feels lack of moisturizer though I stay mostly in AC. In evening time I remove makeup and cleanse my face then I like to take this toner in the cotton pad to swipe my face to remove any residue of makeup or dirt on my face. What I like about this toner is that it takes care of my pores and also hydrates my skin.

What do I like about this toner?
  1. Hydrating
  2. Does not cause oiliness and break out
  3. Take scare of pores
  4. Free from 7 additives
What I dislike about this toner?
  1. Expensive
Would I Repurchase or Recommend?

Yes, definitely it works best with the face shop chia seed entire range which absolutely suited for dry and combination skin.


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