Top 10 Cold Pressed Juice Brands in India

by Tanu Shree
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Cold Pressed Juice Brands: I recently wrote an article on why cold-pressed juices are beneficial to you. You can read the article HERE. If you are looking to get yourself some Cold Pressed juice but are lost on where to look for it, what brands are there and just what all they offer, this article is for you. Remember, this list is in no particular order 😀

  1.  AntiDote

Top 9 Cold Pressed Juice Brands in India

One of the most popular providers of Cold Pressed Juice. You can find the shop if you live in Gurgaon or Delhi. But you can also order online or on phone and get a home delivery. They not only provide a wide range of fruit and vegetable juices but also specific programs of cleanses like focused on weight loss or strength providing, amongst others.

You can start by just a 1-day trial if you are a skeptic, and extend your subscription as much as you want – and get fresh, healthy juices of your choice at your doorstep every day.

  1.  Juicifix

Top 9 Cold Pressed Juice Brands in India 5

Mumbai’s top selling Juice providers, whom you can order on Swiggy (food delivery app) too, apart from their own website. It’s that simple. And the range is pretty impressive too.

The Trial Pack consists of only two bottles of your choice, while the actual subscription can go up to 90 days. Their cleanse package may not be too varied, but it does include a special bridal cleanse – which is an amazing addition.

  1.  Pulp Pressery

Top 9 Cold Pressed Juice Brands in India 7

With interesting superhero themed packages on offer, this Hyderabad joint offers food packages as well. Such packages include healthy food along with smoothies and cold-pressed juices.

They also have their Cleanses differentiated according to the use of fiber, which is great, alternative wise. But there aren’t subscriptions per se, only packages that you can order.

  1.  RAW Pressery

Top 9 Cold Pressed Juice Brands in India 2

Immensely popular and with an impressive range of products, RAW Pressery comes with the option of a light cleanse too – for people like me. Though it costs the same as a deep cleanse. It also gives you complete freedom to choose the juices in your subscription. But it does not offer a trial.

It is currently present in 8 cities and also available on major online sellers.

  1. TBH To Be Healthy

Top 9 Cold Pressed Juice Brands in India 10

True to their name, they provide unique options to cleanse your body apart from the regular 1-3 day packs. Lungs cleanse is an intriguing option for sure, but the most interesting one is the cleanse with friends – which not only includes your friends in your health pledge but also reduces the cost – economies of scale!

  1. JustPressed

Top 9 Cold Pressed Juice Brands in India 6

This Delhi-based joint offers a fairly decent range of juices, while also offering other healthy substitutes such as tea and coffee. It offers the 1 and 3 days cleanse and also a hassle-free subscription delivered at your doorstep to keep you going.

  1. Juice Up

Top 9 Cold Pressed Juice Brands in India 4

Juice Up provides free home delivery and is considerably low priced compared to others, and is primarily based in Delhi and NCR. They also offer the option to make your order as late as the day before while you are in the subscription.

  1. Salad Days

Top 9 Cold Pressed Juice Brands in India 3

Known for their fabulous array of salads, they have a good selection of juices to choose from. However, they don’t offer a cleanse or detox as such.

  1. Zoe

Top 9 Cold Pressed Juice Brands in India 8

It is a world-famous brand and a very popular one too. But it is not entirely a juice seller – cold-pressed juices are a part of their large network. Though it offers great cleanses and juices, their subscription does not have a separate section for them.

10.  Raw Leaf

They have a goliath of a beauty cleanse and for routine cleanses their basic cleanse. This is generally recommended for a one day cleanse after partying, to get down the increased weight instantly. Can be done as a routine on Mondays after the weekend binge. This is probably one of the more affordable options!

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