Weekly Nail-o-scope !! <3

by Ruchika
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There is no beauty without colors, let’s start with your NailOscope for this week.

Starting with Aries:)



 Keep calm and paint your nails. This week, it’s all about trying some cool and earthy shades. If you can create something new using both then Voila, you have already up you game. Colors like blue, green and a dash of brown will up your game. You can also add an element of white to give oomph! Look. Happy painting!


nailoscope 10




Intriguing color is the new sexy. Try some shades of red, green, brown that gives the royal look. This week is all about keeping your passion and spirits high so what are you waiting for spice up your energy and wear some fiery yet earthy shades.


nailoscope 1

IC: nailmypolish



 Nail art doesn’t need to be perfect; it just needs to be you. Give your nails a fresh look this week with some floral nail art or water touch. How about falling in love with your nails by a nail art with rose theme. Don’t forget to add shades of blue and grey. It will help you to be calm.


nailoscope 7




Letting go would be a major task for you this week. So, why not start of with letting go of boring nail colors 😀 Strike a balance with these two colors red and white. Not only it will clear your thoughts but will give the passion to sail thru. Add some dash of brown too if you want to add more colors this week.

nailoscope 9

IC: stylesatlife



You will be bubbling with loads of positivity and happiness. How about bouncing some positivity to the world with colors like yellow, green and white. Give your nails some touch of animal print or astro touch with the rays of Sun. Let your creativity show in your nail art with some funky touch.





 Find your solace in your within self, this week is all about letting the Universe working out things for you. Try some shades or the family of yellow and golden. Blend the same with brown to give it a royal touch. Don’t go for bling bling look, it’s about the Matt touch  🙂






People will stare, make it worth their while. Trying some cool or sober shades is a big NO this week. Add a touch of grayscale look or mystic persona with shades of black and grey.  Too skeptical to try, then how about an abstract nail art with the shades of black, white and a bit of red.


nailoscope 5




Calm down you little warrior, this week is about the balance and keeping karmas in place.  So, pamper your nails with some earthy and cool colors like green, red, sky blue and navy blue. You can change the world with color. A dash of bronze shade will up your look <3


 nailoscope 2




Want to paint your nails, can’t on which one. Here is what you can try: shades of blue (dark blue) to up your commitment towards work, life and everything you can think of. Add a dash of white to bring some clarity this week. And you are all set to rule the world.


nailoscope 3




 Why so serious? Haven’t you heard it from Joker? Dream, Travel, Eat and repeat. How about giving your nails a break from fuddy duddy look. Try some funky colors you can think of like green, yellow, and red, white. May be giving it a touch of abstract look would make it look more pretty. So, go ahead and shower the creativity.


IC: fustany



 Nobody likes plain Jane nails and do you also feel so many nail colors and too less fingers ;). This week is all about setting the wavelength right along with grounding. Try and just keep trying earthy shades like brown and green. If you are an experimental then add a symbol of moon (as nail art) to give a wow factor.


nailoscope 11

IC: askideas



Painting your nails is one of your super powers. This week it’s all about going with flow and still getting overboard lol. Pick up some cool and funky shades like sea blue, sea green with a touch of golden. As your nail polish is a reflection of yourself.


nailoscope 4

IC: pinterest


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