Wet n Wild Megaliner Black Noir Review

by Sharayu K
3 minutes read

Who is it for? The Wet n Wild Megaliner Black Noir is for people who love to apply black eyeliner on a daily basis and are looking for affordable eyeliner.

Wet n Wild Megaliner Black Noir

Price- 299 INR for 3.5 ml of product

My Experience with Wet n Wild Megaliner Black Noir


The packaging is quite average and the bottle is completely made out of flimsy plastic and is black in color. The wand is thin and long and has a tapering and pointed tip to give a nice thin application on the eyes.  The wand is of appropriate length for you to hold it comfortably during application. The shade name is given on the bottom of the bottle.


The shade ‘Black Noir’ is jet black in color and is highly pigmented. One swipe of it on the eyelids is enough to give a good color pay off.


The consistency of Wet n Wild Megaliner is perfect. It is neither too thick nor too runny. The wand picks up the apt amount of liquid required for a smooth application.

Staying Power-

The eyeliner stays for a decent duration of time but it does smudge. If by mistake, you slightly touch or rub your eyes, it smudges around your eyes and you end up getting panda eyes. It does dry quickly though.

When you try to remove it, it clumps a little on the eyelashes and the whole process of removing the eyeliner becomes tad- bit difficult. It is not waterproof too.

Sensitivity Alert-

It doesn’t cause any allergy or itchiness and is safe to be used by anyone and everyone. The brand is PETA certified and cruelty-free.

What did I like about the product?
  1. Dries quickly
  2. Good consistency and texture
  3. The wand is of proper length and has a nice pointed tip
  4. Easy to use
  5. Good quantity
  6. The shade is jet black
  7. Highly pigmented
  8. Kinda affordable
What didn’t I like about the product?
  1. Smudges even with a slight touch
  2. Packaging is made up of quite flimsy plastic
  3. It is not waterproof
  4. Removing the eyeliner is difficult
  5. Settles into eyelashes while removing it
  6. Availability in stores is a problem, easily available online
Would I recommend or repurchase this product?

I personally wouldn’t recommend or repurchase this product. It is affordable, but then there are many better options in the market that cost less than this product and perform very well. This is not even waterproof or smudge-proof. So, I would suggest going for other liquid eyeliners available in the Indian market.

My Rating- 3/5

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Apoorwa verma July 30, 2018 - 6:43 PM

I thought it to be great but is proved otherwise ..?
Honest review sharayu ❤️

Sreeparna Ganguly July 30, 2018 - 11:16 PM

Just an above average eye liner… However the shade is super intense…
Does it have felt tip?