What are some Easy Homemade Scrubs for Face ?

by Harshita Gupta
5 minutes read

What are some Easy Homemade Scrubs for Face? The most loveable thing about homemade beauty products and remedies is that they are free of side effects and you don’t have to be very conscious about your skin type. They wouldn’t leave behind a face full of rash or pimples. They might do their work a tad bit slow but we should try to avoid experimentation on our skin, especially facial, with outside products. To keep you in the safe facial zone, here are some homemade face scrubs that might work wonders for you.

There are some important things to know before we move on to the components and recipes of these scrubs:

  1. Your scrub should always have a granule-like component that would help in cleansing thoroughly.
  2. Always scrub or massage your face in an upward motion, as it helps in tightening the skin.
  3. Do not scrub your skin too hard, for it might result in saggy skin earlier than expected.
  4. Do not scrub daily. Scrubbing opens your pores for the purpose of cleaning, but scrubbing on a daily basis might leave them open and make your skin more prone to the effects of dirt and dust.

DIY Coffee Body Scrub

Homemade scrubs that can be made from basic kitchen components:



What you need: granulated sugar, cream from fresh milk.

How to do it: take a small amount of mentioned cream and mix a spoon of granulated sugar in it. A small amount is recommended because the texture is extremely silky. Mix the two constituents a little in such a way that sugar granules do not entirely blend. Apply and massage your face in a circular upward motion. Wipe your face with a towel and take hot water steam on your face for the best effects.

Benefits: the said cream makes your skin glossy and healthy. This scrub is best suited for people with dry skin for natural moisturization.

It helps in keeping your skin glossy and healthy. Granulated sugar works as the scrubbing component and exfoliate your skin. The effect is almost immediate and you can feel the smoothness of your face under your tips.


What you need: slightly grounded orange split lentils (dhuli masoor dal), gram flour, honey, milk.

How to do it: mix the grounded lentil powder with gram flour, half a tablespoon of honey, and milk. You can also use water instead of milk in case of unavailability. Honey adds consistency to the paste. Mix all the ingredients well and make a thick paste. Apply this paste to your face as a pack first and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. When it has dried completely, dab a little water on your face and scrub the dried mixture. The granulated lentil acts as an amazing scrubbing agent.

Benefits: gram flour is the complete shining agent and lentil is said to remove all the dead skin, dirt, and accumulated dust from your face. Honey adds a glow to your face and milk has always been known as a brightening constituent. This scrub can also remove tan when used twice a week. An important point is to moisturize your face after washing off this paste as gram flour is a slightly drying agent.


What you need: coffee powder or grounded coffee, olive oil or coconut oil, granulated sugar.

How to do it: take a tablespoon of coconut oil or olive oil, add a little granulated sugar and coffee powder. Don’t mix the paste too much; apply to your face and scrub upward in a circular motion for good five minutes and then leave it to dry for 10 minutes. After the mixture has dried out, dampen your face and scrub a little more before washing your face.

Benefits: coffee is well known for its cleaning properties. It makes you look brighter, tan free and free of any dead skin cells. Sugar helps with the scrubbing process and olive oil/coconut oil is good for skin already.


What you need: melted dark chocolate, granulated sugar, ground coffee, olive/coconut oil.

How to do it: mix all the above-mentioned contents in a bowl and heat it a little in a microwave before you apply it on your face to scrub away the dullness. The combination of sugar, chocolate, and coffee helps to keep your skin healthy in all possible ways.

Benefits: chocolate is rich in anti-aging properties and allows you to feel young and beautiful. Coffee and sugar work as scrubbing agents and leave soft skin behind.


What you need: sea salt, unsweetened yogurt, and lemon extract.

How to do it: mix sea salt with some lemon extract and form a paste. Add yogurt to it and mix in a way that the salt doesn’t dissolve entirely. Scrub your face with the paste and then leave it for good 10 minutes.

Benefits: sea salt and lemon help in removing the layer of dead skin cells. On the other hand, yogurt is the safest option for sensitive skin type and exfoliates through pores to give you cleaner and smoother skin.

All these recipes mentioned are tried and experimented with first handedly. The only thing to care about is never to scrub your skin on a daily basis.

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