What Are the Benefits of Guava Leaves for Beauty + 2 DIY Skincare Treatments

by V Sravanti
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Benefits of Guava Leaves : At my Grandmom’s place, there was a big Guava tree. I remember we used to climb that tree and pick out a few of them. While we eat the fruit, we throw away the leaves. I got to know very recently about the medicinal properties these leaves carry. Today, I will share with you all, some of the cures with the guava leaf do, and also some do it yourself recipes, to prepare your own mix of the medicinal ingredients, to let go off all your pimples.

How do these benefit your skin?

In Hindi, guava leaves are called Amrood ke Patte, which have a high medicinal value, since they are made up of carotenoids, flavonoids, polyphenols, and tannins. These leaves carry antioxidants, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents in them. For immediate use, they are considered as a natural pain reliever. These leaves are also available nowadays, in the form of capsules and guava leaf flavored tea powders. The tea powders are said to treat hearing ailments. These are free from any artificial ingredients used and thus, free from any side effects. They aid in,

Reduction of Allergies:

the guava leaves prevent the occurrence of allergies. As the histamine is produced to cause inflammation in our body, the guava leaves prevent the release of this histamine. Also, the compounds of which Guava leaves are made, reduce the intensity of allergies as well.

Removal of Blackheads:

the Guava leaves, are an excellent source of scrub. When mixed with a little amount of water, these leaves are scrubbed on your face, near the nose and chin area, which has the largest concentration of blackheads. After scrubbing, you will surely see the intensity of blackheads has been reduced at your nose and chin areas.

Itching? -

Relieved! : itching is of course, very embarrassing when done in public. I know this can’t be stopped. When you itch, the allergy spreads. To get rid of this, guava leaves are a good source. If you haven’t prevented allergy using this, still, you can avoid spreading it, by rubbing some guava leaves on the area of itchiness, to relieve yourself of it.

What Are the Benefits of Guava Leaves for Beauty 1

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Acne and Black spots treated:

Guava leaves are very effective in removing acne and black spots from your skin. The antiseptic contained as a part of the leaves, kill the acne causing bacteria. You can use a mixture of water and leaves, or make it a paste, and apply it to the acne and black spot areas. After ten or fifteen minutes, you can wash off and you following this, every day for about a month, you will see your acne and dark spots, fading away.


the antioxidants in the Guava leaves, firstly, improve your skin tone and its texture. Secondly, they are also used as skin tightening agents. Finally, these anti-oxidants destroy the free radicals damaging your skin. Thus, prevent anti-ageing.

Reduced wrinkles:

the leaves’ free radical scavenging properties help in beating wrinkles appearing on your face.

Treatment of Wounds and Infections:

the anti-bacterial agents present in the Guava leaves, prevent infection. They accelerate healing of wounds by reducing uterus inflammation.

Benefits for Hair-

Promotes hair growth-

guava leaves to aid in promoting healthy hair growth.

Acts as a remedy for hair loss-

prevents dandruff and itching, resulting in growth of healthy hair, right from the scalp to the end of a hair strand. To stop hair loss, boil some ten, or twenty of guava leaves in a liter of water for 20 minutes. Apply it on your scalp and massage vigorously, after the mixture cools down.

Do It Yourself Recipes with Guava Leaves-

Recipe 1- For skin brightening-

Step 1- take some guava leaves, a few pieces of guava fruit, two teaspoons of milk, and a half teaspoon of milk powder. The guava leaf extracts on your skin help cure acne heal wounds and bacterial infections on the skin.

Step 2- Blend all the ingredients taken in Step 1, and mix them until they form a paste. You can also blend these using the mixer, and after you obtain a paste of a slightly smooth consistency, remove it into a bowl.

Step 3- You can also mix banana into this mixture, to improve the texture of your skin.

Step 4- Slather this paste on your face and neck regions, using your fingers and a gentle massage along with this will activate the skin cells, due to which the medicinal properties in the mixture seep into the skin cells, brightening your skin.

Step 5- after fifteen minutes, you can use a smooth cloth to remove this paste from your face and then rinse off using water.

Recipe 2- for atopic dermatitis (red, itchy and scaly rashes)

Step 1- Take some guava leaves, preferably dried ones. Crush them.

Step 2- take a bowl of boiling water and add these dried guava leaves into it. Leave the water until it looks concentrated, and turns brownish in color.

Step 3- Remove the bowl from heat and let that cool down. Then, take some cotton and dip it in the solution.

Step 4- apply the solution on your face or wherever there are rashes, at any part of your body. Let that sit for fifteen minutes.

Step 5- Rinse off that area with water and repeat these steps twice a week to see effective results.

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Smriti June 5, 2017 - 12:16 PM

Yes..I have tried guava leaves for hair growth..It indeed helps. Didn’t know the other benefits. Thanks for the info..

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You’re welcome! try the new ones too!!

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I never knew that guava leaves can aid hair growth… Surely gonna try these?

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Wao… This is new for me. I always loved the smell of guava leaves. Hehe…. And now got to these all benefits. Thanks :love

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