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by Ruchika

The best relationship loves the imperfect person in the perfect way, this week I share love guidance with you. Giving a shout out to all those people who are looking for clarity in their existing relationship.


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So what are we waiting for, let my cupid aka take over now.



If you have been feeling left out lately (singlehood) or there is a physical distance between you and your mate then stop overthinking.  You are a lovable person and all you have to do is remain positive and take mini steps towards enhancing your relationship. It’s better to forget what you feel and start accepting what you deserve (you deserve the best as you are being loved). An affirmation to help you out: I am lovable, I am loved and I love.


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At times we reach end to thinking capacity phase in many situations.  And, who come to your rescues obviously your partners in crime (friends). You get by with a little help from your friends. Seek their support and perspective if you are getting stuck. Help is just a call away; spend some quality time with your friends that will bring new dimension to you.


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It is very important to have closure to close the loop if things are hanging with lack of decision. A new chapter awaits you, close the previous one to start afresh. Few people are meant to be in your life for a certain period of time, let go of them so that you are mentally at peace.


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No matter how long it takes, true love is worth waiting for. If you have been thinking to give up, then think again that why you waited this long. Follow your intuition and let the Universe make it happen for you at the right time. Great things take time to materialize, so don’t give up and hang in there.


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Love shouldn’t play by the rules, it’s all about chemistry. Other than the emotional connect, you are drawn to you partner because of the sizzling chemistry. It’s time to give it a spark, if it is missing. Committed people if you are attracted to somebody else except your partner, then weigh all the pros and cons. Time to go with the flow as your chemistry stirs your heart too.


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Always make a total effort, even all the odds are against you. Stop thinking if you should be putting an extra effort. It’s time to make it happen, even if things are tipsy topsy. It will help you to figure out the missing pieces of puzzle. Don’t give up on what you really believe in. You go girl! All your effort will pay you off in someway.


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Every little thing is going to be alright :) Single peeps don’t lose hope, manifest on how you want your partner or relationship to be. Attract positive vibes and see the difference. Maintain a relationship journal to see how things transform. Don’t think about what might go wrong, think about what could go right. All the prayers with you!


Love Horoscope 5

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 Couples who have been thinking to start a family would start planning for it. Some of you may feel that your relationship has hit the rock bottom or getting impacted. The reason behind the same lies in childish approach in dealing with the overall situation. Analyze the whole situation, if children are having a tough time getting along with folks then, have a hearty conversation.


Love Horoscope 2



Some kisses are given with eyes, if you are getting what I am hinting at. You got it right, if someone (your partner) is flirting with you the by all means cooperate. It is very important to keep the passion and spark alive to keep the relationship going. Single peeps take some interest in likeminded people and give a shot if you like somebody.


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Forgiving sets you free from the entire mental trauma, it isn’t the easy task but a very powerful past. Learn from your past mistakes and set things in order to start afresh.  Couple of deep breaths to give you the much needed strength and you have covered the journey of forgiveness. Don’t keep your guards always up, learn from previous experiences.


Love Horoscope 8




Everything deserves a second chance then why not your relationship. It is given to prove that after falling you can make it better. Take a chance with your partner in your relationship. Couples, who have been thinking to part ways, don’t jump the gun and give another shot to your marriage. Seek an external help or a new perspective to help you out.


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Pursue that catches your heart and not your eyes. You have been attracting positive vibes and people (attracted to somebody), don’t stop yourself. Enjoy your life, smell the roses, get drown in the aroma of coffee. Your self love is also attracting happy tribe and opening a gateway for somebody special. Don’t stop yourself if things in natural order are going fine.


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