Is Taking Biotin Good For You ?

by Tanu Shree
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10 Must Know Biotin Facts and Myths: Biotin, even if you might not know it, is one the important vitamins you need in your body that keeps you healthy. It is a part of the B complex family, also called B7 or Vitamin H. Literally speaking, it is a water-soluble vitamin that helps in metabolism and supports nerve and cardiovascular functions. Which, in vernacular speak, means it is responsible for your beautiful skin, hair, and nails.

It is famously taken in supplement form to enhance hair texture, strength and grow healthy and strong hair. Here are some facts regarding Biotin for Hair Growth.

Biotin for Hair Facts 3

  1. Works from inside out

It starts from the inside and replenishes the roots and follicles of your hair. The first effect will be reduced hair breakage which naturally leads to more hair growth and sustainability. In the long run, you achieve strong, long hair with increased volume.

  1. Pills, Oil and Shampoo

It is available in various forms to consume and you can either choose one of the items that suits you best. Or you can take all in considered amounts.

  1. A set dosage everyday

The most common form of supplement consumption is 5000mcg. People usually consume this specific amount daily to achieve desired results.

However, many wanting faster results prefer to take two 5000msg dosages. But that is a very heavy amount and might not work for everyone. The bottom line is to not exceed 10,000mcg per day.

  1. 1000mcg is good too

If you prefer to take light dosages for general hair benefits, 1000mcg is for you. It is significantly less than other supplements and works just fine if your hair is not that damaged, to begin with. Many people prefer this dosage to keep their biotin needs in check.

Biotin for Hair Facts 2

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  1. No basis

It is very important for you, as the consumer, to know that there is no evidence to support Biotin’s effect on hair growth, or that it directly influences it. But many, many people who have used it over the years have mostly had positive experiences. So there that is.

Even still, results will always vary person to person. So it is better to take a demo of sorts before you go all in.

  1. Continue for 6 months for significant results

Although one is bound to see improvement after a few weeks only, solid results will show after 6 months of continued usage. Which admittedly is a bit long to wait. But it is surely worth it.

  1. Avoid Alcohol

Regular users have reported that consumption of alcohol hinders the positive effects of biotin. So it is advised to avoid alcohol while on the biotin routine. The same is also said for antibiotics, so be careful on the meds you take while also taking biotin.

  1. Drink lots of water

Which you already should, by the way. But water helps in dissolving and digesting the supplement better. So make sure you drink as much water as you can.

  1. No side effects

Taking external supplements of biotin has absolutely no side effects on you. You can go for it without worrying about such, as this is the concern of many new/interested users.

If it won’t improve your situation, it won’t harm you either. That’s a pretty safe bet. BUT BUT BUT, moderation is best and does consult a doctor.

  1. Pregnant Ladies can also take it

Pregnancy usually creates a biotin deficiency as all your vitamins get used up in providing for the baby. Biotin supplements are actually recommended during that time. But still, consult your doctor regarding the needed dosage before you take it.

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