10 Home Remedies for Sunburn !

by Mallika Dharmani
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10 Home Remedies for Sunburn: Summers is all fun, skipping out in the sun, getting a tan, taking a dip in the pool then spending hours on the lounge chair getting your skin to turn to a beautiful deep brown. Quite a fun time no doubt until you get sunburned!!! Then you are rushing back indoors or rather to the doctor’s clinic to get rid of that awful stinging back and red burns. No matter how much care we may take or however careless we may be we get sunburned sometime or other. Here are the most effective ways to cure those sore sunburnt areas.

10 home remedies for sun burn 7

# 1 Ice Packs

Very common and very effective! Everyone knows what ice does to your skin – it just cools down those burns and brings you instant relief.

# 2 Aloe vera Ice Cubes

Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties and is one of the best cures for sunburns. We will further modify it into a more effective cure. Scrape out some Aloe vera gel and put it in the ice tray and freeze it as you would do to normal ice cubes. Take these Aloe vera cubes out and apply them directly all over the sunburnt area.


#3 Pulverized Potatoes

Potatoes are great for your sunburns. Take some raw potatoes. Slice them and pulse them in the mixer till it becomes almost liquid. Apply this all over the affected area and let it sit for quite some time (till it dries). Then shower like you usually do.

It heals the sunburns by infusing moisture and soothing down the pain in the area.

# 4 Vitamin E Moisturizer

 If your skin is peeling away get a vitamin E Moisturizer and apply liberally to the area. Do this regularly and help your skin heal faster.

#5 Pulverized Cucumbers

 Slice some cucumbers and pulse them until they become almost liquid. Apply this all over the affected area. Cucumbers have antioxidants and analgesic properties

#6 Tea

Brew some black tea. Cool it down and apply it on the sunburn. Tea is rich in tannic acid which helps to cool down the burns by drawing out the heat.

#7 Apple Cider Vinegar

Dilute vinegar with some water and apply it to the sunburnt area with cotton balls.

#8 Milk

Milk is rich in protein which helps to repair the skin fast. Make sure the milk is cool (not cold) before it applies it on the sunburn. The coolness will bring down the pain.

#9 Baking Soda

A very common and inexpensive ingredient which brings great relief for sunburns. Add water to make a paste of thick consistency. Apply it and let it rest. One of the most effective remedies of all time.

#10 Corn flour

Use this powder to make a paste and slather it all over the burns. This will not only lessen the pain but also reduce the redness.

No matter how effective the remedies may be the best remedy is always to avoid getting sunburnt for which your sunscreen needs to be really effective and you need to know exactly how to apply it. For this check out the next article- everything you need to know about sunscreen!

Prevention is better than cure!

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