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VLCC Moisturising Sun block Cream with Jojoba Oil Review

Summers have finally kicked in and once again we are running after all those summer skin fads and diys. What better time than this to review sunscreens!
So recently I have been experimenting with VLCC’s sunscreens and I have quite a few up my sleeve for you guys. Check them out and see which one sounds like the best for you.
I will be starting with VLCC MOISTURISING SUN BLOCK CREAM with Jojoba Oil which is my favorite sunscreen so far. The SPF is 25 which is pretty normal SPF. If you are looking for sunscreens with more SPF in them be sure to check out the next few ones:)

VLCC Moisturising Sun block Cream with Jojoba Oil Review 1

Basic Info about VLCC Moisturising Sunblock Cream with Jojoba Oil

What is it and who is it for?? 

An excellent sunscreen, the best I have come across so far which comes in a sturdy fat tube with a flip top. It closes quite firmly so you can safely carry it in your purse without the fear of it getting opened.
It doesn’t have any smell in particular – probably a fresh smelling moisturizer ;)
It can pretty much be used by anyone who has a normal skin type.
I can safely recommend it for the dry skin beauties as well.

VLCC Moisturising Sun block Cream with Jojoba Oil Review 2

290/- for 100gms
Money’s worth though. This tube lasted me for a couple of months.

Sensitive Skin Alert
None for me!

Natural / Organic / Vegan 

VLCC Moisturising Sun block Cream with Jojoba Oil Review
A sunscreen can’t really be natural
though this one has quite a few ingredients like jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, aloe Vera extracts, sandalwood oil and Wheatgerm oil which give a natural touch to it!
What does the brand say??? 
The goodness of jojoba oil and Wheatgerm oil moisturizes dry skin and SPFs in the sunscreen protects against the UVA and UVB rays which nourish the skin keeping it young and moisturized.

How to use

The thumb rule for using any XYZ sunscreen is to apply it 20 minutes prior to any sun exposure and this one is no exception.
Take a small amount and make small dots all over and dot the entire face for full coverage.


My Experience with VLCC Moisturising Sunblock Cream with Jojoba Oil

VLCC Moisturising Sun block Cream with Jojoba Oil Review 3

Now is the part where I can blab all I want about this super fab product.
The reason why I love this is because of the kind of finish it gives.
It leaves the face all fresh and dewy – the entire face is glowing and radiant.
It also has something that gives the skin a whitish appearance which settles in 10 minutes and gives and overall fair look to the skin.
I can basically just set it with my compact and I’m good to go. No foundation needed and still, u get that flawless fair look.
This makes it my favorite sunscreen. You guys can see it in the pictures how the overall texture of the skin looks fairer on the application.
Spreads beautifully so full marks on the coverage as well.
There is a whitish look to the skin which I have fallen in love with.
Doesn’t feel heavy on the skin but initially can cause you to sweat a bit.

VLCC Moisturising Sun block Cream with Jojoba Oil Review 4

Overall Performance of VLCC Moisturising Sunblock Cream with Jojoba Oil

Pros –

  • Money’s worth
  • Gives a glowy look
  • Excellent coverage
  • Can skip the foundation with it (at least I safely could)
  • Gives a fair skin tone look too
  • Settles in well and feels light



  • Not available in a smaller pack
  • Not suitable for people who have oily skin
  • Not sweat free ( you might feel hot and bothered the first 10 minutes)


Would I recommend a repurchase?

It’s my fav sunscreen this summer and I’m totally sticking to it.

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Nivea Fresh Powerfruit Shower Gel

Nivea Fresh Powerfruit Shower Gel Review

by Mallika Dharmani

The review today is about one of the shower gels that has become my favorite pick after a long tiring day. Somehow I end up picking this pretty purple bottle out of my stack right before stepping into the shower because this bubbly shower gel looks so inviting! Let me dig into the details of Nivea Powerfruit Shower Gel.

Nivea Fresh Powerfruit Shower Gel

Basic Information About Nivea Fresh Powerfruit Shower Gel

Price and Quantity

INR 185 for 250 ml

Nivea Fresh Powerfruit Shower Gel 2

What Does The Brand Claim

NIVEA Fresh Powerfruit Shower Gel provides tempting freshness and pampering care for your skin under the shower.

Let this fresh shower gel with antioxidants envelop your skin with a silky soft foam, while its vibrant scent of blueberry stimulates your senses. The caring formula pampers your skin, leaving it feeling moisturized. Discover the unique combination of freshness and rich care. Relax and rejuvenate with every shower.

With Hydra IQ® moisture technology for a moisturized skin feeling even after towel drying. Skin tolerance dermatologically proven.

Leaves your body feeling cleansed, moisturized and cared for.

Provides long-lasting freshness to the skin.

How To Use

  • Soak a loofah in water.
  • Pour a coin-sized amount of shower gel onto it.
  • Work it into a rich lather using the loofah.
  • Gently rub the loofah over your moist skin.
  • Rinse off with water.


Nivea Fresh Powerfruit Shower Gel 3

Sensitive Skin Alert


My Experience With Nivea Fresh Powerfruit Shower Gel

Packaging- The bottle is like the usual round ones that you might have come across. Its a pretty purple colored flat bottle and is see through so you can see how much product is left. Plus you can also see the bubbles inside the bottle which makes the shower gel look so fresh and nice that I feel like having a bath just by looking at it. The cap is a flip top one and closes very firmly.

Nivea Fresh Powerfruit Shower Gel 1

Nivea Fresh Powerfruit Shower Gel 4

Texture and Consistency- The body wash has a gel texture which looks colorless when you pour it out and is rather on the runny side.

Fragrance- The fragrance is a mild blueberry scent that is so relaxing that after a hectic tiring day this could be your favorite shower gel to relax with at the end of the day.

Experience- The shower gel lathers really well and has a runny texture which makes it easy to pour it all over the loofah in an even manner. The lather is not really really creamy but the after-effects of the shower gel are that it gives you moisturized skin. The fragrance of the shower gel doesn’t stay at all after a bath as it is a mild one so the sensitive nose people might be in their comfort zone with this one.

The light purple bottle somehow looks really soothing and nice. Regularly using this shower gel has given me a moisturized skin and I feel as if skipping the lotion isn’t a problem. And yes most of all it cleanses well and effectively.

Overall Performance of Nivea Fresh Powerfruit Shower Gel

Pros –

  • Cleanses well
  • Lathers nicely
  • Attractive packing
  • See through bottle
  • Travel friendly
  • Mild soothing fragrance


  • Fragrance too mild to stay on after bath

Would I repurchase and recommend?

Yes, I would like to repurchase this shower gel or maybe even try other variants as this one has left me impressed. I would recommend this shower gel to people who are looking for a nice fresh shower gel with a mild fragrance that does the cleansing well.

Rating- 4


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Ponds Leave on Expert Clearing Gel

We all simply hate breakouts and especially if you aren’t used to acne and one fine day a bad bout of acne hits your face you tend to freak out more! I don’t experience acne breakouts but then when I do I try each and everything that says acne free or pimple reduction so it goes without saying that when I saw the Ponds Leave On Expert Clearing Gel I had to simply try it out for making the acne disappear. Let’s see though if it was able to live up to my expectations or not!

Ponds Leave on Expert Clearing Gel

Price and Quantity

INR 99 for 20gm

How to Use

For acne control, apply the gel onto all areas of your face that are prone to breakouts.

In case of contact with eyes, rinse with water immediately. Store away from direct sunlight and heat.

My Experience With Ponds Leave On Expert Clearing Gel


The gel comes in a small slim tube of 20gm so it’s really small and easy to carry around. The cap of the tube is the one that closes and opens with a twist so it’s securely held in place and there is no chance of any product spillage.

Texture and Consistency-

The product comes around in a very light texture and gel like consistency but looks milky white in color. On application, the gel doesn’t leave behind any residue and is lightweight in feel.


The product has a very faint aqua fragrance that cannot be offensive to anyone at all. I really had to sniff hard to describe the fragrance of this gel.

Ponds Leave on Expert Clearing Gel 4


I have normal skin type but I used this product when I had a bad bad breakout recently. I used this product once in the morning after my cleansing toning routine and once at night. The gel is more like a serum and is fast absorbing. Your skin simply drinks it up and there is no residue left behind. However, if you build the product and layer it then you might observe that the product will rub off and come out like a peel off mask. So my advice is to use a little amount and simply rub it till it disappears into the skin. You can easily put on any makeup or concealer or even your sunscreen after applying this gel because once absorbed into the skin it doesn’t leave behind any residue.

Now if I talk about the results for this product it did calm out my existing breakout. After using it for a couple of days I observed that the acne looked less red and had started settling down a bit but then again it doesn’t completely make them go away in three days. All it does is calm the acne till an extend.

Also, it doesn’t stop the new pimples from rearing their ugly heads up, but it does stop them in the midway and they clear up faster. After using this for three days I could see that the acne had calmed out but then again it didn’t completely go away.

Pros -
  1. Fast absorbing
  2. Convenient to use
  3. Lightweight feel
  4. Can be used under makeup
  5. No residue left behind after application
  6. Calms acne
  7. Reduces redness
  1. Doesn’t completely blacklist acne
  2. Doesn’t stop new ones from coming up
  3. Takes a bit long to act
Would I Repurchase and Recommend 

Well, it doesn’t exactly make them disappear but just reduces them up to some extent. I will recommend this to someone who wants to finish acne in the long run or maybe just reduce acne if not completely take them off! As for me one tube if suffice, will look for something more effective next time.

Rating- 3.5

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Best Face Pack for Pimples Jovees Anti Acne Face Pack 3

Zits, marks, and pimples – they are always popping up at the wrong place and at the wrong time.Not that there is any right time for pimples to come – I mean who wants a pimple at all. But like all the unwanted things a pimple too can be very annoying.Now I don’t particularly have pimples but I know the feeling when suddenly one decides to pop up and say hi.  For all these moments I keep certain packs handy and the Jovees Anti Acne Face Pack is one such pack that have been using since I was a teenager. I feel it’s the best face pack for pimples!I use it as a face pack for acne in particular, not the whole face. I just used to dab it on the one pimple I have. Now let’s see how it has been working for me so far.

Best Face Pack for Pimples Jovees Anti Acne Face Pack 3

Price and quantity-

210 for 120 gms

How to use
  1. Clean face preferably with jovees tea tree face wash pat dry with soft towel.
  2. Apply a thin layer of this ayurvedic formulation all over face and neck.
  3. Leave on for 20 minutes.
  4. Wash thoroughly with plain tap water.

My experience with Jovees Anti-Acne Face Pack


it comes in a sturdy tube and one can also get a tub. I have the tub one which I personally find to be unhygienic so I suggest you guys go for the tube one. The tube pack comes with a flip cover and you can squeeze out as much as you like.

Even if you guys have a tub one you can simply scoop it out with a spatula.

Texture and consistency

The pack comes in a  creamy form which is slightly yellow tinted.

Its kind of thick so you can add a few drops of water. However, if you don’t really have acne skin would ask you guys to dab it on the pimple itself without adding water.

Also, i have observed something about this product that if you keep it lying around without touching it for some time you will see a strange yellow oil seeping out. That’s what I observed in the tub had. Looks like it must be cleft oil as it staunchly smells like that too.


the pack smells strongly of clove which is the kind of smell that you might get off from some of the ayurvedic clove toothpaste. I don’t mind it but it might be offensive to some of the sensitive nose people as the smell of the clove is rather sharp.


I have always been using this face pack for all those unfortunate occasions when I get a sudden pimple. The regular usage of this has helped me to get rid of a pimple for sure.

The pack seems to act well on the pimples. When I used it for a pimple, initially it helped my pimple to mature earlier than it would have. And it took another day for this pack to help me subside the swelling of a pimple. Also if you continue to use this pack even after your pimple has subsided it will prevent any marks from scarring your face.

I have rarely used this pack on my full face because it strongly reeks of clove and I think it would do the people who have oily skin a world of good.

Also, it has antiseptic properties so it’s going to prevent any further infections that you might acquire in your open pores that would further lead to pimples.

It also has a cooling and strange tingling effect on the skin but I guess that’s only because this pack has clove in it which might irritate the skin a bit because it is slightly strong.

This pack has for sure helped me with my pimples because I was able to get rid of them sooner.

Best Face Pack for Pimples Jovees Anti Acne Face Pack 1

Best Face Pack for Pimples Jovees Anti Acne Face Pack 2

  1. Makes Pimples Subside Faster
  2. Easy To Apply
  3. Good Quantity And Value For Money
  4. Prevents Infections Too
  1. Doesn’t do an overnight job though
  2. The clove might be a bit irritating
My recommendation?

Well for people who have acne it is definitely recommended. A beautician once advised me to put this pack on my pimples every night before I sleep and let it dry out. Just on the pimples though to help them dry and heal out faster!

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Elizabeth Arden Eyeshadow Urban 28

Who is it for? Elizabeth Arden Eyeshadow Urban 28 is for anyone who is looking for a super pigmented rich black eyeshadow with no shimmer.

Elizabeth Arden Eyeshadow Urban 28



How to use:

Use an eyeshadow brush to create a full smokey eye or use in the corners to give your eyes an edgy look.

My experience with Elizabeth Arden Eyeshadow Urban 28


The packaging is very classy and compact. A shiny black case with a transparent cover to check the product. The product is also rimmed in golden and comes with a small applicator.


The product has an all-matte finish with absolutely no glitter. The eyeshadow doesn’t come out in chunks. Very finely milled. A little dab is enough to create a smoky effect.

Fragrance: None

I have used this product to create my own smokey eye Look. Since I wanted a subtle touch of black I used just a dab of it. The product is very fine and blends in like a dream. Another way of using the product is lining your waterline with it once you are done applying the kohl. It keeps the kohl in place. It’s almost like setting your kajal with powder and baking it if you guys know what I mean.

It had a decent stay of 10 hours hence it’s totally worth it. Doesn’t smudge, settle in creases or bleed. Its heavily pigmented and the color payoff is excellent.

What did I like about the product?
  1. Everything
  2. Super Pigmented
  3. Less is more
  4. No shimmer absolutely matte
  5. Useful for setting kohl too.
  6. Doesn’t bleed or smudge
  7. Doesn’t settle in between lines
  8. Stays intact for a long time
What I didn't like about the product?
  1. Just a bit pricy for an eyeshadow.
Would I recommend?

I would definitely recommend the product in terms of its quality and performance, if you can splurge on this one it’s a clear winner.

Rating -5

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vaseline for hair 5

Vaseline or petroleum jelly, as discussed in the previous article, is an excellent troubleshooter for our everyday crisis.Who knew Vaseline could save us from all that trouble.But what would you say if I told you Vaseline could do wonders for your hair too??If you haven’t tried these bizarre uses of Vaseline for hair Maybe it’s time to start now.

vaseline for hair

Image Credit: Giphy

# Fix those fly aways with Vaseline and toothbrush.

If you want a tight slick ponytail but can’t make those flyaway’s and wisps of hair to settle down then dab a little Vaseline onto a toothbrush and brush back that hair. This will make them stay in place and brushed back longer than they would have stayed if you had used hair gel or mousse. Also, they will look completely natural.

#Hydrate that lifeless hair

Tired of undernourished hair? Rub Vaseline on to your palms and massage your hair with it…leave it on and wash it off in the morning with your shampoo. Remember to take only a small amount of Vaseline and do not massage it straight into the crown or scalp of your hair…

If the Vaseline does not come out of your hair remember to add a spoon of baking soda to your everyday shampoo.

vaseline for hair 4

Image Credit: homemade healthy recipes

# Fix those split ends

Tired of unhealthy looking hair full of splits? Repair those splits temporarily by rubbing a dab of Vaseline onto the ends of your hair.  Fixes those terrible splits completely!

# Frizz-free hair

If you have frizzy hair which is all over the place then rub Vaseline onto your hands nicely and then flatten your hair with it. Goodbye frizzy hair :)

vaseline for hair 3

Image Credit: nutria

# Leave it on as an overnight hair mask

Apply it to your scalp in small amounts and let it work on your dry scalp overnight. However, start with a very small amount and increase the quantity as you like after repeated uses. See how it suits you!

vaseline for hair 2

Image Credit: hirabeautytips

Many people claim to have been benefited by using Vaseline on their keratin. It gives leaves your hair shiny and heavier and weights them down so that they no longer feel frizzy.On the other hand, a lot of people claim to have found it difficult to remove Vaseline from their hair.

The tip is to use a small amount in the beginning (if you are using it for the first time) and as per your needs and results, you can increase the quantity. Also, add baking soda to the shampoo if you have trouble removing Vaseline.

The results may vary according to different hair types. We hope that this is useful for you especially if you have dry hair…Do let us know if this simple trick worked for you :)

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Moisturizer is an inevitable part of our daily skin routine something that we can’t skip no matter what. Regardless of what beauty routine we follow what products we use what our skin type is we All start by applying our daily Moisturizer.So today I’m doing this DIY on How to Use Aloe Vera on Face to can make our daily moisturizer 1000 times more effective with infusing aloe vera in it.


Image Credit:

Aloe Vera on Face Benefits

Aloe vera if described in one line is THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH, the miracle plant, the elixir of youth. Even the Egyptian queen, Cleopatra, and Nefertiti-considered as the goddess of beauty, used aloe vera to keep their beauty intact.

It is the only thing that can be absorbed through all seven layers of skin. It is absolutely loaded with goodness and reduces wrinkles, fine lines, minimizes scars, tightens skin, improves the texture, gives you that glow from within, increases your collagen production, improves elasticity, reduces acne and finishes them overtime, reduces dark circles, spots, pimple marks, reduces irrigations, has anti-inflammatory properties and the list is endless!

Not only this it contains 20 of the 22 amino acids, contains 20 minerals including magnesium, zinc, calcium, Vitamins A, B, C, E, folic acid, and 200 active ingredients! WOW! :) You have to be absolutely insane if you don’t try this one. (Okay I feel I am on a Sugar high right now, lol).You can never get soooooo much out of one thing! According to scientists with the Department of Dermatology of the Seoul National University Boramae Hospital in Seoul Korea, taking a small amount of Aloe Vera gel on a daily basis can significantly improve skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles.

Procedure :

There is one thing about Aloe vera it is no doubt expensive, but at the same time, it’s terribly easy to grow at home. It’s a plant of the cactus family and survives with minimum water so I would strongly recommend you to use the fresh Aloe vera instead of the bottled gel.

Take a piece of Aloe vera and cut/ break it into half and slice it.

Once u have sliced an aloe vera leaf into two halves you will see something like a jelly!You need to scrape away this jelly with your fingers or a spoon until it becomes all gooey and slimy.Once you get all the slime off, place on your palm of your hand and mix two-three drops of your daily moisturizer in it.


Go ahead and slather your face with it rubbing in a circular motion like you do with your moisturizer and you are done.


Now let the goodness seep into your skin and reap the benefits.

However, there is one tip that I would like to give – if you have oily skin you can totally skip out the moisturizer and just use Aloe Vera gel, but if you have dry skin you should probably go heavy on the moisturizer and add around 7-8 drops. For people who have the normal skin, they need to add only a very small amount of it.

Also, you should do this about half an hour before you step out of your house so that it settles really well and your skin looks as if you never really applied anything else except your moisturizer.

Aloe vera has no smell of its own (only a faint leafy smell) so you won’t smell bad after applying it.If you need to put on makeup on top of it you can do so easily, it will act as a shield between your skin and the harmful makeup so either way it’s a win-win situation.Now, this is something that I do absolutely daily and I hope you would too…start today! Believe me, your skin will thank you for it!

NOTE: When I say daily moisturizer, don’t mix it up with moisturizers with very heavy chemically active ingredients. If your moisturizer is like that, in the evening when you wash your face, apply this gel with any neutral simple face moisturizer.

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Get Rid of Body Acne 7

Body Acne Treatment: I keep coming up with loads of stuff for acne and pimples but this time I have come up with some stuff about body acne for you people in case you are one of the victims. Check out these home remedies to get rid of body acne.

Get Rid of Body Acne

Image Credit :pinterest

# 1 Cotton wear in summer

Fancy stuff is great but once in a while. You need to stick to the white gold if you have acne on your shoulders or trunk area.

Give cotton a little time to prove itself then you can go all fancy once you get rid of your body acne.

Get Rid of Body Acne 5

Image Credit :boldsky

#2 Cleansing wipes

I recommend not using cleansing wipes for your facial skin but your shoulder and body skin can totally handle it.

Use cleansing wipes to wipe away the oil and dirt two three times a day and keep acne at bay

Get Rid of Body Acne 3

Image Credit :goodwipes

#3 Lemons

 Yes lemons again it is!

Lemons are acidic and great for acne and there is no reason why this wouldn’t work for your body acne as well.

Leave on some lemon juice for an hour or half and then take a bath.

Get Rid of Body Acne 4


#4 Baking Soda

Mix baking soda with some water to form a paste.

Use this to scrub the acne areas prior to your bath in the shower and then rinse off or have a bath with cold water.

Get Rid of Body Acne 7

Image Credit : askanasthetician

#5 Ice

 One of the simplest remedies is to rub ice on the acne prone areas.

This will give a soothing and cooling effect to the skin and help combat acne.

Get Rid of Body Acne 6

Image Credit :realasianbeauty

#6 Aloevera

 One of the Time tested methods of all time is to rub Aloevera gel on your acne.

No doubt it takes time but you will see the effects which will be permanent.

This is one method which is easy, doesn’t smell and then again great for controlling acne.

Get Rid of Body Acne 1

Image Credit : dhatri

#7 Apple cider vinegar

 Another one of the magic ingredients for acne of any sort is vinegar.

Works for body acne and facial acne too.

Get Rid of Body Acne 2

Image Credit : vegkitchen

You can also apply green tea, tea tree oil and crushed aspirins mixed with a little water and apply over the affected area.

Use these remedies and say hello to those tank tops and off-shoulders!

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bizzare acne treatment diaper rash cream 1

Acne is possibly the most dreaded skin problem which affects people of all age groups. Not only do we dread the nasty pimples but also the ugly scars they leave behind as a reminder. Have acne and no matter how pretty or beautiful you are, the face becomes a nightmare. Some of us might have chronic acne which covers every possible place of our face while others may have it in patches or suffer from occasional skin breakouts. Whoever you are, whatever skin type you have and whatever type of acne you may be suffering from – this might be the key to all your acne problems- the Baby Diaper Rash Cream for acne !

bizzare acne treatment diaper rash cream 1

Image credit : newhdwallpapers

Ever heard of DIAPER RASH CREAM for ACNE?

No? Well I just came across this bizarre discovery made by Farah Dhukai who claims that diaper rash cream can help you with the whole acne drama. It’s not every day that one comes across such a discovery so I thought of sharing with you all.

bizzare acne treatment diaper rash cream

Diaper rash cream has zinc oxide which is the buster of all acne problems and also if you choose a diaper rash cream with calendula it will also help you with the inflammation.If you aren’t really sure about the whole thing start by applying a dot over your pimple and leave it on overnight. You can wash it off the next morning.

Watch your pimple disappear.Once this cream has won you over you can even dot it all over your face if you have chronic acne and leave it on like a mask overnight.

Sensitive skin people can first test it on a pimple or two before deciding further.

bizzare acne treatment diaper rash cream (2)

You never know this might be the bizarre treatment that we all had been waiting for! There’s no better way than trying it out and coming from such a source I’m sure it’s no lie. Be careful though !!

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lemon sugar scrub 2

Homemade Face Scrub with Honey Lemon & Sugar: Exfoliating our skin is such an important task and it’s definitely a must -twice in every week. While some of us go for the trendy chic scrubs available in the market promising us a whole lot of things, There are others who still hunt for homemade scrubs that are no fail. There are so many scrubs that are totally simple and give you beautiful results.If one doesn’t work out for you, try another. So I have decided to write a whole series of amazing Homemade Face Scrub that really work and are personally tried on by me. This Honey lemon one is the first of many more.

All you need is lemons, honey, and sugar-

lemon sugar scrub 1

Image Credit: lesliereese

The brown one or the white one, both have their own benefits. You can go for either one of them. Roll a lemon on a table or flat surface to make it all soft and pulpy. Slice it in half and squeeze some honey on top of your half-cut lemon. Now add adequate sugar on top of it.No we aren’t making lemonade, this is something even better.  ;) That’s it.

lemon sugar scrub 2

Image Credit : putitinajar

Now start scrubbing your skin with this half lemon and move in a circular motion, covering all your face. Keep adding more sugar as per your requirement. The benefits of this scrub are that sugar makes an amazing scrubbing ingredient and lemons have a whole lot of goodness – they make your skin brighter, and help with scars acne, etc. Honey is known for its antibacterial properties and makes the skin all smooth and glowing.Easy and loads of benefits :)

lemon sugar scrub

Image Credit : jpc-commerce

If you have acne, you might not want to scrub DIRECTLY ONTO them.Leave them in peace and try not to touch them much and scrub the surrounding areas.All natural scrub.

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