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10 Must haves in your Makeup Kit 5

Basic Makeup Kit for Beginners: Today’s time is all about speed and like any other market the cosmetic market to is flooded with new products by the day. One doesn’t know what to buy. I’m like yea look at that stuff that’s just amazing for your pores let’s get it…then again something new pops up -oh need to have this too. End result is a bag full of things that are not really *essentials* and then you decide to forgo buying the products which are really life savers!!! It’s difficult to choose between what to have and what to not – so here is to make things easy – 10 Makeup Essentials- The Ultimate Makeup Kit List which you definitely need to have, regardless of all the other paraphernalia in your makeup starter kit. Let’s build your basic makeup kit or makeup set!

Keep this in a beginners makeup kit:

#1 Primer

 Some of you may not be used to using a primer and straight away go on to the foundation step but this is one great buy. If you have large open pores, loose skin or any other issues don’t forget your primer. It just does a pretty good job of covering those pores and creates a smooth layer for you to work on with your makeup and also helps it stay longer :)

10 Must haves in your Makeup Kit 6

Image Credit :HuffingtonPost

#2 Foundation

 A thing that every one of us must own at the moment. It’s not really something you need to make yourself look fair – NO! A great foundation is one which blends beautifully with your skin tone, not one which gives you a fair look!

It’s supposed to make your skin look even and flawless.Se the article written by Aakriti on how to choose your foundation ;)

Doesn’t matter which foundation you choose – a liquid one, a pan stick, or loose powder just go for one that suits you?

#3 Concealer

 For all your facial flaws that even foundation couldn’t cover, there is concealer. Unlike foundation, concealer should be lighter than your skin tone. A yellow concealer suits most people but if you have acne or pimple marks then a green concealer would be the thing for you. Check out this detailed post on color correcting here!

10 Must haves in your Makeup Kit 6

Image Credit: Wikipedia

#4 Mascara

 For me, eyelashes are one of the most feminine things ever. The old trick of batting one’s eyelashes never goes out of trend. Doesn’t matter if you have a liner on or not just go with the no-makeup look with mascara. Always apply it horizontally instead of vertically to get heavier lashes!

# 5 Lip Balms

Chapped lips?? Very unattractive. If you can’t own too many lipsticks -don’t! But definitely, invest in a good chapstick. It just keeps your lips all hydrated and plump. You can even choose one with a hint of color if you like to give a little extra pink tone to your lips.

#6 Eyebrow Kit

 Nothing gives your face, a stronger look than those arc brows; it just gives a lot of expression to your whole upper face. Eyebrow fillers are a must-have to get those strong-looking brows. If you can’t go for an eyebrow kit invest in a good Eyebrow pencil – these things work wonders.

#7  Eyeliner

 Want to make those eyes pop open?? Go for eyeliner. If you aren’t well versed in eyeliner application then go for gel eyeliner which is just easier to apply and erase.

#8 Makeup Brushes

 Remember no amount of mascara, liner or lipstick would look good if you have your foundation all over the place. You might think your fingers are enough but makeup brushed is a perfect blessing, great for getting a very clean And we’ll blend look. They are a must!

#9 Lipsticks

 What is the first lipstick that you buy- always a pink one and it’s safer to go for a nice girly pink shade first which you can wear every day everywhere. For all the places where pink lipstick is too boring there is red lipstick. The next thing to own is red lipstick- the perfect red for exceptional places or to get your boring life all spiced up!

10 Must haves in your Makeup Kit 5

Image Credit :cosmopolitan

#10 Blusher

 A little warm blush never did anyone any harm – it probably just did a lot of good. For a flushed and healthy glow just add a little pink to those cheeks and see your whole face brighten up with just a dash of blush

If anyone of this is still missing from your kit you need to get it right now to make your kit all complete and ready. Never miss out on these must-haves :)

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Stuff you should never put on face 1

I have done innumerable articles on what to put on your face – this for dark circles, that for glow and what not!But today here is an article on Things to not Apply on Face . Whatever you do or whatever skin problems you might have, never ever put these on your face no matter what happens.

Stuff you should never put on face 1

Image Credit : pinterest

# 1 Hair spray

 Some people might believe that this may help you set your makeup the same way it sets your hair!It might but the lacquer and alcohol in the hair spray are disastrous for your skin making your skin look older and haggard.

Stuff you should never put on face 2

Image Credit :

# 2 Hair Colour

 If you want your eyebrows to match with your haircolor go for a skin friendly vegetable hair dye that can do the job and at the same time avoid depositing harsh chemicals on your skin which can even affect your eye sight.

Stuff you should never put on face 3

Image Credit : Wisegeek

# 3 Body Lotions

Have a lotion that smells of nuts and strawberries and everything nice that you could imagine??? Well even if you do doesn’t risk smearing it on or even near your facial skin EVER!!!

Body lotions are designed to be fragrant and are way thicker than your facial skin can handle causing breakouts and the fragrant ingredients might lead to rashes!

victorias secret strawberries and champagne hand and body lotion review

# 4 Hair Serums

 Lemme guess? Does the soft and velvety texture of your hair SERUM tempt you to rub some on your skin??Never do that!Your hair serum is designed to make your hair all wavy and beautiful but that’s no reason why you should be using it instead of your face SERUM.

Stuff you should never put on face 4

Image Credit : cocoanadcake

# 5 Shampoos

If you are in the shower and you feel like washing your face with shampoo you might need to rethink it again.The shampoo is made to make your hair free of all dirt and grime but it’s more than what your skin can take making it dry and flakyTip- always washes your face after you have a shower so that no shampoo remnants are clinging to your skin!

Stuff you should never put on face

Image Credit : pinterest

Never apply these to your skin!Your skin is worth so much more :)

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How to Clear Fading Mehendi ! 3

This article is about How to Remove Mehendi or how to remove mehendi from hands. For those of you who want to darken the Mehendi, recently I wrote an article on how to get a beautiful dark color from Mehendi here.

How to Clear Fading Mehendi ! 4

Image Credit : pinterest

Much important as it is to get a dark and beautiful mehendi that stays on for long, it’s equally important to get rid of that mehendi when it starts fading or when you want it off your pretty hands.

So here are a few tricks which will answer how to remove mehendi from hands.

How to Clear Fading Mehendi ! 3

Image Credit: MangoBaaz

# Bleach

The good old bleach that you have up in your cabinet is also the one that’s going to help you get your henna tattoo off.

Apply it liberally all over the area you have mehendi on and leave it for a good few mins.

By the time it’s all dried up you can go ahead and rinse it off.

# Detergent

Washing soaps have hard ingredients that are known to lighten your mehendi.

You could also try washing bleach.

Just use cloth bleach and rub all over your hands and then rinse using warm water.

However, it might be a bit harsh for your skin.

# Baking Soda

BAKING soda has been known forever for taking off stains and marks.

Be it t-shirt stains or teeth whitening it has the power to work on stains.

You can use baking soda by mixing in lemon juice or even just plain baking soda paste and scrub away at the henna.

Baking soda also makes a great scrub.

How to Clear Fading Mehendi !

Image Credit: Pinterest

# Hydrogen Peroxide

Not only is it miraculously treatment for corns but also for fading your henna.

# Salt and Olive Oil

A very moisturizing way of getting rid of the Mehendi is to apply some mixture of salts and olive oil and then scrub away.

You can keep adding more salt if it dissolves fast.

How to Clear Fading Mehendi ! 1

Image Credit: Youth Connect

# Toothpaste

You can use your usual brush and toothpaste and scrub away at the Mehendi.

Now before you go ahead and give any of these methods a shot I would recommend you to first prep your skin using warm water…

Dip your hands in warm water for some time and then go ahead and try any of these and expect results :).

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trouble sleeping

Easy Home Remedies for Insomnia: Also called Sleep Deprivation There is nothing like a good night’s sleep! But what if you can’t sleep after that hectic day at the office?? What if you feel lethargic the next day? That’s when the trouble starts. While sleep is the cure for many of our ailments, lack of it can be the reason for ruining your health! Here are some tips on how to sleep like a top throughout the night :)

Dry Out Your Eyes

If you have trouble nodding off to bed try standing in front of the ac or fan and let the air dry out your eyes. This will make the eyes heavy causing them to shut off easily.

Tired Eyes

Try blinking your eyes continuously and quickly in order to tire them out for 10 minutes or more. Tired eyes will instantly close and help you sleep right away.

Chill Pill

Make your room cool enough and find yourself drifting off to sleep. A cooler bedroom helps to lower your body temperature and further relax you causing sleepiness.


Add a few drops of your favorite perfume /essential oil in your washing and linen so that the next time you slip into your bed you can smell the lovely lavender on your sheets. A nice fragrance helps to soothe the brain and help you sleep faster and better.

Dark Room

 If you are having a nap in the daytime because you are tired but find it difficult to sleep just draw those blinds. A dark room indicates that its night time and this helps the brain to send signals to your body that it’s sleeping time.

Unplug Chargers

 If you have any irritating lights of the computer or chargers which are blinking away then shut them off immediately. The glow of these gadgets can actually disturb you and make it hard for you to sleep.

Cut Off Coffee

Yes you need to cut down that heaven in a mug as that could be your culprit. The caffeine in the coffee is a drug which robs away your sleep. It’s preferable to stop caffeine intake after

Read Before Going to Bed

A nice read of your favorite classic could be just the thing for you. If you are a book lover it’s even better. Reading again makes you feel drowsy. Read until you feel sleepy or heavy headed.

Eye Mask

It cuts off all sources of light and forces your eyes to stay shut. When you can’t really open your eyes you will be forced to fall asleep. No choice!

Concentrate On Your Breathing

Close your eyes and simply pay attention to the sound of your breathing. Focus on them and slowly you will lose all focus – it always works for me and I can safely call it the best technique by far (my personal favorite).

Warm Milk and Honey

If you are not lactose intolerant, try this simple thing. Around half an hour before going to bed, drink half a cup of warm milk with a teaspoon of honey in it. You will find yourself drifting off to dreamland in minutes ;)Except these pointers you should always keep your pets off your bed, chose the correct mattress, drink less water after 8 pm and stretch before you sleep.

I hope this helps you sleep better and you get your shot of beauty sleep :)

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oil pulling white teeth 1

What is Oil Pulling and What are its Benefits? : No matter how many beautiful lipsticks you may buy, if you have yellow teeth (ugh) or even worse bad breath you are going to look like a mess!!! Much as it is important to beautify ourselves with all sorts of colors and makeup, it is important to beautify ourselves from the inside too.So today let’s take a step towards our dental care by learning all about oil pulling which is an old technique but is in trend.

oil pulling white teeth 1

Image Credit :

What exactly is oil pulling???

The bacteria residing in our mouth are made up of a single cell which consists of a layer of the fatty membrane. When they come in contact with the oil they stick to it and OUT THEY COME!

The basic idea is to pull them out with oil.

You can use many oils like sunflower, sesame etc but coconut oil would be the best because of its additional anti microbial properties and also helps prevent tooth decay.

oil pulling white teeth 2

Image Credit : expertbeacon

How to do oil pulling???

Take a small quantity of oil in your mouth and then SWISH SWISH SWISH! That’s all! Simple Han… ;)Just swish the oil around in your mouth sucking pulling it between your teeth. It’s a must do for 10 minutes but you may Start with 5 minutes in the beginning.

oil pulling white teeth 3

Image Credit: supplement police

Don’t be too harsh on yourself.

If you feel you get tired easily you can also start with a less amount of oil and gradually increase the quantity as per your ability to SWISH it around :)However the longer you swish the more bacteria you will be able to pull out. This technique will not only help you with bad breath but will also help against various dental problems. Coconut oil is also used to whiten teeth so needless to say this will also help you with teeth whitening.

oil pulling white teeth 4

Image Credit: newhealthadvisor

A very important point here is NOT TO REPLACE your everyday brushing and flossing routine with oil pulling. This is an additional routine that you have to add up to your daily dental care routine. IT’S NOT A REPLACEMENT! Remember, your lipstick becomes 1000 times more attractive when you have pearly whites peeping from within :) Checkout my teeth whitening DIY too ;)

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How to Clear Fading Mehendi ! 6

How to Make Mehendi Last Longer: In a land of colors and festivals, mehendi is one thing every festival and occasion is incomplete without. Be it the wedding mehendi or the Karve Chauth mehendi, each one has its own significance. Now if you are going to spend a good few hours in getting your henna done, you will obviously want it to stay on for long too. And it looks like it takes more than just your husband’s love to make the henna dark and stay for long. Here are a few tips to make your henna come out better and stay that way for good :)

Make Mehendi Last Long 1

Image Credit: Pinterest

# Stay Away From Water

Never use water to remove your mehendi. Simply take it off by rubbing your hands together.

Make Mehendi Last Long 6

Image Credit: Pinterest

# Use Mustard or Coconut Oil

Once you are done brushing off the henna rub your hands together with mustard oil which is the best thing to make the color come out darker. If you think the smell is too pungent you can also use coconut oil for the same effect. Moisturization is very important after the henna application.

Make Mehendi Last Long 7

Image Credit: Pinterest

#Use Vicks or Beeswax

The good old Vicks or index balm you use for the common cold is something that’s going to do a world of good to your mehendi making it last longer. You can use any beeswax. It’s best to apply Vicks first and then the mustard/ coconut oil.

# Sugar Solution and Lemon Juice

One of the most common methods that we all must know is using sugar solution and lemon. You can use either one or both. When your mehendi is a bit dry and starts cracking you can apply this solution with cotton and dab it all over. If you do it even before the mehendi starts cracking it would be the best time. The idea is to keep the mehendi moist for as long as possible so that it gives the best color possible.

# Leave It on Overnight

The best thing to do is to leave your mehendi on overnight and then brush it off in the morning.

# Stay Away From Household Chores

Now this one is a biggie, especially for housewives but tries and refrain from housework that requires water.

# Apply It a Couple of Days In Advance

If you have an occasion coming up then it’s best to apply it in advance because henna’s best color shows up after two days time.

# Clean Hands Beforehand

Keep your hands clean and devoid of any oil, dirt, and water. Wash your hands thoroughly and dry them up.

Follow these steps and get the ideal color which is there to stay for a much longer duration. And make sure to apply the mehendi to the thicker skin which is where it shows the brightest and darkest like the soles of hands and feet. Do share your experiences and any other tips are welcome in the comments :*

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Jovees Papaya Face Wash Review

Jovees Papaya Face Wash Review

by Mallika Dharmani

Jovees Papaya Face Wash Review: Papayas are a well-known beauty ingredient famous for its beauty properties. Papaya has always been used to improve skins texture and bring out an even tone.My last experience with the Biotique Papaya Face wash had me hooked on to papayas so I was more than happy to take this pretty orange tube home with me. This Jovees Face Wash: This the Papaya Face Wash wash is my second favorite from their list of herbal facewashes.The very appearance of the tube looked yummy and biteable to me :P Like it was a fresh fruit full of juice. let’s see if its performance was up to the mark or not.

Jovees Papaya Face Wash Review

Basic Information about Jovees Face Wash: This the Papaya Face Wash

PRICE AND QUANTITY–  INR 165 for 100 gms


This face wash produced by combining the properties of papaya, as it is an excellent source of Vitamin A and Papain. Vitamin A acts as an antioxidant, while the papain breaks down inactive proteins and removes dead skin cells, and other valuable fruit extracts coupled with treated granules that would aid in removing dead skin cells, deep cleanses the skin helps mitigate blemishes and pigmentation and makes skin look visibly even-toned, young and fairer.


Moisten your face. Take a small amount of the face wash on your palm. Massage gently on the face and neck. Rinse off and pat dry.


3 years

Jovees Papaya Face Wash Review 1


Papaya fruit enzyme, Bilberry Fruit Extract, Grape leaf extract, Cranberry fruit extract, Watermelon fruit extract.


Not really !!

My Experience with Jovees Face Wash: This the Papaya Face Wash


love the packing. it’s a transparent sturdy tube that reflects the contents inside in a blur state but clear enough to make out the contents inside and the level of product left inside.The tube has  a flip cover which closes quite promisingly

Jovees Papaya Face Wash Review 2


the facewash has a gel consistency which is runny and full of granules and beads both big and small in size. You won’t really feel much scrubbing action through the beads are rather soft and mild. The color is orange but on the hands, it looks like a pale orange.


The face wash has a citrusy touch to it. it smells like lemon or an orange mixed with a faint smell of an aftershave.


When I started using this product I didn’t really expect it to give me a clear and even tone right away. Maybe it could do that too AFTER  using it for a really long time because for me its kind of hard to believe how a mere facewash can bring about an even skin tone. I mean it takes months for a serum to do that too.I love the smell of the facewash so I lathered myself well with a nice big blob of this facewash. It doesn’t create foam lather just gel-based lather.

The big beads might scrub your skin ever so gently that you won’t realize it doing much scrubbing there. I also observed a cooling tingly sensation but again mint wasn’t mentioned in any of the ingredients. Refreshing as always and didn’t dry out my skin at all. I have normal skin tone and it worked pretty well for me. All it did was a fair decent job in cleaning up my face and leaving it refreshed.  This is one cute and comfy facewash that your skin will love. However, when I tried to take it off it felt as if there was still some product left on my skin even After washing it off. This led me to splash more water on my face repeatedly.

Jovees Papaya Face Wash Review 3

Overall Performance of Jovees Face Wash: This the Papaya Face Wash


  • Affordable ‘
  • Pretty looking packing
  • Feels really fresh
  • Mild scrubbing action too
  • Cooling effect
  • Thorough cleaning


  • The claim for an evening out skin tone claim was not satisfied,

My Recommendation?

If you are on the lookout for a nice budget-friendly facewash that can clean away all that dirt and make your skin fresh and lively then you can opt for this wash.

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whiten nails at home 2

Whiten Yellow Nails: Yellow nails??? Ugh! A total turn-off. Regardless of what you do to keep your nails clean and shiny, they tend to get yellow over time even after applying all those protective base coats and whatnot. And there isn’t a single person on this planet that looks forward to having nails like that.No, we want our teeth, nails, and shoes all clean and shiny! That’s the way we all like it :)And that’s the way you will have it from now on with these super easy tricks to make your nails white.

whiten nails at home 2

Image Credit: shelookbook

Good old baking soda!

Time to move that bottle of soda from your kitchen cabinet to your bathroom shelf because it’s not only going to give you super white nails but also going to be used in a lot of awesome DIY scrubs.

Make a paste of baking soda and water keeping the consistency thick.

Now take a toothbrush and dip in the same paste and start scrubbing your nails with it.

It’s best to let this paste sit on your nails for a good 5 minutes before you actually start scrubbing away.

Baking soda whitens nails the same way it whitens teeth. You can check out the DIY teeth whitening for details on the website

whiten nails at home 3

Image Credit : spellbound nails

Time to take out your best tube of toothpaste:

Just like toothpaste works on the enamel of your teeth it works in a similar fashion on your nails.

Pick out any toothpaste which promises to make your teeth appear whiter and brush your nails with it.

Leave it on for 10 minutes and scrub away again and finally rinse off.

The difference that you see in your nails speaks for itself.

whiten nails at home

Image Credit: wiki how

Not only is it terribly easy to use but also effective.

So you have whiter nails which are cleaner and look a lot more attractive :)

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MAC Hug Me Dupes

MAC Hug Me Dupes !!

by Mallika Dharmani

MAC Hug Me Dupes: There is something about a class that never goes out of style. There is a certain naughty affair in flashing the occasional seductive reds and party pinks but a clean beautiful natural look never goes out of style.

Something about muted flesh natural pinks reminds me of class and authority!

Not so bold yet beautiful in their own natural way.

Count on reds and pinks to earn yourself a few hoots and whistles, but you want to look like a *CEO* and look for an office lipstick go in for pink like MAC’s HUG ME!

A much muted pink with a hint of nude in it enough to make your lips look naturally plump and beautiful.

Or go in for the dupes which are again a beautiful replacement you will not regret.

MAC Hug Me Dupes

Image Credit: Pinterest

# MAC Hug Me vs. Maybelline Totally Toffee

Edible enough like a toffee Maybelline has gone the extra mile to give the lipstick the MAC HUG ME look!

Will match the color pretty well and there is not much that you will miss in terms of texture.

Be more liberal with applications though because MAYBELLINE is after all not Mac!

Lasts you 3-4 hours but allow the price to pull you towards it, $6 in comparison to paying $10 extra for Mac!

MAC Hug Me Dupes 1

Image Credit: Pinterest

# MAC Hug Me vs. Wet n Wild Bare It All

Go ahead and bare it all with WNW for the hug me look because you can with just $2!

Just a tad bit darker (that’s not going to make a difference) and comes for a lot less.

A bit less lustrous if you see the swatches though.

MAC Hug Me Dupes 2

Image Credit: Beleza Vegana

#MAC Hug Me vs. Rimmel Kate Moss 14

Rimmels not far behind when it comes to matching * hug me *!

Extremely likely but I would recommend to top it off with a little gloss to match the hug-me-luster look.

Just a dab would do the trick!

Or if you prefer the lack of luster this should suit you just fine

Get your look for just $6.

MAC Hug Me Dupes 3

Image Credit: Pinterest

For Mac lovers who can’t get *hug me * but still are bent upon adding this shade to their Mac collection, can go in for another Mac dupe #MAC CHERISH or #MAC MODESTY.

Carry you hug me to look to almost anywhere with anything :)

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4 MAC Modesty Dupes

by Mallika Dharmani

Bringing forth the dupes of another summer fresh pinky pinks the queen is MAC Modesty and we present to you, MAC Modesty Dupes! A very crème sheen neutral pink – fresh and glowy.No glitters or shimmers in this one just a very lustrous look. Summers call for shades like these. You might want one for this summer and pick one of the dupes of the numerous light pinks we have duped so far.


# Mac Modesty  vs. Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick 215 Totally Toffee

The best possible dupe that you will find and what’s more it’s easily available with a renowned name in the lippie market …
if nudes give u a washed-off look then Maybelline might even work better than modesty for you because it has a hint of pink more to it. Almost has the same finish too!
For $5 you could get your cult summer lipstick.


Image Credit : Pinterest

# Mac Modesty vs. NYX Thalia

Thalia is also pretty much similar to modesty in terms of color.
However, there is some difference in the texture.
NYX lippies are buttery in texture and you might find it runny too.
Be sure to dab with tissues.
Stays up to 3-4 hours which is a few hours less than Mac but I’m sure a recoat is not a big problem.
For a price of $5, it’s a compromisable dupe ;)


Image Credit : Pinterest

# Mac Modesty vs. Maybelline Warm Me Up

Warm me up like the name suggests it leans a bit more towards pink, it’s slightly warmer than modesty but nothing that’s much noticeable.
Another Maybelline that has your back for $5-6
flattering texture and pigmented enough that all it would take is two swipes.

Get your modest look with these dupes here!


Image Credit: Temptalia

You could also give cover girl sultry sienna a try for $6.

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