Jovees Papaya Face Wash Review

by Mallika Dharmani
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Jovees Papaya Face Wash Review: Papayas are a well-known beauty ingredient famous for its beauty properties. Papaya has always been used to improve skins texture and bring out an even tone.My last experience with the Biotique Papaya Face wash had me hooked on to papayas so I was more than happy to take this pretty orange tube home with me. This Jovees Face Wash: This the Papaya Face Wash wash is my second favorite from their list of herbal facewashes.The very appearance of the tube looked yummy and biteable to me 😛 Like it was a fresh fruit full of juice. let’s see if its performance was up to the mark or not.

Jovees Papaya Face Wash Review

Basic Information about Jovees Face Wash: This the Papaya Face Wash

PRICE AND QUANTITY–  INR 165 for 100 gms


This face wash produced by combining the properties of papaya, as it is an excellent source of Vitamin A and Papain. Vitamin A acts as an antioxidant, while the papain breaks down inactive proteins and removes dead skin cells, and other valuable fruit extracts coupled with treated granules that would aid in removing dead skin cells, deep cleanses the skin helps mitigate blemishes and pigmentation and makes skin look visibly even-toned, young and fairer.


Moisten your face. Take a small amount of the face wash on your palm. Massage gently on the face and neck. Rinse off and pat dry.


3 years

Jovees Papaya Face Wash Review 1


Papaya fruit enzyme, Bilberry Fruit Extract, Grape leaf extract, Cranberry fruit extract, Watermelon fruit extract.


Not really !!

My Experience with Jovees Face Wash: This the Papaya Face Wash


love the packing. it’s a transparent sturdy tube that reflects the contents inside in a blur state but clear enough to make out the contents inside and the level of product left inside.The tube has  a flip cover which closes quite promisingly

Jovees Papaya Face Wash Review 2


the facewash has a gel consistency which is runny and full of granules and beads both big and small in size. You won’t really feel much scrubbing action through the beads are rather soft and mild. The color is orange but on the hands, it looks like a pale orange.


The face wash has a citrusy touch to it. it smells like lemon or an orange mixed with a faint smell of an aftershave.


When I started using this product I didn’t really expect it to give me a clear and even tone right away. Maybe it could do that too AFTER  using it for a really long time because for me its kind of hard to believe how a mere facewash can bring about an even skin tone. I mean it takes months for a serum to do that too.I love the smell of the facewash so I lathered myself well with a nice big blob of this facewash. It doesn’t create foam lather just gel-based lather.

The big beads might scrub your skin ever so gently that you won’t realize it doing much scrubbing there. I also observed a cooling tingly sensation but again mint wasn’t mentioned in any of the ingredients. Refreshing as always and didn’t dry out my skin at all. I have normal skin tone and it worked pretty well for me. All it did was a fair decent job in cleaning up my face and leaving it refreshed.  This is one cute and comfy facewash that your skin will love. However, when I tried to take it off it felt as if there was still some product left on my skin even After washing it off. This led me to splash more water on my face repeatedly.

Jovees Papaya Face Wash Review 3

Overall Performance of Jovees Face Wash: This the Papaya Face Wash


  • Affordable ‘
  • Pretty looking packing
  • Feels really fresh
  • Mild scrubbing action too
  • Cooling effect
  • Thorough cleaning


  • The claim for an evening out skin tone claim was not satisfied,

My Recommendation?

If you are on the lookout for a nice budget-friendly facewash that can clean away all that dirt and make your skin fresh and lively then you can opt for this wash.

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Juhi Sharma February 28, 2018 - 12:07 PM

Reading you points remind me of lakme strawberry face wash that also have some beads and give tinglyness on skin… Great review hun. :haanji :love :love

Sreeparna Ganguly February 28, 2018 - 12:19 PM

Yeah Juhi is right about Lakme’s strawberry one.. I don’t like face cleansers that leave behind sticky feel so I better skip this 🙁

Smriti February 28, 2018 - 12:34 PM

seems like a good product, especially those tiny beads, that mildly scrub too. lovely clicks

Prachi singh March 1, 2018 - 12:53 AM

Great review babe.. I guess this would fo greatbas everyday stuff….