Banjara’s Multani Mitti + Papaya Face Pack Review

by Sreeparna Ganguly
5 minutes read

Banjara’s Multani Mitti + Papaya Face Pack Review: I always prefer powder face packs over ready-to-use face packs when I have plenty of time in my hand to pamper my skin. The powder form packs give me the flexibility to use a solvent of my wish to prepare the pack. According to my skin’s condition at that instance, I use rose water, milk, curd or even plain water. Today’s review of mine is going to be on a powder face pack from Banjara’s; it’s the Multani Mitti + Papaya Face Pack Review. The killer combination of Papaya and Multani Mitti always show good results on stubborn blemishes, marks and sun-tan. Though I do not have blemishes or tan as of now, there are enough pimple marks on my face. Let’s see whether this face pack takes care of them or not.

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Details about Banjara’s Multani Mitti + Papaya Face Pack

What is it?

Banjara’s Multani Mitti + Papaya Face Pack is a face pack powder that provides with the best skin care secret from nature in just 15 minutes. Multani Mitti deeply cleanses the skin, clears facial pores and absorbs excess oil while Papaya provides blemish and pigmentation free flawless skin.

Price- Rs.50 for 100gm

Shelf Life-24 months from the date of manufacturing

Sensitive Skin Alert?


Banjara’s Multani Mitti + Papaya Face Pack Review



My Experience with Banjara’s Multani Mitti + Papaya Face Pack

Packaging- Banjara’s Multani Mitti Papaya Face Pack comes in 5 green colour plastic sachets; each containing 20gm of product. All the sachets are packed inside a cardboard box. Necessary details are mentioned on the outer packaging with nice label graphics. One can take out one sachet and use it. So, the packaging is very much travel-friendly. The individual packages are sealed preventing any mess or wastage of product inside. The ingredient list is completely stated which is another pro for me. I am quite happy with the packaging.

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Colour & Texture- The powder pack is light brown in colour and texture wise it is a finely dusted smooth powder. When the pack is mixed with water or milk or anything, the colour darkens. The non-grainy consistency of the pack helps to prepare a lump-free paste.

Fragrance- This product has a lightly dried pay a kind of smell. I personally am not a fan of papaya’s smell so I do not enjoy the smell a bit! However, the smell is not artificial and does not take long to vanish.

How I use It- I have oily-combination skin so, I mix plain water or rose water to it. The paste is very soft and smooth. Its consistency makes it very easy to spread on the skin. I use a finger, but face pack brush will also be a good option to apply it.

Overall Performance of Banjara’s Multani Mitti + Papaya Face Pack

Banjara’s Multani Mitti Papaya Face Pack deep cleanses my skin and removes excess oil from my skin. It brings a healthy glow to the face. It makes black heads removal easy as well. This one has been able to fade my acne marks to some extent after 4-5 weeks of usage. So, I can tell it will work on pigmented skin too. I have not experienced any skin irritation or acne breakout from using this product.


  1. Completely organic formulation
  2. No artificial fragrance or preservative is used
  3. Cleanses skin and brings glow
  4. Slowly reducing my pimple marks
  5. Does not produce any irritating sensations on my skin
  6. Affordable & well-packaged


  1. Though the there is no artificial fragrance present; I did not like the smell of papaya

Would I Repurchase or Recommend?

Banjara’s Multani Mitti + Papaya Face Pack really does what it says but sadly I do not like its fragrance. So, I am not going to buy this variant again. I will certainly try its orange peel variant. I would recommend this one to all skin type people who have tanning, pigmentation or blemish on their face.


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Deepsikha September 7, 2017 - 8:12 PM

Helps remove acne marks? I’m definitely trying this one. Thank you for such a detailed explanation. I know what to expect and won’t be caught off-guard by the side effects! 🙂

Sreeparna Ganguly September 12, 2017 - 12:49 AM

Thanks Deepsikha:)

navya mahadevan May 21, 2018 - 5:17 AM

How many times can we use in product in a day?

Sone May 21, 2018 - 8:18 AM

maximum once

ameen August 17, 2018 - 7:28 PM

how many times we need to use in a week?