The TRUTH about KETO Diet

by Mallika Dharmani
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KETO Diet: Dieting has always been a trend in the health market.Over time the meaning and kinds of dieting have been changing – the new dieting ways replacing the old ones.One such fad nowadays is the Keto diet which guarantees better results at the moment than any other diet plan.

The basic idea behind this diet is to use virtually eliminate carbs as an energy source and replace them with fats as a more efficient fuel.The fast that is stored in your body and the fat that you eat is will be burnt for energy.

The villain is excessive carbs. The more carbs you eat more insulin is generated by the body. Insulin is programmed to STORE fat.Reduce the carbs, your body will store less fat. It’s true.

The Basics of KETO Diet

Image Credits: Diet Doctor

All you need to do is go on a low carb diet.This Way your body will tend to work more on fats hence reducing them.

Basics of WHAT NOT TO EAT-

Avoiding food has always been a part of Dieting. But with this diet, we have to focus on cutting down on food stuff like –

  1. Anything which has added sugar or sugar rich
  2. Any grains or staple food like wheat rice and corn
  3. No fruits or juices
  4. Avoid any root veggies like turnips, potatoes and other legumes like beans.
  5. Avoid unhealthy snacking that’s rule one in any diet!

And this one is no exception.

  • Refrain from any alcohol urges that you might have and unnecessary unhealthy fat.

One tip here is to not to go too overboard and adopt sugar-free or low-fat diet food stuff because it will actually harm you instead of contributing to your keto routine.

Indulge more in snacks and main courses which consist of meat and eggs.

If you are a vegetarian person your main course could consist of veggies like peppers, cabbage, onions, and tomatoes.

You could even cook up some sort of snack.

Opt for occasional treats of cottage cheese and peppers cooked up together in healthy oils.

The Basics of KETO Diet 1

Image Credit: Live Healthy and Live Free

The idea isn’t to starve you but to focus on a particular line of foods in a way which helps you burn your fat and yet not kill the joy of food in life.

Possibly one of the most sensible diets you will have ever come across and twice as effective!

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