TBC By Nature Papaya Face Wash Review

by Bhavya Kant
4 minutes read

Hello there… all my readers! How’s this summer treating you?! So, today I’m reviewing a new face wash I just bought! TBC is a less popular brand but I still got it when I saw this in the shop because of the word ‘papaya’. When it comes to cleaning our skin, the first fruit to help us is papaya! I thought there’s no harm in buying a face wash which has papaya extracts in it! So, read on to know how this face wash fared for me…

TBC By Nature Papaya Face Wash Review

Basic Info About TBC By Nature Papaya Face Wash

What is it and who is it for?

It is called “TBC by nature Papaya Face Wash SPF 20”.

Brand Claims- This face wash is an extra-gentle facial cleanser infused with skin exfoliating papaya extract which removes dead cells and stimulates skin renewal, diminishes spots, marks, and blemishes.

It also tone, refresh, rejuvenates and protect the skin from harmful sun rays.

TBC By Nature Papaya Face Wash Review 3

Directions on ‘how to use’-

  • Take a small quantity of face wash from the tube on wet palms.
  • Rub palms against each other to work up the lather and gently massage on face for 1-2 minutes.
  • Rinse with water and pat dry.

Ingredients- (in the swatch)

Price- Rs 145

Sensitive skin Alert? – No.

TBC By Nature Papaya Face Wash Review 2

My experience with TBC By Nature Papaya Face Wash

Since we all know that a face wash is an important part of our daily routine and so, I keep experimenting with my face washes! As papaya has its own benefits for skin, so I saw this in the shop and bought it just to see how it works!

This face wash (as by the name) claims to have papaya extracts in it, and as we all know how beneficial papaya is for our skin, therefore without giving it a second thought, I bought it.

Packaging- This face wash comes in a transparent, yellow color tube with a tight cap. The cap does not open on itself and stays tight when closed. Therefore, there is no leakage. It is travel-friendly and comfortable to use.

Fragrance- It has a fruity smell, which may be sensitive to some people. But, the fragrance is nice and soothing!

Consistency- It has an average consistency, not too runny not too tight.

TBC By Nature Papaya Face Wash Review 4

Overall Performance of TBC By Nature Papaya Face Wash

Overall, I can say is that this is an average face wash. It completes all the basic requirements of a face wash- cleans well and makes you look fresh. It does not do anything extra or different than other face washes. Although it makes the skin, dry and you cannot stay for a long time without moisturizing your skin.


  • Cleanse face thoroughly
  • Rinses off easily
  • Good fragrance


  • Does not exfoliate skin
  • Does not do what brand claims
  • Leaves the skin dry
  • Not easily available

Would I recommend/repurchase?

Well, no, I won’t recommend this particular face wash. It is a very average face wash. Although if you want to try TBC face washes, you should go for its many others.

And, I will definitely won’t repurchase it. I’m just using it because I’ve bought and it completes my basic requirements of a face wash.

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