What all Should be in a Basic Makeup Kit for Beginners ?

by Mallika Dharmani
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Basic Makeup Kit for Beginners: Today’s time is all about speed and like any other market the cosmetic market to is flooded with new products by the day. One doesn’t know what to buy. I’m like yea look at that stuff that’s just amazing for your pores let’s get it…then again something new pops up -oh need to have this too. End result is a bag full of things that are not really *essentials* and then you decide to forgo buying the products which are really life savers!!! It’s difficult to choose between what to have and what to not – so here is to make things easy – 10 Makeup Essentials- The Ultimate Makeup Kit List which you definitely need to have, regardless of all the other paraphernalia in your makeup starter kit. Let’s build your basic makeup kit or makeup set!

Keep this in a beginners makeup kit:

#1 Primer

 Some of you may not be used to using a primer and straight away go on to the foundation step but this is one great buy. If you have large open pores, loose skin or any other issues don’t forget your primer. It just does a pretty good job of covering those pores and creates a smooth layer for you to work on with your makeup and also helps it stay longer 🙂

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#2 Foundation

 A thing that every one of us must own at the moment. It’s not really something you need to make yourself look fair – NO! A great foundation is one which blends beautifully with your skin tone, not one which gives you a fair look!

It’s supposed to make your skin look even and flawless.Se the article written by Aakriti on how to choose your foundation 😉

Doesn’t matter which foundation you choose – a liquid one, a pan stick, or loose powder just go for one that suits you?

#3 Concealer

 For all your facial flaws that even foundation couldn’t cover, there is concealer. Unlike foundation, concealer should be lighter than your skin tone. A yellow concealer suits most people but if you have acne or pimple marks then a green concealer would be the thing for you. Check out this detailed post on color correcting here!

10 Must haves in your Makeup Kit 6

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#4 Mascara

 For me, eyelashes are one of the most feminine things ever. The old trick of batting one’s eyelashes never goes out of trend. Doesn’t matter if you have a liner on or not just go with the no-makeup look with mascara. Always apply it horizontally instead of vertically to get heavier lashes!

# 5 Lip Balms

Chapped lips?? Very unattractive. If you can’t own too many lipsticks -don’t! But definitely, invest in a good chapstick. It just keeps your lips all hydrated and plump. You can even choose one with a hint of color if you like to give a little extra pink tone to your lips.

#6 Eyebrow Kit

 Nothing gives your face, a stronger look than those arc brows; it just gives a lot of expression to your whole upper face. Eyebrow fillers are a must-have to get those strong-looking brows. If you can’t go for an eyebrow kit invest in a good Eyebrow pencil – these things work wonders.

#7  Eyeliner

 Want to make those eyes pop open?? Go for eyeliner. If you aren’t well versed in eyeliner application then go for gel eyeliner which is just easier to apply and erase.

#8 Makeup Brushes

 Remember no amount of mascara, liner or lipstick would look good if you have your foundation all over the place. You might think your fingers are enough but makeup brushed is a perfect blessing, great for getting a very clean And we’ll blend look. They are a must!

#9 Lipsticks

 What is the first lipstick that you buy- always a pink one and it’s safer to go for a nice girly pink shade first which you can wear every day everywhere. For all the places where pink lipstick is too boring there is red lipstick. The next thing to own is red lipstick- the perfect red for exceptional places or to get your boring life all spiced up!

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#10 Blusher

 A little warm blush never did anyone any harm – it probably just did a lot of good. For a flushed and healthy glow just add a little pink to those cheeks and see your whole face brighten up with just a dash of blush

If anyone of this is still missing from your kit you need to get it right now to make your kit all complete and ready. Never miss out on these must-haves 🙂

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