Which Color Concealer to Use ?

by Mallika Dharmani
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Concealer has become essential for us – simply dab away those imperfections. But there isn’t one particular type of imperfection to be treated – there are so many. One has to conceal dark circles, acne, pimples, red spots and for making the skin tone even.With many problems come many types of solutions too.There is a different concealer for every purpose but most of us are just using a concealer of our skin tone to hide away all those spots and areas – that is called color correcting.Which Color Concealer to use for what?!Here is a guide on how to use different colored concealer.

# Green Concealer

 The one concealer meant for all your acne and red spots are the green one. The green color of the concealer when topped with red spots cancels out the red colors of the acne and spots.Dab green concealer onto your acne and red areas and avoid spreading it elsewhere on your face.Once you are done applying the green concealer you can cover it with a concealer of your skin tone.


Guide to Color Correcting 5

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# Orange or Peach Concealer

Just like the green cancels out the red similarly the Orange shade or red shade cancels out the blue-green areas.The under eye dark circles are mostly blue and black. An orange concealer cancels out the blue color of the dark circles and hides them away perfectly.You can then cover up the Orange Concealer with your skin tone concealer or foundation pan stick. Remember to use your ring finger to apply concealer near your eye area.

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# Yellow Concealer

 A yellow concealer is something which usually corrects all skin imperfections.If you have any scars or acne marks which have turned a dark brown then you can use the yellow concealer for covering up the brown spots.The yellow in it covers the brown on your skin.For an even skin tone goes for a yellow Concealer.

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#Purple Concealer

This one is for a radiant glow! If you have a yellow skin tone, this counters that. Giving your skin a pinkish glow, which would otherwise, would have been hidden under the yellowness.

  #Pink Concealer

You perfect gift for dark circle correction! If you want to hide dark circles or fatigued eyes, go for the peachy pink concealer. They are the best to hide raccoon eyes! 

#Two Shades Lighter Concealer / White Concealers

These are the trickiest of the lot and must be used ONLY with great care and sparingly. These concealers are basically for highlighting and brightening purpose. Apply a little amount on the areas you want to highlight to give a beautiful natural glow. A concealer which is two shades lighter than your own skin tone is used to highlight the areas where the light hits the most- cupid’s brow, v of the eye and your brow line.

Guide to Color Correcting 4

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#Skin Colour Concealer

A concealer which is exactly the shade your skin tone is a must have which is used to apply on top of the yellow, green and Orange concealer.

Guide to Color Correcting

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People have forever been using the wrong colored concealer for the wrong areas.Hope this post helps in choosing the correct concealer for the correct area.Kiss those imperfections away 🙂

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