Mac Liquid Eyeliner Review

by V Sravanti
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The best gift you can give to a girl is a small compliment. Women love compliments and that is mostly when they get ready and expect people to praise them. The minimalistic make up a girl can apply is some face powder, followed by kajal to her eyes, a slight stroke of lipstick and of course, an optional thing nowadays, a ‘bindi’. Things have changed a lot when it comes to evolving makeup trends of women, but mostly, people generally prefer to do their own makeup and very rarely we see people copying the latest trends.

Whatever the trend is, a slight more enhancement to your eye gives an eye-liner. It perfectly lines your eyes and exposes the right shape of it. I can surely say that “makeup is incomplete without applying an eye-liner to your eyes”.

MAC, as usual, has been trying out ways to let women enhance their beauty by the quality of products they buy from MAC. When the point comes to eye-liners, MAC definitely has colored pencils too!! But, the real high-definition glow of a face shows off in black. The way you see it- black kajal and black eyeliner!! The craziest combi ever!!

Let’s now jump on to the details about the product. The product I am reviewing now is Mac Liquid Eyeliner, the perfect definition, and perfectly shaped product, with a lovely packaging and casing.

Mac Liquid Eyeliner

Details About Mac Liquid Eyeliner

The eyeliner is not gel, rather is a liquid eyeliner and is good enough to be applied to a great event or party, or maybe it for a casual or formal look.

Price- $21

Quantity/volume of the product provided- 2.5 ml

Shelf life- 12 months

Lasting power- until you wash your face!! 😛

Mac Liquid Eyeliner 2

How to use-

  1. You may first unpack the eyeliner from its packaging, is the cardboard box and then go for removing the product out of it.
  2. Then, gently twist the cap of the eyeliner is anti-clockwise direction, so that you remove it and the stick emerges out with an attached brush, suitable to apply eyeliner to your eyes.
  3. Use more of the liquid by dipping into the lower part of the container, to get the perfect-black eyeliner stroke.
  4. Now carefully start applying the eyeliner from the middle of your eye, then stroking towards the end of your eye.
  5. Lastly, apply a small stroke from the side of your eye, from the nasal area, and finish the look.

Mac Liquid Eyeliner 1

My experience with Mac Liquid Eyeliner

Packaging- the packaging of the eyeliner is in a good long and medium-sized stick- type roll, with a cap to enclose the liquid and a black cardboard case, to enclose the product. Even here, see the MAC shows its appealing characteristics, all products it sells have black and white combination of packaging.

MAC’s products have always been useful to me whenever I think of applying make-up when going to a party. This eyeliner, particularly, has been my love because it is so compact that it easily fits into my bag and is safe to apply.

I always receive compliments on my winged-eyeliner look of my eyes. The look also perfectly matches with a smoky eye-shadow background, of any dark color. Two main points to be noted here is that, though it is claimed to be waterproof and sweat-proof, excess of any may rub out the liner and make it smudge on your face.

Mac Liquid Eyeliner 3

Overall performance of Mac Liquid Eyeliner

The product is handy and the brush provided gives out the perfect stroke-liner to your eye. It is surely a must-buy and the best-buy, keeping apart the smudging part.


  • Waterproof
  • Sweat-proof
  • The excellent brush provided for the perfect eyeliner- stroke.
  • Handy
  • Portable
  • Suitable for application for any event.
  • No harm is done to your eye because of this, It is safe for application.


  • Other products also market their eyeliners with same characteristics but MAC is the best.

Is it recommended?

Rating- I give MAC’s liquid eyeliner a 4-star rating.

Yet, this is surely beneficial for women and is highly recommended for purchasing.

I would definitely re-purchase it.

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Smriti January 9, 2018 - 10:53 AM

Wow. Your eyebrows…Amazing and that winged liner. You nailed it girl. Great review. Very detailed and precise.

Sreeparna Ganguly January 9, 2018 - 10:54 AM

Fab eye swatches :rose:

Meghal January 9, 2018 - 11:05 AM

Love the swatches and great review