MAC Select Cover Up Concealer Review

by Muskaan Soni
3 minutes read

Most of us try to find an escape from acne, prominent dark circles, and blemishes. So a concealer comes handy to cover it all up. I personally prefer concealers which don’t feel heavy and look fake. If you also prefer that then MAC select cover up  concealer is a wonderful choice.

MAC Select Cover Up Concealer 1

Price: 1850 for 10ml

My experience with MAC Select Cover Up Concealer


It comes in a plastic tube, which is easy to travel with and handy.

The company claims that the concealer is:

It is a Liquid camouflage for the skin, texture-free, virtually invisible. Comes in a tube. Blends in. Brightens and lightens dark areas, erases spots, evens-out skin tones. Makes skin flaw-free. Use pre-foundation, or on its own.

I bought the concealer last year, mainly for my dark circles. It covers dark circles brilliantly and blends right in. In emergency times I have also used this as a foundation and to my surprise, it worked just fine even then. It is a liquid concealer and it gives you a very natural skin tone, without looking cakey. The product can last you nearly 4 to 5 months even if you use it daily.

Finish and staying power:

Super smooth texture, and it is suitable for all skin types. It can stay on your face all day without causing any itching. You may need to powder it up in the summers, especially if you have sweaty skin.

Value for money:

It is definitely expensive in India, I got it from abroad and it cheaper there. A lot of people have complained about the high price for such a small tube, but this small tube will last you quite long and the quality is unmatched.

MAC Select Cover Up Concealer

  1. Smooth texture
  2. Doesn’t look cakey
  3. Good staying power
  4. Travel-friendly packaging
  5. Looks natural
  6. Easy to use tube
  7. Wide range of shades available
  8. Suitable for all skin types
  9. Amazing quality
  1. Expensive

It’s a big yes! I will definitely buy it again

Rating: 5/5

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Nice concealer for the coming wedding season..

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good review….. i actually planned on buying one and this helped me a lot… thanks