How to remove Mehendi Fast ?

Remove mehendi from hands in one day!

by Mallika Dharmani
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This article is about How to Remove Mehendi or how to remove mehendi from hands. For those of you who want to darken the Mehendi, recently I wrote an article on how to get a beautiful dark color from Mehendi here.

How to Clear Fading Mehendi ! 4

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Much important as it is to get a dark and beautiful mehendi that stays on for long, it’s equally important to get rid of that mehendi when it starts fading or when you want it off your pretty hands.

So here are a few tricks which will answer how to remove mehendi from hands.

How to Clear Fading Mehendi ! 3

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# Bleach

The good old bleach that you have up in your cabinet is also the one that’s going to help you get your henna tattoo off.

Apply it liberally all over the area you have mehendi on and leave it for a good few mins.

By the time itโ€™s all dried up you can go ahead and rinse it off.

# Detergent

Washing soaps have hard ingredients that are known to lighten your mehendi.

You could also try washing bleach.

Just use cloth bleach and rub all over your hands and then rinse using warm water.

However, it might be a bit harsh for your skin.

# Baking Soda

BAKING soda has been known forever for taking off stains and marks.

Be it t-shirt stains or teeth whitening it has the power to work on stains.

You can use baking soda by mixing in lemon juice or even just plain baking soda paste and scrub away at the henna.

Baking soda also makes a great scrub.

How to Clear Fading Mehendi !

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# Hydrogen Peroxide

Not only is it miraculously treatment for corns but also for fading your henna.

# Salt and Olive Oil

A very moisturizing way of getting rid of the Mehendi is to apply some mixture of salts and olive oil and then scrub away.

You can keep adding more salt if it dissolves fast.

How to Clear Fading Mehendi ! 1

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# Toothpaste

You can use your usual brush and toothpaste and scrub away at the Mehendi.

Now before you go ahead and give any of these methods a shot I would recommend you to first prep your skin using warm water…

Dip your hands in warm water for some time and then go ahead and try any of these and expect results :).

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