How to Make Mehendi Last Longer ?

by Mallika Dharmani
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How to Make Mehendi Last Longer: In a land of colors and festivals, mehendi is one thing every festival and occasion is incomplete without. Be it the wedding mehendi or the Karve Chauth mehendi, each one has its own significance. Now if you are going to spend a good few hours in getting your henna done, you will obviously want it to stay on for long too. And it looks like it takes more than just your husband’s love to make the henna dark and stay for long. Here are a few tips to make your henna come out better and stay that way for good 🙂

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# Stay Away From Water

Never use water to remove your mehendi. Simply take it off by rubbing your hands together.

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# Use Mustard or Coconut Oil

Once you are done brushing off the henna rub your hands together with mustard oil which is the best thing to make the color come out darker. If you think the smell is too pungent you can also use coconut oil for the same effect. Moisturization is very important after the henna application.

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#Use Vicks or Beeswax

The good old Vicks or index balm you use for the common cold is something that’s going to do a world of good to your mehendi making it last longer. You can use any beeswax. It’s best to apply Vicks first and then the mustard/ coconut oil.

# Sugar Solution and Lemon Juice

One of the most common methods that we all must know is using sugar solution and lemon. You can use either one or both. When your mehendi is a bit dry and starts cracking you can apply this solution with cotton and dab it all over. If you do it even before the mehendi starts cracking it would be the best time. The idea is to keep the mehendi moist for as long as possible so that it gives the best color possible.

# Leave It on Overnight

The best thing to do is to leave your mehendi on overnight and then brush it off in the morning.

# Stay Away From Household Chores

Now this one is a biggie, especially for housewives but tries and refrain from housework that requires water.

# Apply It a Couple of Days In Advance

If you have an occasion coming up then it’s best to apply it in advance because henna’s best color shows up after two days time.

# Clean Hands Beforehand

Keep your hands clean and devoid of any oil, dirt, and water. Wash your hands thoroughly and dry them up.

Follow these steps and get the ideal color which is there to stay for a much longer duration. And make sure to apply the mehendi to the thicker skin which is where it shows the brightest and darkest like the soles of hands and feet. Do share your experiences and any other tips are welcome in the comments :*

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