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Indian Mehndi Designs: Mehendi is an important ceremony in every Indian bride’s bridal diary. Nowadays girls, whose bridal agenda do not include mehendi ceremony traditionally, are arranging for pre-wedding mehendi function just for fun. After all who doesn’t want to doll up for the big day? Once you reach to your mehendi ceremony, it becomes important to select the best henna style that will not only complement your bridal looks but also make you standout in the crowd. So, if you are a monsoon bride GlossyPolish has a small gift to offer you today. It’s our 10 current trends mehendi design picks for this wedding season. Excited? Jump in!

How to Clear Fading Mehendi !

Traditional Circular Mehendi Design:

This is the most common style of mehendi and certainly stays on trend no matter what new styles come and go. A big round designer motif at the center of the palm is the signature attribute of this particular traditional style. The fingertips are generally filled fully with henna that brings all the attention to the main circle of design. This simple yet elegant style is being widely used on brides coming from every part of India for hundreds of years.

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Dulha Dulhan Mehendi :

The Dulha-Dulhan mehendi or the Bride & Groom mehendi is one of the most intricate bridal mehendi styles of north-west desert regions of India. In this style, a motif of a bride is drawn on one hand or foot while the opposite hand or foot bears a design of groom. This style has gained a lot of crowd in the last few years and the popularity reached so high that celebrities are often seen wearing this style in their own mehendi ceremony. Remember Divyanka Tripathi’s mehendi last year?

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Rajasthani Peacock Mehendi Design:

This one is my favorite among all other mehendi styles I know of. The grandeur of our national bird peacock is the main theme of this mehendi design. If you are opting for a peacock mehendi, you may expect a large peacock motif with dense filler-designs. The density of the fillers makes the artistry of your mehendi memorable. The monsoon season is special for peacocks; make it special for you too with a nice peacock mehendi for your big day!

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Arabic Mehendi Design:

Arabic mehendi styles are always a fresh breath of floral designs if you want to make your bridal mehendi different from the other densely-packed Indian henna designs. The sparseness of foliage motifs help your skin to show through and your perfect manicure and pedicure to be admired. If you are someone who likes heavy jewelry this style would suit you best.

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Half half Heart Design:

Marriage is all about losing your heart to someone. To celebrate your loss a heart-touching heart mehendi entertains no competitor for sure! In this style, each hand or foot is painted with a half portion of a detailed henna heart. When you bring either the hands or feet together, the whole heart will welcome you. So, Kudos to Half-half Heart Henna!

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Contemporary Mehendi Designs (Fingers Only & Bangle Style):

Nowadays brides are becoming more and more interested to come out of the cocoon of age-old traditional bridal looks and try some distinguishing new-age looks. In the process, mehendi designs are getting makeovers and new henna looks are emerging. One such book would be Fingers Only henna style in which mehendi is applied only to the fingers and the rest of the places are left untouched to be filled with matching accessories like bracelets, bangles, armlets etc. If someone is not that comfortable with heavy bangles, they are open to Bangle Style mehendi designs in which henna designs are drawn only at the places one wears their bangles and rings. These contemporary styles can opt at engagement as well.

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Moroccan Geometric Motif Mehendi:

If you ask me for an exotic mehendi suggestion, I will certainly name Moroccan Henna. If you have ever seen a Moroccan mehendi design you will understand how a number of lifeless linear geometric figures can be given a hundred lives through simply supreme designs. There will be no junky filler-work, still, your mehendi will stand out. If your bridal attire is fusion type, this is the henna style that will make you look ‘Hatke’!

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African Non-filled Mesh Mehendi:

This one is for minimalistic brides who want full hand henna with a lot of sparse areas to flaunt their beautiful skin. Curvature type design is the heart of African mehendi. They use lots of nonlinear patterns to grid up the hand and feet with almost no filling pattern.

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Multicolour Studded & Glitter Mehendi:

When your bridal outfit is a mixture of rainbow colors, your mehendi needs to be up to the mark as well. To fit these needs, original red pigmented henna designs are enhanced with colorful pigment pastes, stone studdings, and glitter inks. These designs are planned in such a way that the feel of the mehendi remains same just the outlook is boosted up with vibes of color.

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Mughlai Chequered Style Mehendi:

Mughlai mehendi is like a cousin of original Arabic mehendi, but it is more ‘Indianised’ with the use of filler designs to the floral patterns of Arabic ones. But, there is one branch of Mughlai mehendi that we are currently interested in; it’s the Chequered Style Mehendi. Here non-filled, semi-filled or un-filled square boxes are used to create an entire mehendi look. The blend of Indian gorgeously dense styles along with the checker box patterns makes this style out-worldly.

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