Soapworks Creamy Dead Sea Salt Scrub Lemongrass and Green Tea Review

by Sone
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Body scrubs! There is a plethora of them flooding the market. Everyone knows how great they are for detoxification and smoother healthier skin.

But here is the idea. I sincerely feel you should use only 100%Natural Body scrubs. The reason is quite logical. When your skin is exfoliated the dead skin gets removed and the gentler and softer and absorbent new skin is exposed. You would not want any chemicals to get in touch with freshly exfoliated ski n…that has a higher chance of entering your body 🙂

Salt is a natural purifier and detoxifying solution. It is used in aura cleansing and healing as well, leaving you feeling relaxed…and in some weird way protected.

I had recently reviewed a fabulous scrub by skin yoga. Today I am reviewing the Creamy Dead Sea Salt Scrub by Soapworks!

Soapworks Creamy Dead Sea Salt Scrub Lemongrass and Green Tea

What is it and who is it for?

Dead Sea salt scrub. For deep detoxification and conditioning.


Rs 490 for 120 gm

Sensitive Skin Alert?




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What does the Brand Claim about Soapworks Creamy Dead Sea Salt Scrub Lemongrass and Green Tea?

Luxurious Dead Sea salt extra fine scrub will leave your skin feeling soft & smooth while removing the build-up of dead skin cells. Bring it back to life with our skin-quenching exfoliant.

  •  It is a unique Spreadable Exfoliating Mineral Scrub that is an Exfoliator, Cleanser and Mineralizer All In One. It Feeds the Skin with Essential Dead Sea Minerals & Removes Dead Cells. Leaves Skin Hydrated, Soft & Healthy. A Must Have for Beautiful Skin!
  • RELIEVES SKIN CONDITIONS such as; Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne, Dry Skin, Sunburns, Bug Bites & Other Skin Irritations. The lemongrass and green tea Oils are known for their benefits in Firming and Toning the Skin – This Body Scrub is Good for Cellulite and Stretch Marks!

Soapworks Creamy Dead Sea Salt Scrub Lemongrass and Green Tea 2

How to Use:

Massage into damp skin. Use liberally. Don’t apply on a cut or irritated skin.

My Experience with Soapworks Creamy Dead Sea Salt Scrub  Lemongrass and Green Tea

The scrub comes in a handy little jar. As described the scrub is not one of those crystally hard salt scrubs. It is a creamy scrub by all matters of texture. To be honest, I like scrubs with gritty granules. I had actually written this one off after first use.

I didn’t like the fragrance that much and the scrub granules were …err not much scrubby. The thing felt not great while using it. After the bath, I felt that a layer of something was on my skin. Again an icky feeling.

Then I was like…how can this be such a dud!!

It is then that I researched on the matter of salt scrubs.

Soapworks Creamy Dead Sea Salt Scrub Lemongrass and Green Tea 3

I realized that this stuff is better off not much scrubby as salt has very strong and hard edges that can irritate skin. Being a potent crustal it deeply detoxifies and literally absorbs the gunky toxins in the pores. So one hour into the bath and armed with my new-found knowledge, I discovered another thing. My skin felt soft. There was no particular fragrance to praise of, but it felt good and nourished.

I felt relaxed and the muscle fatigue seeped away giving way to blissful slumber.

Then and after successive applications, I have discovered this.

  1. Treat this as a medicinal treatment, not a luxury. It will deeply cleanse the outer layer of the skin.
  2. Trace elements and minerals along with salt stimulate the tissue and relieve muscle fatigue.
  3. The irritating waxy feeling on the skin will subside in a while, leaving your skin healthy.
  4. Salt also cleanses your aura of negativity. If you are into meditation and spirituality…that’s an added bonus.

Use it once in 10 days imo. A jar will not last you more than 3 liberal applications anyway.

As a medicine, it’s pretty good. As a skin pampering treatment…err not so much!

Positives of Soapworks Creamy Dead Sea Salt Scrub Lemongrass and Green Tea

  • Smells mildly lemongrassy and herbally- not my personal choice, but it’s not horrible
  • Salt particles are not harsh on skin
  • Does not dry the skin at all
  • Relieves muscle fatigue
  • Affordable
  • Fragrance lasts for a long time
  • Keeps the skin silky soft
  • Gives a nourished shine to skin

Negatives of Soapworks Creamy Dead Sea Salt Scrub Lemongrass and Green Tea

  • Be very clear about what to expect from it. If you are not aware what it’s actually supposed to do, you will be disappointed.

Overall Would I repurchase and recommend?

If this is your kind of a thing from the points mentioned above, go get it, It’s completely natural and not that expensive!

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