Did You Know You can Use VASELINE FOR HAIR ?!

by Mallika Dharmani
4 minutes read

Vaseline or petroleum jelly, as discussed in the previous article, is an excellent troubleshooter for our everyday crisis.Who knew Vaseline could save us from all that trouble.But what would you say if I told you Vaseline could do wonders for your hair too??If you haven’t tried these bizarre uses of Vaseline for hair Maybe it’s time to start now.

vaseline for hair

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# Fix those fly aways with Vaseline and toothbrush.

If you want a tight slick ponytail but can’t make those flyaway’s and wisps of hair to settle down then dab a little Vaseline onto a toothbrush and brush back that hair. This will make them stay in place and brushed back longer than they would have stayed if you had used hair gel or mousse. Also, they will look completely natural.

#Hydrate that lifeless hair

Tired of undernourished hair? Rub Vaseline on to your palms and massage your hair with it…leave it on and wash it off in the morning with your shampoo. Remember to take only a small amount of Vaseline and do not massage it straight into the crown or scalp of your hair…

If the Vaseline does not come out of your hair remember to add a spoon of baking soda to your everyday shampoo.

vaseline for hair 4

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# Fix those split ends

Tired of unhealthy looking hair full of splits? Repair those splits temporarily by rubbing a dab of Vaseline onto the ends of your hair.  Fixes those terrible splits completely!

# Frizz-free hair

If you have frizzy hair which is all over the place then rub Vaseline onto your hands nicely and then flatten your hair with it. Goodbye frizzy hair 🙂

vaseline for hair 3

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# Leave it on as an overnight hair mask

Apply it to your scalp in small amounts and let it work on your dry scalp overnight. However, start with a very small amount and increase the quantity as you like after repeated uses. See how it suits you!

vaseline for hair 2

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Many people claim to have been benefited by using Vaseline on their keratin. It gives leaves your hair shiny and heavier and weights them down so that they no longer feel frizzy.On the other hand, a lot of people claim to have found it difficult to remove Vaseline from their hair.

The tip is to use a small amount in the beginning (if you are using it for the first time) and as per your needs and results, you can increase the quantity. Also, add baking soda to the shampoo if you have trouble removing Vaseline.

The results may vary according to different hair types. We hope that this is useful for you especially if you have dry hair…Do let us know if this simple trick worked for you 🙂

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Juhi Sharma February 27, 2018 - 8:57 PM

I have split ends problem every time they grew up.. I didn’t know vaseline can work for it too.. ?.
Chopping them off was only option left then for me.

Prachi singh February 27, 2018 - 10:31 PM

Vaseline just doesn’t work for my hairs ☹️

Smriti February 28, 2018 - 11:04 AM

i didn’t know it. thought petroleum jelly was bad overall. nice hack..

Sreeparna Ganguly February 28, 2018 - 12:35 PM

Vaseline for hair!! needs to be tried :haanji