Ren Clarimatte Mask Review

by Sone
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I have a great affinity for REN products. Till the time Luxola used to deliver in India, there was no issue. But well, we all know that since this year Luxola stopped shipping to India. I hardly had an option to get my hands on REN products thereafter. Much to my joy, has authentic REN products and I wasted no time at all, on getting my hands on them 😛 Today I am reviewing one of the star products by REN; it’s their Ren Clarimatte Mask. Let’s see how this has turned out for me  🙂
Ren Clarimatte Invisible Pore Detox Mask Review 7


Rs 2300 for 50 ml (I got it for Rs1840 on alpaca site 😉 )

How to Use:

Apply a generous amount onto clean skin. Allow drying until the mask can be removed by gently rubbing the skin with fingertips. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

My Experience with Ren Clarimatte Mask

This mask comes in a very practical pump packaging. I like how they are super careful about making sure the nozzle is covered. This ensures that the air does not go in and the mask does not dry up.

This mask is like soft clay. It spreads easily and evenly on the skin. I feel no tingling or irritation in applying it. It dries slowly in say around 5-7 minutes. Once it dries. Lightly scrub off as much as possible when it is dry. This will eliminate oil deposits to a good extent. In my experience, it works great only when there is serious congestion. The nose, forehead and chin area…or basically any area with congested pores. That’s where it works. It nicely cleans up congestion and pores deeply.

Ren Clarimatte Invisible Pore Detox Mask Review 5

I suggest, only if you have very very oily skin or have a serious problem with whiteheads or large pores…should you invest in it? Only then will this product, be able to showcase its stellar action.

  1. Great packaging
  2. Does not irritate the skin
  3. Cleans pores effectively
  4. Actually, helps in reducing whiteheads
  1. Pricey
Overall Would I repurchase and recommend?

Buy this for your congested pores, you will not regret it. It is a stellar product. If you don’t have a serious pore/ oily skin problem, don’t spend your money on this.

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Juhi Sharma February 27, 2018 - 8:55 PM

Surely not for me.. I will recommend this to my friend as she has very oily skin.. :haanji :haanji

Prachi singh February 27, 2018 - 10:34 PM

Will this go well with acne prone skin?

Smriti February 28, 2018 - 11:03 AM

wow. beautiful images. just loved it mam..

Sreeparna Ganguly February 28, 2018 - 12:39 PM

After repeated use of your killer tips on cleansing the pores with face mask and then nose pore strips my blackhead issue is almost solved :balleballe
Thank you soooo much :love
I am not in need of this mask now 🙂