Nivea Fresh Powerfruit Shower Gel Review

by Mallika Dharmani
5 minutes read

The review today is about one of the shower gels that has become my favorite pick after a long tiring day. Somehow I end up picking this pretty purple bottle out of my stack right before stepping into the shower because this bubbly shower gel looks so inviting! Let me dig into the details of Nivea Powerfruit Shower Gel.

Nivea Fresh Powerfruit Shower Gel

Basic Information About Nivea Fresh Powerfruit Shower Gel

Price and Quantity

INR 185 for 250 ml

Nivea Fresh Powerfruit Shower Gel 2

What Does The Brand Claim

NIVEA Fresh Powerfruit Shower Gel provides tempting freshness and pampering care for your skin under the shower.

Let this fresh shower gel with antioxidants envelop your skin with a silky soft foam, while its vibrant scent of blueberry stimulates your senses. The caring formula pampers your skin, leaving it feeling moisturized. Discover the unique combination of freshness and rich care. Relax and rejuvenate with every shower.

With Hydra IQ® moisture technology for a moisturized skin feeling even after towel drying. Skin tolerance dermatologically proven.

Leaves your body feeling cleansed, moisturized and cared for.

Provides long-lasting freshness to the skin.

How To Use

  • Soak a loofah in water.
  • Pour a coin-sized amount of shower gel onto it.
  • Work it into a rich lather using the loofah.
  • Gently rub the loofah over your moist skin.
  • Rinse off with water.


Nivea Fresh Powerfruit Shower Gel 3

Sensitive Skin Alert


My Experience With Nivea Fresh Powerfruit Shower Gel

Packaging- The bottle is like the usual round ones that you might have come across. Its a pretty purple colored flat bottle and is see through so you can see how much product is left. Plus you can also see the bubbles inside the bottle which makes the shower gel look so fresh and nice that I feel like having a bath just by looking at it. The cap is a flip top one and closes very firmly.

Nivea Fresh Powerfruit Shower Gel 1

Nivea Fresh Powerfruit Shower Gel 4

Texture and Consistency- The body wash has a gel texture which looks colorless when you pour it out and is rather on the runny side.

Fragrance- The fragrance is a mild blueberry scent that is so relaxing that after a hectic tiring day this could be your favorite shower gel to relax with at the end of the day.

Experience- The shower gel lathers really well and has a runny texture which makes it easy to pour it all over the loofah in an even manner. The lather is not really really creamy but the after-effects of the shower gel are that it gives you moisturized skin. The fragrance of the shower gel doesn’t stay at all after a bath as it is a mild one so the sensitive nose people might be in their comfort zone with this one.

The light purple bottle somehow looks really soothing and nice. Regularly using this shower gel has given me a moisturized skin and I feel as if skipping the lotion isn’t a problem. And yes most of all it cleanses well and effectively.

Overall Performance of Nivea Fresh Powerfruit Shower Gel

Pros –

  • Cleanses well
  • Lathers nicely
  • Attractive packing
  • See through bottle
  • Travel friendly
  • Mild soothing fragrance


  • Fragrance too mild to stay on after bath

Would I repurchase and recommend?

Yes, I would like to repurchase this shower gel or maybe even try other variants as this one has left me impressed. I would recommend this shower gel to people who are looking for a nice fresh shower gel with a mild fragrance that does the cleansing well.

Rating- 4


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Meghal October 4, 2017 - 1:52 PM

Niveas range of Shower gels are amazing

Mallika October 4, 2017 - 2:13 PM

absolutely! They are simple plain shower gels that and do the job well 🙂

Sreeparna Ganguly October 5, 2017 - 12:38 AM

This one smells awesome. If the scent stayed a bit more, it would have been great.
Loved your review 🙂

Mallika October 7, 2017 - 7:24 PM

thankyou so much :balleballe
Yes the fragrance is actually quite mild