10 Green Tea Side Effects You Must Know NOW !

by V Sravanti
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Hello, all beautiful women!! Having a pleasant day? Had your green tea? I am sure 90% of today’s women consume green tea regularly. The reasons this green tea has clicked on the market is mainly due to its fat burning mechanism and boosted immunity promise its producers to give to consumers. These are the 10 Green Tea Side Effects You Must Know NOW.

10 Side Effects of Green Tea You Must Know NOW 2

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Why is Green Tea So Popular?
  1. Firstly, green tea contains micro-nutrients called Catechins. These help in curing a common cold or flu when you get affected with one. Thus, increasing immunity and protecting your cardio- vascular health.
  2. Secondly, green tea burns off excess fat from your body. However, this is burnt only if you consume green tea more than twice a day. Now here arise the problems.

Why Green Tea Can be Bad for You!

I will let you know ten side effects as of now and will be updating further in the comments section. Also, you all are welcome to add any of the side-effects you know, in the comments box below.

Effect #1: Caffeine Strokes

Do you think only coffee contains caffeine?

People are unaware of the fact that green tea also contains caffeine. Overconsumption of this can cause abnormal heart rhythm, anxiety, also nervousness. However, all this depends upon the tolerance rate of your body. If you have a higher tolerance to caffeine, then you may not be on the risky side but certainly, low tolerance can cause irregular calcium absorption, resulting in osteoporosis.

Hence, to lead a problem- free life, the consumption of green tea must be limited to fewer cups each day.

Effect #2: Issues With Regards To Absorption of Iron

Everyone knows how important iron is in our daily life. Not the ironing clothes IRON, but the element Iron ‘Fe’ in the periodic table. This is called “Nonheme” iron and this is commonly seen in eggs, beans, and other dairy products.

Now what green tea does is, it reduces the bioavailability of this Nonheme Iron in our body, thus reducing our body’s ability to absorb this nutrient. Precisely, the Absorption of Nonheme iron is reduced by 25%.

Also, the National Cancer Institute says that drinking tea between meals has a mild effect on iron absorption and also recommends eating of vitamin C rich foods, like broccoli in your meal, if you take high consumption of green tea.

Solution to this Problem

I know at this point in time you would be changing the way you look at green tea.

But, there is a solution to prevent this side effect and that is adding some amount of lemon to your green tea.

Lemon is also helpful in burning excess fat and cutting accumulated fat in our body. The vitamin C present in lemon increases absorption of Nonheme Iron, thus leaving you on the safer side.

Effect #3: Interactions with Medical Conditions

Green tea, when consumed by healthy people, wouldn’t result in many complications, but the same may also create problems if you are regularly taking doses of antibiotics, blood thinners, asthma medications, stimulants, and hormones, along with green tea, in the diet.

This would pose a threat to your liver getting damaged due to irregular dosages and would eventually result in glaucoma, diarrhea and bleeding disorders.

Effect #4: Sweetener Additions

People, generally in the early stages of their green tea consumption, would bother about the way it tastes. They would then prefer adding some sugar, nectar or honey to improve its taste.

But, the count of calories varies depending on the type of sweetener. If you look closely into the intake of a number of calories, then, you will see that there are 16 calories in every teaspoon of sugar, add to which, sweeteners carry thirty to eighty calories for a serving of 8 ounces.

By doing this, you will end up consuming more calories than you try to burn and will eventually gain weight.

Effect #5: Stomach Sensitivity and Diarrhea

Irritable bowel syndrome is one which is the cause of frequent diarrhea and people suffering from this syndrome are not advised to consume green tea.

Every two out of three people suffer from this and complain of an upset stomach after having it for the first time. Also, drinking green tea at odd times, especially along with meals or during mornings, on empty stomach, would also result in Nausea.

Moreover, it would also cause heartburn and indigestion, along with stomach gastric irritation.

Effect #6: To Pregnant Women and Feeding Mothers

The presence of catechins, tannic acids and caffeine in green tea leads to risks of pregnancy. Consumption of green tea during early stages of pregnancy can be dangerous and drink green tea in larger amounts may lead to neural tube birth defect in newly born babies.

A report in 2005 showed that green tea reduces the levels of estrogens in the body. This also showed that it causes dangerous post-menopausal symptoms. Prior to this, a 2003 report showed that green tea, when mixed and taken with other herbs, caused hot flashes in women.

Effect #7: Restlessness, Irritability and Sleeping Problems

People who prefer drinking green tea in larger amounts daily and found susceptible to tremor, loss of appetite, frequent urination, along with restlessness, irritability and sleeping problems. All these arise faster if you are sensitive to caffeine.

Effect #8: Low-Quality Green Tea Powder and Bags

Always make sure that you buy genuine high-quality tea bags or powder. Drinking a tea of very low quality can prove dangerous.

There are incidents of people who had suffered from side effects just because they had low-quality green tea consumed. It may contain contaminants such as lead, fluoride and also some pesticides. Low-quality tea powders are manufactured from tea plants that are grown in low altitude or ones exposed to roadside contamination. They are usually made as tea bags and iced tea and that tastes awful than it actually is.

Also, a  recent case had a woman diagnosed with skeletal fluorosis, just because she had consumed low-quality green tea, which was rich in fluoride content.

Effect #9: Skin Allergies, Rashes, and Itching

Presence of caffeine and tannin in green tea causes allergies

. Common allergies witnessed are ones like hives and welts, sore tongue, skin rashes and itchy skin. Further reactions are unsure. Also, sometimes, drinking of excessive amounts of green tea may cause nasal congestion.

Effect #10: Glaucoma

Glaucoma is the condition of excessive pressure inside the eyes. Drinking excessive green tea may increase the pressure inside the eyes, which may start in thirty minutes and last for ninety minutes.

The excessive pressure inside the eye may be harmful if the pressure is built-up very often.

Considering all the above risk factors, one should see to it that something as simple as the green tea must not become a cause for chronic disorders. Always consult a doctor in case any side effect persists and do not assume the cause of it. Green tea is helpful in slimming your body but can be dangerous as mentioned above.

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