15 Heroines Without Makeup !

by Sreeparna Ganguly
6 minutes read

The female leads of the silver screen frequently appear in the commercials and movies with the glory of their gorgeous and flawless skin. Call it their occupational hazard; they rarely come out with their own skin. Have you ever given a thought on how your favorite celeb looks like in reality? Check out these 15 Heroines Without Makeup!

  1. Kareena Kapoor Khan

15 Heroines Without Makeup 9

Kareena Kapoor Khan’s restricted lifestyle reflects in her nearly flawless complexion but she certainly has under eye darkness and light blemishes. She certainly looks stunning with makeup but there is nothing extraordinary in her without makeup looks.

  1. Sonam Kapoor

15 Heroines Without Makeup 10

Sonam looks an ordinary ‘girl-next-door’ in her without makeup pictures. She has unevenness problem in her complexion that’s why she needs proper color correction in her makeup. Plus dark circles are her concern just like many of us.

  1. Rekha

15 Heroines Without Makeup 13

Rekha is no doubt the timeless diva of Bollywood. With a full face of makeup, we find it really hard not to envy her youthful appearance but she without makeup pictures reveal age-related skin concerns like sagged dull skin and uneven skin tone.  The power of makeup is not a thing to ignore. Isn’t it!

  1. Rani Mukerji

15 Heroines Without Makeup 11

This 90’s diva has made a comeback with her full glory. Though her no makeup looks reveal signs of aging, heavy dark circles creating a drastic difference in her makeup and no-makeup looks.

  1. Katrina Kaif

15 Heroines Without Makeup 3

Katrina is one of the starts whose prettiness quotient does not get affected by the absence of makeup. She never fails to stun us with her looks be it with makeup or just in her own skin in spite of having light imperfections like blemishes.

  1. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Makeup or no makeup Aishwarya Rai Bachchan defines the ‘definition’ of beauty. Her ‘full face of makeup’ look is simply mesmerizing but from her bare skin looks it seems that aging problems have started to show up via loosening of the facial skin and unevenness.

  1. Deepika Padukone

15 Heroines Without Makeup 7

Makeup or no-makeup Deepika never fails to rock. She has pretty normal skin with darkness in certain areas of the face; not that uncommon among ladies of her age. But she is never shy to show us her bare-skin confident looks. Kudos for that!

  1. Shilpa Shetty

15 Heroines Without Makeup

Shilpa Shetty is one of the B-town divas who look drastically different and youthful after surgical skin corrections. Still, the signs of aging obviously show on her without makeup looks.

  1. Parineeti Chopra

15 Heroines Without Makeup 2

Parineeti has always been a personal favorite for her upright persona and minimalistic makeup affair. Most of her off-screen looks she is seen with no to the almost negligible amount of makeup. She is not blessed with even skin tone so her bare skin looks are not very radiant and ordinary.

  1. Alia Bhatt

15 Heroines Without Makeup 5

Via various social media platforms, tons of Alia’s no-makeup pictures are available. Though her face is not completely flawless and radiant as it seems in her onscreen looks, her bubbly face and innocent smile talk a thousand words.

  1. Kajol

15 Heroines Without Makeup 6

This dusky diva is another example of those celebrities whose all made-up face looks far apart from no-makeup bare skin look. Her makeup-free skin shows multiple signs of aging, under eye darkness and other common flaws that we girls have after a certain age.

  1. Amisha Patel

15 Heroines Without Makeup 8

The full-makeup and no makeup looks of this B-town beauty are shockingly different. Surely she has to work hard to look that flawless with makeup!

  1. Priyanka Chopra

This multi-faceted star embraces her own skin like a true diva. Her no makeup face reveals a flash of her skin which sometimes is very different from her glowing diva face with makeup. It seems like she has her share of bad skin days like every girl!

  1. Bipasha Basu

15 Heroines Without Makeup 4

Bipasha’s dusky skin works like her best charm. But this model turned actress does not look that symbol of flawlessness without the golden touch of makeup. Pigmentation and lack of glow seem to be two obvious issues with her skin.

  1. Madhuri Dixit

15 Heroines Without Makeup (14) 1

Madhuri Dixit used to be and still is many-a-one’s heartthrob for her elegant look and sharp features. But without makeup looks of this amazing actress shows hints of sagged skin and starting stages of wrinkles. Kudos to the power of makeup!

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