Avon Aurora Rose Lipstick – Good Buy ?

by Anjori C
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Who is it for? Avon Aurora Rose Lipstick Is for all glossy and glittery lipstick lover out there, this is the lipstick for you.

Price and Quantity

Rs. 375 for 3.8 grams

Avon Aurora Rose Lipstick

My Experience with Avon Ultra Color Rich Brilliance Lipstick Aurora Rose


The lipstick comes completely wrapped in plastic, so no quality issues. The outer body of the lipstick is a dark rose gold with a silver band in between the main body and the cap which looks premium and classy.


The shade Aurora Rose is a very pretty color which hangs between red, pink and maroon. The tones of red are highlighted in the swatches whereas the color looks pink on the lips.


The texture is a little grainy due to the presence of shimmer and glitter. The glitter doesn’t really transfer on the lips but can be seen in the lipstick. The lipstick glides on the lips smoothly and keeps the lips moisturized.


The exact color of the lipstick does not show on the lips. A lighter shade is visible upon application. There is no patchiness and the color looks good on the lips. The application is easy, and the lipstick sits on the lips snugly.

Staying Power- 

This is a normal lipstick and the brand doesn’t claim that the product is transfer-proof or long-lasting. As with other non-matte lipsticks, the Avon Ultra Color Rich Brilliance Lipstick stays on the lips for 3-4 hours. The lipstick doesn’t survive meals and drinks and can easily get transferred on to a spoon or a glass. Reapplication is a necessity after every application.


No characteristic fragrance. It is a fragrance-free product.

What do I like about this product?
  • Fairly affordable
  • Packaging
  • Colour and Application
  • A little shimmer and gloss
  • Premium looking
What don’t I like about this product?
  • True color doesn’t come on the lips
  • Staying power is poor
Would I repurchase or recommend?

Not really, I mean it isn’t the best lipstick. You can get a better lipstick for under Rs. 400. The color is quite normal. The whole look and feel of the lipstick are good but that doesn’t make a reason for repurchasing or recommending this product. There’s nothing bad about this lipstick per se except the color and staying power, but I just don’t feel like spending Rs. 400 on this product again.

Rating – 3.5/5

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