38 Barracks Connaught Place Review

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38 Barracks Connaught Place: It’s a tiring, exasperating job when school friends ask you to book a party place for a reunion and hand you a long list of specifications about what should and shouldn’t it be like. I was at the end of my tether looking for options in CP as requested and after checking out close to a dozen places, zeroed down on the Barracks.

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The Ambience

The knick-knacks strewed around the place to make it look like a cozy Colonel’s den actually make it seem quite inviting, laid back and lived in, putting everyone who enters at ease.

There is a languid pace at which this place works, so it’s best enjoyed when you are not in a rush. Make sure to be here with lots of time on your hands and you’ ll be able to relax and unwind.

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The  Food:

My Top Recommendations ( in no particular order) are :

AK 47

A very potent red wine Sangria. Made well, it tasted delicious.

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Sex on the Barracks

A fun and exciting take on Sex on the Beach.D o not miss.


Their glamorous version of the humble Nimbu Soda with a hint of Basil.Refreshing.

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Sea Food Pav Bhajji

 an extraordinary innovation ! Loved by everyone for the bold experimentation with two strong flavors and blending them with great success.

Smoked Chicken Risotto

 A perfectly rendered dish ,creamy just as it should be with Arborio , Mushrooms,Smoked Chicken Sausages and Cheese.Hmmm.So Yummmmy .

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Amritsari Fish

Scrumptious fish fritters , deep-fried but surprisingly non greasy.P latefuls were polished off in minutes.


Spinach and Cheese filled tiny rolls were a delight in every bite with their subtle flavors.

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Dahi Kebabs

Tiny bites of heaven,d eep fried but very light on the tummy !!

Chicken Tikka

Perfectly charred with an aromatic marinade,t his was succulence at its best.

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Veg Biryani

Ahh ! the aromas wafting from the Veg version made me cross check with the server that it was indeed vegetarian; so rich were the full bodied flavors in every grain of rice.O utstanding.

Hakka Noodles

 Easily the best I’ve ever had! The veggies retained their crunch and the noodles their character, even when they were cooked in industrial quantities.I had two helpings even when there were so many other dishes to be tried.

Nalli ki Nihari

The show stopper! Mutton simmered for endless hours in a gravy redolent with amazingly balanced spices. Decadent and gratifying.

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Chicken Bulgogi

A misnomer ,it s really a rather tasty Chilly Chicken,Ch inese style, which has never even been anywhere near a Korean border:)

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Baked Rasgulla Pie :

Not too sweet , la den with nuts but with a wonderful texture,it s a dessert which kept everyone guessing about its base till the very end of the evening.Do not miss this delight !!

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Barracks have hit upon a winner in the Indianised version of Veg/Non veg combos of Bento boxes.A great idea for quick meal solutions. Love edit. They should, however, take the Mezze Platter and the Chocolate Brownie off their menu till they are able to do full justice to them.

The Service

Everyone had a swell time here because not just the staff but the partners /owners/ take a personal interest in every aspect to ensure a seamless experience for everyone. Be it food, drinks, ambiance or music – I couldn’t find a single blind spot in all my time there, and I was there for close to five hours.There was always someone at hand to look into everything. The live band held everyone in its thrall as we all danced the night away. My friends went away in a cheerful,exuberant mood .Not al l of it can be attributed to copious alcohol consumption.It was more about spending a memorable evening with friends at a place where great hospitality comes with the territory.

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My confidence in the team that runs this place and in the unusual theme of a Retd Colonel’s den was not misplaced after all. So, they descended in droves, they saw, they ate, they partied hard and were totally blown away by the novelty of the concept and by how hospitable 38 Barracks is !
For keeping me in the good books of my friends ,

38 Barracks gets a 4.2/5 on the MOVILICIOUS METRE.

GlossyPolish Verdict:

Must Visit!!

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