Movilicious Musings Djinggs Sector 29 Review 1

Djinggs Sector 29 Guragon Review

by Movish

Djinggs Sector 29 Gurgaon: Sector 29 sees a new restaurant opening almost every month, so much so that this sector has become the “Eating Out Hub” for Gurugram residents. The twin restaurants are relatively new, having opened just a few days ago. It’s perplexing to have two distinct names of Indian and Chinese restaurants for the same premises but then it is not for me to ponder over the wisdom behind it.

Movilicious Musings Djinggs Sector 29 Review


The AMBIENCE is predominantly in shades of red which gives it a look of decadence. The seating is eclectic with sofas, chairs and some high backed pieces set up against the walls. It is the ceiling which is the high point of decor here, replete with printed umbrellas and huge chandeliers.

Movilicious Musings Djinggs Sector 29 Review 7


We were a large group so got to try a lot of dishes and drinks. Let me just list the outstanding ones here which are totally unmissable:

Murgh ke Parché – the marination and the delicate spicing and then charring of these Chicken slivers was done so amazingly well that we repeated the order many times.Just the lingering memory of those flavors has me drooling.

Movilicious Musings Djinggs Sector 29 Review 2

Paneer Rumani – the most stunning flavors that can ever be imbued in paneer ! I can safely state that this was the tastiest Paneer appetizer I had ever eaten.I was sufficiently impressed by now by the play of spices and aromas in these two dishes that I had to meet and complement Chef Nafees  who belongs to the famous Qureshi clan and that demystified his spicing techniques for me ;)

Movilicious Musings Djinggs Sector 29 Review 3

The Chilly Fish , a Chinese starter, was in no way behind the other two in terms of taste, texture and had an awesome mild smoked Chilly flavor. Certainly, a must have here.

Movilicious Musings Djinggs Sector 29 Review 4

The Dahi ke Kebabs were delectable too,with a slightly tangy hung curd filling flavored with onion and garlic.

Out of the two Rice dishes I tried,my vote goes to the fabulous Veg Fried Rice instead of the Chicken Biryani which though nice,lacked the necessary kick of aromatic spices.

Movilicious Musings Djinggs Sector 29 Review 5 Movilicious Musings Djinggs Sector 29 Review 8

The Makhani Dal is good but not great ,it needed to simmer for a couple of hours more to bring out its umami flavors.

Movilicious Musings Djinggs Sector 29 Review 6

In Dessert we ordered the Litchi Kheer.It was an innovative dish but I would refrain from commenting on it because I was too full by then to have more than just half a teaspoon.

Movilicious Musings Djinggs Sector 29 Review 9


The SERVICE definitely needs to improve as despite the courteous demeanour  of the staff , we had to ask for some things twice.I’m hoping they would pay attention to this aspect and I ll see some improvement on my next visit.

Movilicious Musings Djinggs Sector 29 Review 1

It deserves a 4/5 on the MOVILICIOUS METRE.

A meal for two with drinks would be around ₹2000/-

GlossyPolish Verdict

I ll recommend this place to you for a get together of friends and family because it’s spacious and serves some great dishes.

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Le Cafe Review,Emirates Palace,Abu Dhabi Something Royal 7

Le Cafe Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi Review

by Movish

Le Cafe Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi is a fabulous tourist destination with lots of attractions to interest people of all ages and tastes. After doing all the touristy things- the Ferrari World, the Yas Island Formula One track, the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Marina Mall etc, it was time for me to seek out luxury experiences – the one thing that I am interested in.

Le Cafe Review,Emirates Palace,Abu Dhabi Something Royal 4

The Ambience:

So for me,t he highlights of my Abu Dhabi stay was undoubtedly the time I spent at the Emirates Palace .T he majestic hotel reeks of uber luxury which doesn’t stop at the over the top structural opulence only but extends to certain one of a kind ultimate luxury experiences too.

Le Cafe Review,Emirates Palace,Abu Dhabi Something Royal 5

The AMBIENCE needless to reiterate ,was magnificent, considering we were in a modern day luxurious palace.T he grandeur of high ceilinged domes etched opulently in gold was a sight to behold.

Le Cafe Review,Emirates Palace,Abu Dhabi Something Royal 6

There was an exhibition near the Cafe in the lobby, promoting fresh organic produce. We were offered samples of fruits and vegetables grown locally in an organic farm as giveaways in cute little hampers. So that sorted out our next day’s breakfast as well ;)

Le Cafe Review,Emirates Palace,Abu Dhabi Something Royal

The Food:

The top experience amongst these is the unique Cappuccino dusted with gold flakes at the coffee shop – Le Cafe. Its a sight to behold and sip, with its imprint of the Emirates Palace on it. The coffee itself is good though not great. The gold flakes are absolutely tasteless but hey! did you really think it would have any flavor? At approximately ₹1000/- a cup, it’s not an earth-shattering price for an absolutely unique experience .I f another place in the world offers you the same kind of ultra decadent cuppa,I’m certainly unaware of it.

Le Cafe Review,Emirates Palace,Abu Dhabi Something Royal 7

We also ordered Grilled Sandwiches and French Fries for all in the family ; the menu having very limited options for vegetarians. Everything was delicious and served with a lot of flair.

Le Cafe Review,Emirates Palace,Abu Dhabi Something Royal 1

The Service :

The SERVICE was superlative .T he staff was extremely responsive and attentive.

I'd definitely rate it a 4.5/5 on the MOVILICIOUS METRE.

Le Cafe Review,Emirates Palace,Abu Dhabi Something Royal 2

GlossyPolish Verdict :

 The whole experience at the Emirates Palace is highly recommended . You must spend a few hours at Le Cafe, soaking in the gilded grandeur , watching the bustling spectre of humanity all around you on your trip to Abu Dhabi.Y ou’ ll be regaling friends about your experience here for a long time.

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38 Barracks Review 34

38 Barracks Connaught Place Review

by Movish

38 Barracks Connaught Place: It’s a tiring, exasperating job when school friends ask you to book a party place for a reunion and hand you a long list of specifications about what should and shouldn’t it be like. I was at the end of my tether looking for options in CP as requested and after checking out close to a dozen places, zeroed down on the Barracks.

38 Barracks Review 34

The Ambience

The knick-knacks strewed around the place to make it look like a cozy Colonel’s den actually make it seem quite inviting, laid back and lived in, putting everyone who enters at ease.

There is a languid pace at which this place works, so it’s best enjoyed when you are not in a rush. Make sure to be here with lots of time on your hands and you’ ll be able to relax and unwind.

38 Barracks Review 5

The  Food:

My Top Recommendations ( in no particular order) are :

AK 47

A very potent red wine Sangria. Made well, it tasted delicious.

38 Barracks Review 23

Sex on the Barracks

A fun and exciting take on Sex on the Beach.D o not miss.


Their glamorous version of the humble Nimbu Soda with a hint of Basil.Refreshing.

38 Barracks Review 11

Sea Food Pav Bhajji

 an extraordinary innovation ! Loved by everyone for the bold experimentation with two strong flavors and blending them with great success.

Smoked Chicken Risotto

 A perfectly rendered dish ,creamy just as it should be with Arborio , Mushrooms,Smoked Chicken Sausages and Cheese.Hmmm.So Yummmmy .

38 Barracks Review 25

Amritsari Fish

Scrumptious fish fritters , deep-fried but surprisingly non greasy.P latefuls were polished off in minutes.


Spinach and Cheese filled tiny rolls were a delight in every bite with their subtle flavors.

38 Barracks Review 26

Dahi Kebabs

Tiny bites of heaven,d eep fried but very light on the tummy !!

Chicken Tikka

Perfectly charred with an aromatic marinade,t his was succulence at its best.

38 Barracks Review 22

Veg Biryani

Ahh ! the aromas wafting from the Veg version made me cross check with the server that it was indeed vegetarian; so rich were the full bodied flavors in every grain of rice.O utstanding.

Hakka Noodles

 Easily the best I’ve ever had! The veggies retained their crunch and the noodles their character, even when they were cooked in industrial quantities.I had two helpings even when there were so many other dishes to be tried.

Nalli ki Nihari

The show stopper! Mutton simmered for endless hours in a gravy redolent with amazingly balanced spices. Decadent and gratifying.

38 Barracks Review 30

Chicken Bulgogi

A misnomer ,it s really a rather tasty Chilly Chicken,Ch inese style, which has never even been anywhere near a Korean border:)

38 Barracks Review 32

Baked Rasgulla Pie :

Not too sweet , la den with nuts but with a wonderful texture,it s a dessert which kept everyone guessing about its base till the very end of the evening.Do not miss this delight !!

38 Barracks Review 20

Barracks have hit upon a winner in the Indianised version of Veg/Non veg combos of Bento boxes.A great idea for quick meal solutions. Love edit. They should, however, take the Mezze Platter and the Chocolate Brownie off their menu till they are able to do full justice to them.

The Service

Everyone had a swell time here because not just the staff but the partners /owners/ take a personal interest in every aspect to ensure a seamless experience for everyone. Be it food, drinks, ambiance or music – I couldn’t find a single blind spot in all my time there, and I was there for close to five hours.There was always someone at hand to look into everything. The live band held everyone in its thrall as we all danced the night away. My friends went away in a cheerful,exuberant mood .Not al l of it can be attributed to copious alcohol consumption.It was more about spending a memorable evening with friends at a place where great hospitality comes with the territory.

38 Barracks Review 35

My confidence in the team that runs this place and in the unusual theme of a Retd Colonel’s den was not misplaced after all. So, they descended in droves, they saw, they ate, they partied hard and were totally blown away by the novelty of the concept and by how hospitable 38 Barracks is !
For keeping me in the good books of my friends ,

38 Barracks gets a 4.2/5 on the MOVILICIOUS METRE.

GlossyPolish Verdict:

Must Visit!!

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Suvarna Mahal Taj Rambagh Review 6

Suvarna Mahal Rambagh Palace Review!

by Movish

Suvarna Mahal Rambagh Palace: Suvarna Mahal at the Rambagh Palace in Jaipur is perhaps the most ICONIC restaurant that showcases the opulence and decadence of a bygone era of royal patronage.

I was in Jaipur with a party of thirty friends to celebrate a special occasion.

Suvarna Mahal Taj Rambagh Review 6

When we decided to have a memorable dinner outing on the eve of the occasion, I zeroed down on Suvarna Mahal as it had all the necessary trappings for a meal to be etched in one’s memory. .

Suvarna Mahal Taj Rambagh Review 1

The Ambience

Rajput valor, glory, and grandeur- this is the essence that prevails the Suvarna Mahal, “The Golden Palace “, originally the regal banquet room. Well, known British designer, Sir Anthony Millbank provided the basic design. The walls were covered with exclusive ivory damask and the finest silk available in India at that time. The high ceiling enhanced with replicas of post-Renaissance paintings painted by Italian prisoners of war gave a touch of European elegance to the palace interiors.
The Italian chandeliers and the Italian alabaster marble lamps added to the serenity of the Suvarna Mahal.
The palace was equipped with a huge teak banqueting table meant for eighty guests. Each guest on that table had one personal valet to attend to their needs.

Suvarna Mahal Taj Rambagh Review 1

The flags and the battle honors of Jaipur armed forces were mounted on the walls. Numerous silver and gilt trophies were displayed here along with Victorian silver vases.
Since the time Rambagh housed its public guests in the main dining room, the flags and the battle honors have been replaced by huge mirrors, but the décor and the old world charm of Rajputana courtesy remain as before. Guests are encouraged to relive the splendor and the lives of royal princes and the princesses while dining at the Suvarna Mahal.
Chef Satya Prakash Sharma had laid out an elaborate vegetarian DEGUSTATION MENU( Chef’s tasting menu)on my request comprising of all the royal favorites so that my friends could have an experience akin to royalty.

The Food

We STARTED with:


Paneer imbued with herbs and spices glazed golden in the tandoor.L et’s just say that it must have been the only thing that Delhiites would certainly have had better.

Suvarna Mahal Taj Rambagh Review 7

*Subz shikampuri kebab:

Elephant yam patties with yogurt filling, pan-fried in clarified butter.Very unusual and delicious.

Suvarna Mahal Taj Rambagh Review

*Subz Hara Kebab

Winter vegetables and pulses ground together with spices and shallow fried on a skillet.Niiice !!

*Kesar badam ka shorba

Almond broth flavored with saffron was very different from an almond soup. The texture was a little grainy and a bit of Dal added to it gave the flavors a new dimension altogether.

Suvarna Mahal Taj Rambagh Review 2


*Khubani ke Kofta:

Apricot stuffed cottage cheese dumplings ion flavourful onion tomato gravy was the crown jewel of this feast. The awesome flavors just burst upon your tongue. Could have polished off a bowlful, it was that delicious.

Suvarna Mahal Taj Rambagh Review 1

*Safri Gucchi, Khumb aur Matar

Wood smoked Kashmiri morels, button mushrooms and green peas imbued in a rich gravy of almond with a hint of saffron Very tasty.

Suvarna Mahal Taj Rambagh Review 2

*Gobhi Methi Masala:

Cauliflower florets tossed with fresh fenugreek though sounded innovative but turned out to be quite bland. Can be avoided.

*Makai shehzadi:

Princess corn and emerald Spinach tossed in a ‘kadhai’ redolent with fresh spices and ginger. It seemed as if the Chef had wielded his magic wand to conjure this dish out of thin air. How could the humble Corn Palak taste this great? The taste of this dish was beyond description and I don’t even like to try it otherwise. Do not miss.

Suvarna Mahal Taj Rambagh Review 10

*Dal Suvarna Mahal:

Nation’s favorite lentil delicacy of whole urad daal, tomato puree, and garlic, simmered overnight on the tandoor, enriched with cream
.Beats Dal Bukhara on a good, bad, any day.


Saffron flavored Doon basmati rice served with a dollop of ghee.O utstanding. Phew!

Suvarna Mahal Taj Rambagh Review 9

*Dahi Bhalla:

So soft and fluffy, It had the perfect balance of sweet and salty. Yummmmy.

*Missi Roti and Palak Parantha :

Win hands down the award for the best I’ve ever had.


Imartis prepared in Desi Ghee were tiny bundles of Heaven. Lipsmackingly good.

Suvarna Mahal Taj Rambagh Review 8

*Kesar kulfi:

Palace made ice-cream, delightful in flavor and texture. Controlled sweetness gave it a decided edge .

*Badam halwa :

Almond pudding . Although it was made in Desi Ghee, it wasn’t too dense or heavy . Again, balanced sugar made me finish the entire helping.D elicious.
The superstar in the entire meal was a very special Rajasthani speciality of Bharua Mirch .E veryone was totally enthralled by it.H ad to ask Chef SATYA to part with his recipe which he graciously did !
Boy !! Were we stuffed !!

The Service:

The SERVICE was top notch. The thaalis were gold plated. The crockery was Versace. The AMBIENCE was majestic and the EXPERIENCE was truly DIVINE. Suvarna Mahal should be right up there in your list of “the best life has to offer.”

It s a 4.8/5 on the MOVILICIOUS METRE.

Cost of Meal for Two :

This special meal cost us 5000/-++ which roughly came to 6400/- per head.

GlossyPolish Verdict

This one is definitely a treat!!

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Movilicious Musings Informal Delhi Review 6

Informal CP Review

by Movish

Informal CP Review: With the burgeoning Pubs n Clubs scene in the CP area, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a decent place to party with your family. Kids are not allowed at most of the happening joints and adults don’t want to go in for dull, dinner only options. So, there’s this huge gap in the market for a place that is fun, yet caters to all age groups – kids, parents n grannies and appeals to a youngsters’ mindset too.

Movilicious Musings Informal Delhi Review 14

It was my niece’s 20th birthday and had to be celebrated with the entire khandaan in tow. So it was with a great sense of relief that I informed my family that I’ve finally been able to find an exciting new place where we could party together with the little ones and yes! They had reserved a huge table for us !!

I was cringing inside on the way trying to brace myself, in case the place fell short of expectations, for the barrage of tantrums that would certainly follow from the younger ones in the family. My head was ready to blow off with the pressure of it all ……

The Ambience :

I felt the tension seeping out from my head the moment I stepped inside Informal. What a lovely, serenely and tastefully done up place! The white sheer curtains cascading down and tiny fairy lights lining the stairs n spurts of green here n there give the place an ethereal feel.

Movilicious Musings Informal Delhi Review 11

I was totally enamored by the versatility of this place. I nformal can be anything you want it to be – it can transform from a romantic, laidback place perfect for a cozy meal for two to a sultry, glamorous nightspot booming with gaiety n laughter, the dance floor set ablaze with just a change in the tempo of the music being played. All three floors at Informal are party perfect. Depending on your mood n the weather, you can choose from myriad indoor n outdoor seating options. The elevated DJ console just adds to the visual display and both the taste in music and the acoustics are top notch.

The Food :

We ORDERED a lot . I’ll just list out what I remember:

Red Wine Sangrias:

They were great but loaded with too many oranges, which infused it with a slightly bitter citrus aftertaste.

Movilicious Musings Informal Delhi Review 2


Both the Exotic Veg and the Chicken Tikka thin crust options were drooled-worthy, they were so delicious. Crispy and cheesy, I ll can survive on pizzas alone at Informal.

Movilicious Musings Informal Delhi Review 9

Smoked Chicken Lollipop:

Uniquely presented, delectably flavored.

Movilicious Musings Informal Delhi Review 16

Greek Salad :

An off-menu item churned out by a special request to the Chef. So utterly crunchy and full of robust flavors of arugula, feta, and sweet peppers, this was so refreshing. Why not add this gem to the menu?

Movilicious Musings Informal Delhi Review 15

Dahi Ke Sholey:

Reminded me of my Mom’s paneer stuffed bread rolls. Nostalgia apart, these really were scrumptious n presented innovatively.

Movilicious Musings Informal Delhi Review 5

Basa Fish Fillets with Lemon Butter Sauce:

This one had been devoured by the time I came to the table from the dance floor but it won many accolades. So, I ll have to try it next time.

Movilicious Musings Informal Delhi Review 14

Classic Chilli Chicken with Poppadum:

I found this combo rather strange. To me, it was a fairly average dish with the sauce being too tart and too sweet at once but others with stronger palates loved it.

Nachos Salad with Tomato Salsa:

The Salsa was too strongly spiced for me but was reordered as all others fancied it.

Golgappas were served to us filled with aam panna. Yummmy.

Dal Makhani:

Good but not great!

Movilicious Musings Informal Delhi Review 18

Paneer Tomato Hara Dhania:

The irony here is that I loved its subtlety which others didn’t care for! So I guess to each their own taste buds are supreme :)

Murgh Nawabi :

Universally acknowledged as the best they had ever had !! The umami flavors of tomato, onion n garlic were brought out perfectly by slow cooking the masala. The resulting thick gravy just wrapped itself around every morsel of boneless chicken so lovingly that the flavors had seeped deep into the chicken. I do not remember having an Indian Chicken dish that left me craving so much for more.

Butter Chicken:

Tasted nice but different from what you usually expect. The verdict went 50:50 for this dish.

Chocolate Brownie :

The one I tried was burnt to bitterness. The replacement didn’t cut it for me too. Avoid.

A word about the Lachha Paranthas – beautifully charred n crisped just as specified. Made from wheat instead of maida. Few kitchens sadly get it this right.

Movilicious Musings Informal Delhi Review 10

The Service :

So, Informal by Imperfecto was the perfect answer to all my silent prayers that night as it was able to cater well to my entire family. The SERVICE was very courteous and prompt. It does matter that the place was half empty on that Monday night but let me give credit where it’s deserved – every whim n fancy of all was catered to with utmost efficiency and politeness.

Movilicious Musings Informal Delhi Review 12

Of late, I’m often left speechless by the appalling service standards but the service here really impressed me. The staff even offered to hold and rock an infant so we could all eat together. Such thoughtfulness is rarely seen!

You deserve nothing less than a 4.6/5 on the MOVILICIOUS METRE.

Movilicious Musings Informal Delhi Review 6

GlossyPolish Verdict :

I highly recommend Informal to everyone for any occasion. To the team at Informal: You’re doing great! K eep the spirit up guys!


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Cafeteria and co. review vijay nagar 10

Cafeteria & Co. Vijay Nagar Review

by Movish

Cafeteria & Co. Vijay Nagar Review: The new hip kid on the block sure is making waves!! I had to wait for the better part of an hour for a table of four the first time I went there around tea time, which is when most cafes in the vicinity see a slump in business. My second visit to this place was on a Tuesday afternoon, usually a slow day for eateries in this student-friendly neighborhood, but this café was full to the brim albeit thankfully with no waiting time. So, I think these guys must have cracked the code for being successful.
Cafeteria and co. review vijay nagar 10

 The Ambience:

Is intriguing and I found the acrylic human figurines positioned or suspended in the unlikeliest of spaces both amusing and riveting. I also loved the quirky bunch like lights and the interesting mural, which seemed to replicate a charcoal drawing, spanning an entire wall.The VIBE is fresh, fun and light. The cooling in this sweltering heat was highly effective :)

Cafeteria and co. review vijay nagar 9

After being seated I asked around about the owners of this place when their lovely Marketing Manager, Medhavi Batra dropped by my table for a brief chat. It was a surprise to see her randomly chatting up guests and taking their feedback more than a month after the place opened. So it was nice to know someone who’s doing their homework diligently :) This place is owned by people who already run the very successful QDs and RICOS here in the Vijay Nagar area and in Satyaniketan and Royal Turban in Rajouri  Garden. (Didn’t I tell you about the code?….so now I can smile smugly:) Sumit Tandon is the Chef Owner who looks after this place on a daily basis with his partner Akhil Malik.

The Food:

Going through the menu, I came across many interesting sounding dishes – paneer tikka spring rolls, hexagonal Pizzas, French Crepes, Star Shaped Burgers, 3 way Chicken French Fries and many many more. I finally succumbed to the charms of the following:

# Maggi Masala Popcorn

 It seemed like the ideal thing to start with -landing up quickly on our table and being light on our tummies. The flavor was undoubted of good old Maggi but I wish there was more crunch to my corn which seemed slightly chewy.  

Cafeteria and co. review vijay nagar 1

#Fresh Fruit Salad with Muesli

 This is something I make at home too. I loved the diced watermelon, pineapple and sarda chunks tossed in thick and creamy, chilled hung curd topped with crunchy muesli and garnished with a tiny sprig of mint. It looked so pristine cuddled up inside a white porcelain basket. What a beauty to behold! Cools you totally and preps you for the tasting spree ahead.

Cafeteria and co. review vijay nagar 8

#Rice Noodles with Ginger Vegetables

 Full marks for the presentation. The noodles arrived nestled in a carved red box topped with inviting looking veggies in a mild, aromatic ginger sauce. Everyone at my table instantly perked up on seeing it. One bite of subtly flavored flat noodles transported me to foodie heaven. Perfect in every respect, this dish scores a perfect 10/10.

Cafeteria and co. review vijay nagar 3

#Usain Bolt Burger

 Paneer steak marinated with peri – peri sauce, held together by star shaped wheat buns so soft, they were getting squeezed when I took a bite.Highly recommended that you do not miss it. Easily one of the best burgers I’ve ever had. The spicing of the paneer steak was perfect, the accompanying fries wonderful. The lettuce and tomatoes were fresh and crisp.  

Cafeteria and co. review vijay nagar 11

#I’m Stuffed Mushrooms

 Now, this is one dish that you commonly find at every second eating joint in Delhi -button mushrooms are stuffed with cheese, veggies etc and deep fried after crumbing this was a great attempt to impress with the choice of superb ingredients and expert technique. You could taste the freshness of mushrooms, no mean feat in the month of June. The crumbing was done superbly; it didn’t feel oily to touch. The only let down here was the bland filling. I could taste the cheese and the capsicum but overall the taste lacked character.Adding a bit of flavoring with garlic powder and dried herbs would take this dish up many notches.

Cafeteria and co. review vijay nagar 4#3 Way Chicken Fries

A mound of crispy fries, with chunks of grilled chicken, chicken sausages and chicken tikka. This came topped with yummy salsa and a lip smacking cream cheese sauce. Deliciousness defined.My jaw dropped on learning that this plateful rendered me poor by the princely sum of 139/-++

Cafeteria and co. review vijay nagar

#Enchiladas with Bhunna Mutton Filling

This one was giving out spicy aromas when it was placed on our table enticing me to take a bite. A highly aromatic and beautifully spiced novelty, this picture perfect dish had soft tortillas stuffed with both morsels and mince of mutton topped with cheese and a tomato based sauce. Would have been the show stopper but it had become too salty as all its major components had salt to begin with. The Chef was profusely apologetic and offered to make it again but we were too stuffed by then. Will have to go back for this one.

Cafeteria and co. review vijay nagar 6#Paan and Basil Iced Tea

Such a unique subtle blend of strong tasting leaves, so refreshing too.Though it needed to be a tad sweeter to bring out the complete bouquet of delicate flavors. Do try it.

Cafeteria and co. review vijay nagar 9# Tiramisu French Crepe

Although I saw people digging into gorgeously scrumptious looking Sundaes on tables around me, I went all out for this little beauty! I was completely sold on its dainty presentation. The crepe came folded in a triangle stuffed with a chocolate filling. Its ends were dressed with a generous smattering of coffee creme. I instantly found my food NIRVANA while polishing it off ;)

Cafeteria and co. review vijay nagar 7

The Service

 Was very courteous and refined. The PRICES are extremely reasonable keeping in mind the freshness and high quality of ingredients. You can eat very well here in Rs 250/-per person.My verdict is that CAFETERIA and CO really do seem to have cracked the code.T he little teething problems will sort themselves out as the team is very keen on taking guest feedback and implementing the changes. I’m going back multiple times to try out their entire menu to the detriment of my waistline :) I’m afraid it ll quickly become my favorite place to hang out.

Cost of Meal for Two:

Rs 500 (yeah! Damn Cheap!! )

It’s a 4.4/5 on the MOVILICIOUS METRE.
GlossyPolish Verdict

Fun value for money and Highly Recommended.


review of the tapri jaipur 5

Tapri Central Jaipur

by Movish

Tapri Central Jaipur:Tapri was highly recommended as a nice place to chill when we asked around on a recent trip to Jaipur. So, that is where we decided to head.

review of the tapri jaipur 7


Its LOCATED centrally above Surana’s, overlooking the idyllic Prithviraj Gardens, also known colloquially as Central Park. The AMBIENCE has a very pleasing and romantic aesthetic and remains thematically unified. You   get the feel of being in a Tea House at all times, surrounded as you are by   every trinket having a tea connection, you either brew your tea in one or serve it in one. If there’s still any doubt in your head about where you are sitting, the wafting aromas of tea being brewed reminds you of the fact. The vibe this place exudes is extra ordinary – You are surrounded by ceaseless chatter in myriad languages and yet you feel calm and serene. That, my friend, is Tapri for you.

review of the tapri jaipur

Brainchild of Saurabh Bapana and Ankit Bohra, who with MBA degrees under their belt decided to bring a unique and refined Tea House to Jaipur, Tapri Central has quickly become the favourite hangout spot for people of all ages and all backgrounds. You can spend hours here just soaking in the atmosphere, soothing your eyes on the vast expanse of green vistas in front of you or gleefully spot the many splendid buildings nestled in the mesmerizing panoramic view of Jaipur, especially after dusk.

review of the tapri jaipur 5

Another added attraction of this place is that they allow artistes to put up displays of their wares for exhibiting and sale, imparting a very tasteful look to this easy going, laid back place.

The Food:
Tadka Maggi:

This is plain old Maggi, given a facelift as well as a taste lift by adding a garnish of caramelised onions. Novel enough, the caramelized onions are a nice touch that elevates the taste.

review of the tapri jaipur 9

Sev Puri:

Turned out to be a poor cousin of the authentic Mumbai street food. It tasted of nothing in particular, though it did look quite mouth-watering.

review of the tapri jaipur 3

Muska Bun:

At the risk of offending hard core Tapri fans, I must confess that I found it to be very average. If there is a reason why it is a crowd pleaser, I’m sorry I didn’t get it .It was a regular bun with a happy smearing of yellow butter. I only ordered because it came hyped as one of their specialities.

review of the tapri jaipur 6

Sautéed Mushrooms served with Garlic Bread:

I liked the way they let the freshness of the mushrooms take centre stage, without cooking or spicing them too much. The Garlic Bread was delicious, toasted perfectly.

review of the tapri jaipur 8

Red Bull Iced Tea:

I just loved the great tasting, innovative concoction. Must try.

review of the tapri jaipur 1

Masala Chai:

 The Tapri version is different from what I make or have tried elsewhere, but which is likeable anyway.

There were scores of dishes that were beckoning us to try them but we were already stuffed as this outing came post a heavy lunch. It’s rare to come across such savouries as Poha, Masala Oats, Pan cakes, Nutella Toast,Vaada Pav in many avatars, Samosa Bun,Puchkas(golgappas with varied fillings),Jam sandwiches,Khakra Pizza in a restaurant menu. This stuff is comfort food for most of us or a result of experimentation in our home kitchens. This inclusion of common, everyday food in the menu is very refreshing and sets it apart. I have decided to revisit Tapri whenever I’m n Jaipur of the tapri jaipur 2

The Service

Is friendly but needs to perk up. I’m surprised that it’s really slow for a concept driven joint that is Tapri. Improve the service and the ratings would get even better.

Till such a time it’s a 4/5 on the MOVILICIOUS METRE.
Cost of Meal for Two :

Rs 700

Glossypolish Verdict:

For the ambience, and the range…a good option to explore!!!

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Echoes – Eat, Engage, Energise (Satya Niketan, Delhi) review 12

Echoes Satya Niketan Review

by Movish

Echoes Satya Niketan: On a warm sunny day, while passing through the Delhi University’s South Campus area, I was looking for a place to have a quick lunch with a friend who just had an hour to spare. Satya Niketan Market with its plethora of dining options seemed like the best place to head to. Situated just right opposite Venkateshwara College, the eating joints in this market are always buzzing and pulsating with youthful energy, especially during lunchtime.

Echoes – Eat, Engage, Energise (Satya Niketan, Delhi) review 12

Being a student-friendly zone, it is routine for new eateries to spring up every second week here and I for one, find it difficult to keep myself updated about them. So I parked my car and as always, asked a group of students hanging about nearby for the best bet in the area for a quick lunch. They asked me to try to find a table at Echoes, warning me that it might be difficult to get one at lunchtime. We decided to give it a shot nevertheless and I’m glad that I did.

Echoes – Eat, Engage, Energise (Satya Niketan, Delhi) review 9

The Ambience

It was a bonus that we were just the two of us and were ushered in immediately to take up the last empty table on offer. I was surprised to be handed over a card upon entering, announcing that the staff here is unable to speak and hear…..I vaguely remembered reading an opening day review of this Cafe but that was a few months ago and I had no inkling that this was that place I’d read about them.

Echoes – Eat, Engage, Energise (Satya Niketan, Delhi) review 8

In a few words, this was certainly one of the few superlative and memorable dining experiences I’ve ever had. The way in which the staff spreads cheer and sunshine with their graciousness is so heart-warming, it’s almost incredible. It took me a couple of seconds to find my wits and observe how smoothly this place functions and how connected and attentive the staff is to their customers, almost anticipating their every need; I have rarely seen such dedicated and prompt SERVICE, if ever. There was a seamless flow of positive energy in the VIBE, which made this a very happy place to be in.

Echoes – Eat, Engage, Energise (Satya Niketan, Delhi) review 10

The DÉCOR here is pleasing and colourful too, replete with quotes framed tastefully.Echoes – Eat, Engage, Energise (Satya Niketan, Delhi) review 8


Its obvious that the systems that were put in place here were given a great amount of thought. This makes the place run like a well-oiled machine. There are picture cards on the table to hold up in case you need anything. There are switches besides each table to summon the waiter which lights up the table number. The menu has codes for every dish which you write on the note pad along with the quantity and a customization request if any. And it works so beautifully.

Echoes – Eat, Engage, Energise (Satya Niketan, Delhi) review 5

The Food :

We ORDERED a Falafel and Tzatziki Wrap with Hummus which was excellent. The Wrap was soft, the Falafel had a good texture and the right flavors. The Hummus was too thick and a bit dry but the taste was alright.

Echoes – Eat, Engage, Energise (Satya Niketan, Delhi) review

The Honey Chilly Potatoes were crisp and tasted good although the sauce was a bit runny.

Echoes – Eat, Engage, Energise (Satya Niketan, Delhi) review 3

The Black Currant Lemonade was just about average. There were lots of interesting options both in the food as well as drinks section but our paucity of time made us defer our tasting of these temptations to another day.

Echoes – Eat, Engage, Energise (Satya Niketan, Delhi) review 1

The Service

I came away from Echoes with some very valuable lessons –good-natured hospitality and graciousness can win you many more loyalties than expensive décor and fancy trappings and fake accents. Restauranteurs should visit Echoes to see for themselves how people with special abilities, can raise the bar for efficient service and re-write the tenets of hospitality with smiles that warm the cockles of one’s heart. I came away with an insight into my own self that does not hesitate to lament if life were a little unkind and which stood shamed that day looking at the simple serenity and sincere desire to please of these very special servers.

Despite the food being undistinguished, this place gets a 4.2/5 on the MOVILICIOUS METRE for its HAPPYNESS QUOTIENT.

Echoes – Eat, Engage, Energise (Satya Niketan, Delhi) review 7

Cost of Meal for two

Rs 800

GlossyPolish Verdict

A Must visit at least once- Kudos to Team Echoes for spreading so much HAPPINESS :)

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Food Exchange , Novotel (Aerocity,New Delhi ) 5

Food Exchange Novotel Review(Aerocity,New Delhi )

by Movish

Food Exchange Novotel: I got a chance to visit the coffee shop called Food Exchange at Aerocity’s Novotel when a friend invited me and eighteen others for a birthday celebration. Once inside the hotel, you must proceed to the corridor on your left to reach the Food Exchange.

Food Exchange , Novotel (Aerocity,New Delhi ) 5

The Ambience

As it was a Sunday brunch, that too on Father’s Day, the place was teeming with people. Every table was occupied but the place still seemed to be airy, spacious and well lit as walls are mostly glass, overlooking their herb and kitchen garden on one side.

Food Exchange , Novotel (Aerocity,New Delhi ) 7

My attention was drawn towards their garden because the sprig of mint on the delicious welcome drink (a concoction of fresh juices )was so sprightly as if just plucked. I was saying this to a friend when a server affirmed the fact. They source their herbs from their own kitchen garden !! Impressive.

Food Exchange , Novotel (Aerocity,New Delhi ) 8

The Food

Since we were invited to a buffet brunch, I didn’t get a chance to look at their menu, so my experience is buffet specific only.

I started with a CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP so flavorful and refreshing, it gave a perfect kick-start to the meal. I also tasted an awesome CHICKEN QUINOA SALAD with loads of veggies for the crunch.

Food Exchange , Novotel (Aerocity,New Delhi ) 2

Another thing I liked was the DERBY CHICKEN, with Rosemary and Thyme Jus which was essentially a roasted stuffed chicken carved on the board as per your choice.HUMMUS, TABBOULEH, and TZAZIKI were very good. I relished the CHICKEN TIKKA and SHAMMI KEBABS. I tasted a RAJMA TIKKI, a bite-sized appetizer and a KACHHA KELA (Plantain) dish cooked like a Poha preparation which was very innovative and tasty.

Food Exchange , Novotel (Aerocity,New Delhi ) 6

The Main Course had an amazingly delicious ROGAN JOSH with the tender meat falling off the bone. This was certainly the best I’ve had in a long time. Then there were the staple DAL MAKHANI which was awful and BUTTER CHICKEN which was quite nice. I must confess that I had tasted neither but have relied on the unanimous verdict of my friends. The GRILLED FISH IN LEMON BUTTER SAUCE was a Pomfret cooked to perfection in a rich and flavorful sauce.

Food Exchange , Novotel (Aerocity,New Delhi ) 10

Heavy on the tummy but totally worth it. Save for HAKKA NOODLES N VEGGIES, THAI GREEN CURRY, STEAMED RICE to go with it, the Main Course menu stuck to Indian food. I wish they had more to offer cuisine wise.

Food Exchange , Novotel (Aerocity,New Delhi ) 9

I got a taste of a MUSHROOM and OLIVE PIZZA, made with superb ingredients, especially the fantastic tasting dough, which I was told is sourced from abroad. Only if they further reduce the thickness of the medium crust pizza, can the flavors and freshness of the ingredients can be brought forth and highlighted. With a little bit of experimentation, they ll soon be onto a winner.

Food Exchange , Novotel (Aerocity,New Delhi ) (19)

Now let me describe the most sinful corner of this place – of course, I’m talking about their dessert counter.

Food Exchange , Novotel (Aerocity,New Delhi ) 3

The spread was equally divided between Indian and international desserts; I didn’t look at the former at all though they looked inviting enough.

Food Exchange , Novotel (Aerocity,New Delhi ) (20)

One bite of their PASSION FRUIT MOUSSE and CHOCOLATE MOUSSE CAKE had me hooked. They were SCRUMPTIOUSLY YUMMY !! There were other cakes and puddings but these two were the real knockouts.

Food Exchange , Novotel (Aerocity,New Delhi ) (16)

The complimentary Chocolate Cake cut by the birthday boy was to die for, with each of us scrambling for it and it just added to the fun ;)

Food Exchange , Novotel (Aerocity,New Delhi ) 12

The Service

I was happy to see that though short of staff on that particular day, there was no let up in SERVICE while bringing food to the table. There was some delay in clearing our tables but then it can be a lot of dishes to clear when about twenty people are eating together. I would specially mention the exceptional attention given to us by Nidhi, Jumpa, and Sumit not forget Tarun, the Restaurant Manager. The Indian bread was served hot to our table and repeated with great efficiency. There wasn’t any delay in refilling the buffet trays unlike many other places on a busy day. We hung around long after the buffet was cleared and served endless cups of tea, coffee and green tea with courtesy and a smile.Food Exchange , Novotel (Aerocity,New Delhi ) 4

Its a 4.3/5 on the MOVILICIOUS METRE.
GlossyPolish Verdict :

There are a lot of promotional deals on offer for meals here and with a deal in your pocket, this place is awesome value for money. Dash for it while it’s still raining deals !!

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Pinch Of Spice Agra Review 1

Pinch Of Spice Tajganj Agra Review

by Movish

Pinch Of Spice Tajganj Agra  :I went for a short vacation to Agra with my extended family on the Independence Day long weekend. We found ourselves feeling famished at 1:30 pm as we had started early from Delhi with a minuscule breakfast.We had thought that we’ ll look for options for lunch once we get to Agra,taking into account our pitstops on the Expressway.Hence no reservations were made for lunch.

On asking around at our hotel and consulting Zomato,we zeroed down on the Pinch Of Spice as the best place to eat for a large group of 25 people as it offers a buffet option too apart from the regular alá carte menu.Once there,the smallish facade looked neither very exciting nor very inviting.My heart definitely sank as this was supposedly the best option in Agra.I sent up a silent prayer and went in.

Pinch Of Spice Agra Review 2

The Ambience :

I was able to breathe easy once we were inside.The place has been done up quite nicely and looks posh.It had a lot of buzz and was packed to capacity with diners chatting over their meals.After a 10 minute wait we were ushered to the first floor where a buffet was laid out and assigned a semi private dining space where we all could fit in nicely.This floor looked even better than the ground floor with fancy chandeliers and grills.I liked being here and realised that I was wrong to have judged this book by it’s cover.

Pinch Of Spice Agra Review

The Food :

We started with a piping hot tomato basil soup which was a wonderful way to begin our meal on a rainy day.The buffet here though not lavish,had a bit of everything.

Pinch Of Spice Agra Review 3

It comprised of a salad bar serving five salads and papads.Then there were two Dals – Makhani and Tarka Moong,two vegetables – Matar Paneer and Aloo Gobhi,two types of rice – Steamed and Matar Pulao.There was a perfectly done Stir Fry with assorted vegetables,all the veggies  were cooked but retained their crunch.In the non vegetarian section were offered a Butter Chicken which tasted more like a Tikka Masala but  lip smacking nevertheless .

Pinch Of Spice Agra Review 3

There was Mutton Rogan Josh and Prawns in a Lemon Butter Sauce.The outstanding dish in the entire meal was a beautifully done Fish in Sweet and Sour sauce accompanied by perfectly tossed Hakka Noodles.

Pinch Of Spice Agra Review 6

I was pleasantly surprised by the sheer quality of the ingredients and how the spicing of each dish was spot on.I ended up eating up an entire bowl of delectable Aloo Gobhi with a crisp and perfectly charred Mirchi Parantha ,much to the amusement of my family.I just ignored them and kept tucking  into my meal.

Pinch Of Spice Agra Review 1

The Desserts were all  – in one word, scrumptious.The Chocolate brownie was one of the best I ve eaten.

Pinch Of Spice Agra Review 4

I loved the mildly sweet Moong Dal Halwa.There were Gulab Jamuns too which everyone liked but I refrained from tasting them as I was too stuffed by that time.

Pinch Of Spice Agra Review 4

The Service:

Exceptional quality of food and service; being  thoughtful and serving  guests Kinley bottled water and including it in the buffet:)

Pinch Of Spice Agra Review

4.7/5  on the MOVILICIOUS METRE.
GlossyPolish Verdict :

I came away totally impressed by the quality and taste of food.A buffet here at ₹650/- AI per head is surely a steal deal here.I was blown away by how reasonable the feast turned out to be , specially in the light of my previous night’s horrible dinner in a Delhi five star hotel’s restaurant for which I paid ₹2250/- per head and walked away hungry and unhappy.

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