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by Movish
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Echoes Satya Niketan: On a warm sunny day, while passing through the Delhi University’s South Campus area, I was looking for a place to have a quick lunch with a friend who just had an hour to spare. Satya Niketan Market with its plethora of dining options seemed like the best place to head to. Situated just right opposite Venkateshwara College, the eating joints in this market are always buzzing and pulsating with youthful energy, especially during lunchtime.

Echoes – Eat, Engage, Energise (Satya Niketan, Delhi) review 12

Being a student-friendly zone, it is routine for new eateries to spring up every second week here and I for one, find it difficult to keep myself updated about them. So I parked my car and as always, asked a group of students hanging about nearby for the best bet in the area for a quick lunch. They asked me to try to find a table at Echoes, warning me that it might be difficult to get one at lunchtime. We decided to give it a shot nevertheless and I’m glad that I did.

Echoes – Eat, Engage, Energise (Satya Niketan, Delhi) review 9

The Ambience

It was a bonus that we were just the two of us and were ushered in immediately to take up the last empty table on offer. I was surprised to be handed over a card upon entering, announcing that the staff here is unable to speak and hear…..I vaguely remembered reading an opening day review of this Cafe but that was a few months ago and I had no inkling that this was that place I’d read about them.

Echoes – Eat, Engage, Energise (Satya Niketan, Delhi) review 8

In a few words, this was certainly one of the few superlative and memorable dining experiences I’ve ever had. The way in which the staff spreads cheer and sunshine with their graciousness is so heart-warming, it’s almost incredible. It took me a couple of seconds to find my wits and observe how smoothly this place functions and how connected and attentive the staff is to their customers, almost anticipating their every need; I have rarely seen such dedicated and prompt SERVICE, if ever. There was a seamless flow of positive energy in the VIBE, which made this a very happy place to be in.

Echoes – Eat, Engage, Energise (Satya Niketan, Delhi) review 10

The DÉCOR here is pleasing and colourful too, replete with quotes framed tastefully.Echoes – Eat, Engage, Energise (Satya Niketan, Delhi) review 8


Its obvious that the systems that were put in place here were given a great amount of thought. This makes the place run like a well-oiled machine. There are picture cards on the table to hold up in case you need anything. There are switches besides each table to summon the waiter which lights up the table number. The menu has codes for every dish which you write on the note pad along with the quantity and a customization request if any. And it works so beautifully.

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The Food :

We ORDERED a Falafel and Tzatziki Wrap with Hummus which was excellent. The Wrap was soft, the Falafel had a good texture and the right flavors. The Hummus was too thick and a bit dry but the taste was alright.

Echoes – Eat, Engage, Energise (Satya Niketan, Delhi) review

The Honey Chilly Potatoes were crisp and tasted good although the sauce was a bit runny.

Echoes – Eat, Engage, Energise (Satya Niketan, Delhi) review 3

The Black Currant Lemonade was just about average. There were lots of interesting options both in the food as well as drinks section but our paucity of time made us defer our tasting of these temptations to another day.

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The Service

I came away from Echoes with some very valuable lessons –good-natured hospitality and graciousness can win you many more loyalties than expensive décor and fancy trappings and fake accents. Restauranteurs should visit Echoes to see for themselves how people with special abilities, can raise the bar for efficient service and re-write the tenets of hospitality with smiles that warm the cockles of one’s heart. I came away with an insight into my own self that does not hesitate to lament if life were a little unkind and which stood shamed that day looking at the simple serenity and sincere desire to please of these very special servers.

Despite the food being undistinguished, this place gets a 4.2/5 on the MOVILICIOUS METRE for its HAPPYNESS QUOTIENT.

Echoes – Eat, Engage, Energise (Satya Niketan, Delhi) review 7

Cost of Meal for two

Rs 800

GlossyPolish Verdict

A Must visit at least once- Kudos to Team Echoes for spreading so much HAPPINESS 🙂

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