Food Exchange Novotel Review(Aerocity,New Delhi )

by Movish
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Food Exchange Novotel: I got a chance to visit the coffee shop called Food Exchange at Aerocity’s Novotel when a friend invited me and eighteen others for a birthday celebration. Once inside the hotel, you must proceed to the corridor on your left to reach the Food Exchange.

Food Exchange , Novotel (Aerocity,New Delhi ) 5

The Ambience

As it was a Sunday brunch, that too on Father’s Day, the place was teeming with people. Every table was occupied but the place still seemed to be airy, spacious and well lit as walls are mostly glass, overlooking their herb and kitchen garden on one side.

Food Exchange , Novotel (Aerocity,New Delhi ) 7

My attention was drawn towards their garden because the sprig of mint on the delicious welcome drink (a concoction of fresh juices )was so sprightly as if just plucked. I was saying this to a friend when a server affirmed the fact. They source their herbs from their own kitchen garden !! Impressive.

Food Exchange , Novotel (Aerocity,New Delhi ) 8

The Food

Since we were invited to a buffet brunch, I didn’t get a chance to look at their menu, so my experience is buffet specific only.

I started with a CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP so flavorful and refreshing, it gave a perfect kick-start to the meal. I also tasted an awesome CHICKEN QUINOA SALAD with loads of veggies for the crunch.

Food Exchange , Novotel (Aerocity,New Delhi ) 2

Another thing I liked was the DERBY CHICKEN, with Rosemary and Thyme Jus which was essentially a roasted stuffed chicken carved on the board as per your choice.HUMMUS, TABBOULEH, and TZAZIKI were very good. I relished the CHICKEN TIKKA and SHAMMI KEBABS. I tasted a RAJMA TIKKI, a bite-sized appetizer and a KACHHA KELA (Plantain) dish cooked like a Poha preparation which was very innovative and tasty.

Food Exchange , Novotel (Aerocity,New Delhi ) 6

The Main Course had an amazingly delicious ROGAN JOSH with the tender meat falling off the bone. This was certainly the best I’ve had in a long time. Then there were the staple DAL MAKHANI which was awful and BUTTER CHICKEN which was quite nice. I must confess that I had tasted neither but have relied on the unanimous verdict of my friends. The GRILLED FISH IN LEMON BUTTER SAUCE was a Pomfret cooked to perfection in a rich and flavorful sauce.

Food Exchange , Novotel (Aerocity,New Delhi ) 10

Heavy on the tummy but totally worth it. Save for HAKKA NOODLES N VEGGIES, THAI GREEN CURRY, STEAMED RICE to go with it, the Main Course menu stuck to Indian food. I wish they had more to offer cuisine wise.

Food Exchange , Novotel (Aerocity,New Delhi ) 9

I got a taste of a MUSHROOM and OLIVE PIZZA, made with superb ingredients, especially the fantastic tasting dough, which I was told is sourced from abroad. Only if they further reduce the thickness of the medium crust pizza, can the flavors and freshness of the ingredients can be brought forth and highlighted. With a little bit of experimentation, they ll soon be onto a winner.

Food Exchange , Novotel (Aerocity,New Delhi ) (19)

Now let me describe the most sinful corner of this place – of course, I’m talking about their dessert counter.

Food Exchange , Novotel (Aerocity,New Delhi ) 3

The spread was equally divided between Indian and international desserts; I didn’t look at the former at all though they looked inviting enough.

Food Exchange , Novotel (Aerocity,New Delhi ) (20)

One bite of their PASSION FRUIT MOUSSE and CHOCOLATE MOUSSE CAKE had me hooked. They were SCRUMPTIOUSLY YUMMY !! There were other cakes and puddings but these two were the real knockouts.

Food Exchange , Novotel (Aerocity,New Delhi ) (16)

The complimentary Chocolate Cake cut by the birthday boy was to die for, with each of us scrambling for it and it just added to the fun 😉

Food Exchange , Novotel (Aerocity,New Delhi ) 12

The Service

I was happy to see that though short of staff on that particular day, there was no let up in SERVICE while bringing food to the table. There was some delay in clearing our tables but then it can be a lot of dishes to clear when about twenty people are eating together. I would specially mention the exceptional attention given to us by Nidhi, Jumpa, and Sumit not forget Tarun, the Restaurant Manager. The Indian bread was served hot to our table and repeated with great efficiency. There wasn’t any delay in refilling the buffet trays unlike many other places on a busy day. We hung around long after the buffet was cleared and served endless cups of tea, coffee and green tea with courtesy and a smile.Food Exchange , Novotel (Aerocity,New Delhi ) 4

Its a 4.3/5 on the MOVILICIOUS METRE.
GlossyPolish Verdict :

There are a lot of promotional deals on offer for meals here and with a deal in your pocket, this place is awesome value for money. Dash for it while it’s still raining deals !!

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