Pinch Of Spice Tajganj Agra Review

by Movish
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Pinch Of Spice Tajganj Agra  :I went for a short vacation to Agra with my extended family on the Independence Day long weekend. We found ourselves feeling famished at 1:30 pm as we had started early from Delhi with a minuscule breakfast.We had thought that we’ ll look for options for lunch once we get to Agra,taking into account our pitstops on the Expressway.Hence no reservations were made for lunch.

On asking around at our hotel and consulting Zomato,we zeroed down on the Pinch Of Spice as the best place to eat for a large group of 25 people as it offers a buffet option too apart from the regular alá carte menu.Once there,the smallish facade looked neither very exciting nor very inviting.My heart definitely sank as this was supposedly the best option in Agra.I sent up a silent prayer and went in.

Pinch Of Spice Agra Review 2

The Ambience :

I was able to breathe easy once we were inside.The place has been done up quite nicely and looks posh.It had a lot of buzz and was packed to capacity with diners chatting over their meals.After a 10 minute wait we were ushered to the first floor where a buffet was laid out and assigned a semi private dining space where we all could fit in nicely.This floor looked even better than the ground floor with fancy chandeliers and grills.I liked being here and realised that I was wrong to have judged this book by it’s cover.

Pinch Of Spice Agra Review

The Food :

We started with a piping hot tomato basil soup which was a wonderful way to begin our meal on a rainy day.The buffet here though not lavish,had a bit of everything.

Pinch Of Spice Agra Review 3

It comprised of a salad bar serving five salads and papads.Then there were two Dals – Makhani and Tarka Moong,two vegetables – Matar Paneer and Aloo Gobhi,two types of rice – Steamed and Matar Pulao.There was a perfectly done Stir Fry with assorted vegetables,all the veggies  were cooked but retained their crunch.In the non vegetarian section were offered a Butter Chicken which tasted more like a Tikka Masala but  lip smacking nevertheless .

Pinch Of Spice Agra Review 3

There was Mutton Rogan Josh and Prawns in a Lemon Butter Sauce.The outstanding dish in the entire meal was a beautifully done Fish in Sweet and Sour sauce accompanied by perfectly tossed Hakka Noodles.

Pinch Of Spice Agra Review 6

I was pleasantly surprised by the sheer quality of the ingredients and how the spicing of each dish was spot on.I ended up eating up an entire bowl of delectable Aloo Gobhi with a crisp and perfectly charred Mirchi Parantha ,much to the amusement of my family.I just ignored them and kept tucking  into my meal.

Pinch Of Spice Agra Review 1

The Desserts were all  – in one word, scrumptious.The Chocolate brownie was one of the best I ve eaten.

Pinch Of Spice Agra Review 4

I loved the mildly sweet Moong Dal Halwa.There were Gulab Jamuns too which everyone liked but I refrained from tasting them as I was too stuffed by that time.

Pinch Of Spice Agra Review 4

The Service:

Exceptional quality of food and service; being  thoughtful and serving  guests Kinley bottled water and including it in the buffet:)

Pinch Of Spice Agra Review

4.7/5  on the MOVILICIOUS METRE.
GlossyPolish Verdict :

I came away totally impressed by the quality and taste of food.A buffet here at ₹650/- AI per head is surely a steal deal here.I was blown away by how reasonable the feast turned out to be , specially in the light of my previous night’s horrible dinner in a Delhi five star hotel’s restaurant for which I paid ₹2250/- per head and walked away hungry and unhappy.

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