The Magic of RICE !! (K- Beauty)

by Mallika Dharmani
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Rice Beauty: The secret to get Korean skin has forever been a mystery and there is not one secret to crack it. If it’s something good there is obviously not just one, but many things behind it…Since ages we have been trying to mock their beauty routines and diys and tricks and mimic their skin.Today we have another one of their secrets which is so simple that each and every one of us can practice it without hassle.All you need is rice!

4 Simple BEAUTY Remedies with RICE!

IC :Patrika

Rice is known to have served as an excellent sunscreen.It’s great for skin lightening and whitening purposes.It also soothes the skin and calms any irritation or inflammation hence it’s great for acne skin too.Rice can be inculcated in your beauty routine in many ways…you can use rice water (the water you get after soaking rice), you can use rice flour or maybe a bit of both…

#Rice Flour Mask

Take some rice flour and mix it with raw milk and form a paste that can be used as a mask…If you don’t have rice flour you can take rice and then grind it with a mortar and pestle.This mask will help in skin tightening and hence reducing wrinkles and also make the skin light.

#Rice Water Splash

You can even drain the rice water and wash your face with it on a daily basis and see the simple trick work.

#Rice Water Spray

You can store rice water in a spray bottle and keep it in the refrigerator and spray your face with it during odd times of the day and let it dry naturally.

#Rice Oil Blotters

If you are looking for something that can soak up the oil fields in your skin then rice flour might be your thing. Rice paper blotters are a THING!You can brush your face with rice flour and let it settle …this will keep excess oil away from your skin.If used tactfully and in a moderate Way it would serve as a great makeup base too as it does a wonderful Job at soaking the extra oil.

# Rice scrub

This one is my own moderation, one that I personally love…Take some rice and soak for 10 mins.Grind them but not too fine…You should have fine pieces of broken rice…Don’t grind it to a paste.Just do a rough job with your grinder.Mix with some raw milk (probably half a spoon or a spoonful)

You can even mix it with your moisturizer.

Apply all over face and neck and scrub with light fingers.You will feel the excellent friction that rice provides which makes it a beautiful scrub.

I strongly recommend you guys to try out rice facials on weekends…Start with a rice scrub as directed above.Follow up with a mask. You can add some honey to the mask too.And then follow up with simply spraying your face with rice water and let it rest.Wash off after an hour or two.

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