What are some Beauty tips for Pregnancy?

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Pregnancy Beauty Tips: Being pregnant is uncomfortable.

Very… uncomfortable.

I’m 8.5 months pregnant today and I am constantly hot, I get cramps, hunger and full pains! don’t sleep through the night and have gone to the toilet more times than I can remember in the past two days.

pregnancy beauty tips

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But! I have come up with ways to make this experience much more enjoyable and pleasant, without it costing an arm and a leg!I am going to share with you 5 products that I could not be without during this time!

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#1 Lavender Oil!

I absolutely swear by this oil! It’s organic and after you have passed your 12th week of pregnancy it is completely safe to use.
I rub it on my belly when it goes through a cramping stage, or when the baby is going through a particularly rough movement period.
Two drops is all you need and then just rub it into your belly in smooth circle motions and within 5 minutes your muscles will be less contracted and the baby responds to your movements and focus’s it’s kicks when you reach the full circle.

pregnancy beauty tips 4

I also use this oil to calm me down!

It’s not uncommon to be overwhelmed by everything at times.
How are we going to afford this?
Will I be a good mum?
What do I do when the baby gets here?
Will it get along with its siblings??

This oil is amazing for calming your mind and lessening anxiety. I put some in a diffuser and let it calm down my bedroom.

I also place it in the baby’s room so that when it’s born it will have a light lavender scent to it as well.
Because I’ve exposed the oil to the baby in the womb, diffused scents won’t harm them.

#2 Glacial Marine Mud Mask!

I have had a LOT! Of hormonal pimples during this pregnancy, especially around my chin and forehead.
This mask has been designed to pull all the toxins from your skin (you can visibly see wet patches where it’s pulling the junk out of your pores and spots).

pregnancy beauty tips 2

When I have bad breakouts, I use it for 20 minutes 3 days in a row to fully pull everything out, and then use it once a week for 20 minutes after that to keep my spots at bay.

pregnancy beauty tips 9

Now this stuff can do pretty much everything!

I also use it to pull out the toxins from mosquito bites; people use it on warts and cold sores, I’ve used it to pull a splinter out of my finger as well!

And because it’s made with natural products and botanicals, it’s completely safe to use on children!

Mothers take note! If you are feeling the stress and feeling oily, this mask only takes 20 minutes and you will have the smoothest skin than you’ve had for a long time!

Pampering yourself doesn’t need to be expensive or long winded; it just needs to make you feel good!

#3 Tinted Moisturizer!

Reasons this tinted moisturizer is AMAZING! And I recommend it to mothers and pregnant women.

pregnancy beauty tips 3

It is water based so it doesn’t cause breakouts! Even though it is water based it gives a full faced coverage it lasts ALL DAY! (No seriously, I live on the Gold Coast and spend my life outdoors sweating. But my coverage doesn’t budge!)You only need half a pump to cover your whole face so the bottle lasts you forever! It feels like silk on your skin <3

pregnancy beauty tips 7

This is definitely one of my feel good products.

I recommend this to women who are going out, but don’t have the time to apply a full face of makeup. This is your solution!

#4 Curling Mascara

These are my results after one coat of the curling mascara.

I waited for months! To be able to get my hands on this. It came out to Aus for a mother’s day promotion and I pounced!It’s available in the US and the UK permanently, so at least I know I’m able to get some more when it runs out.

pregnancy beauty tips 10

But this mascara doesn’t use fibers, so it’s completely safe to use for people with sensitive eyes, plus you don’t need to worry about the mascara not setting right or having to spend hours getting it off.
All this needs is a good wash with a natural cleanser and you’re set.
But it also stays really well so you don’t need to worry about it smudging!

This is also another one of my feel-good products.
As you can see in my picture above, once coat completely opened my eyes and it didn’t budge all day!

And finally, #5! My contouring lip gloss

The reason I love this lip gloss over all other lip glosses is because it’s clear and doesn’t smudge when children rub their fingers on it!

pregnancy beauty tips 6

It also promotes collagen growth in your lips so you get a much more defined cupids bow and rounder lips which I love.
Plus it’s moisturizing, so you’re not damaging or drying out your lips when you use it and it doesn’t tingle.


pregnancy beauty tips 8

So whenever I have a function to go to, or just feel like being pretty today I wear my tinted moisturizer, mascara and lip gloss and feel like a whole new person!

If you’d like any more information about my super quick and easy pamper sessions, or want some more information about the products I use, then send me through an email at:jordanirene.wright@gmail.com and let’s chat!!

I love hearing from you all and this really is the quickest and easiest pamper session you will ever do.
And you’ll feel amazing for it!

Much love!


 Jordan, is  8.5 months pregnant and  works with a health, wellness and anti-ageing business .She  helps mothers and other women to help build up their own business and most importantly ,helps  them start to love the way they feel about themselves and how they look! You can check out more of her work  Here .

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