What are Some Easy Hairstyles For College Girls ?

by Vani Saxena
3 minutes read

Hairstyles for College Girls: Bored of those usual hairstyles? All of us wish to have those dream hair which can anytime and every time turns out to be the perfect tresses! We try sooooo many complex hairstyles and hairdos to make the whole deal justifiable!  So why not try these easy 5 hairstyles to the college which save up your time and effort as well! Get these beautiful yet simple yet elegant hairstyles within a couple of minutes!

5 Easy Hairstyles for College 1

Image Credit: Glamrs

#Loose curls

Before hitting up to the bed night before going to the college just dampen up your hair. Make small sections of your hair and roll and twist ’em up tightly. Tie them with elastic bands or bobby pins anything you feel is comfortable to sleep with.

In the morning open up the twisted locks and you’re good to go! Finger comb your hair a bit if needed but don’t use a brush!

Yes! Simple n easy! 🙂

# Topknot

Dealing with a bad hair day??

Well, this one’s probably for you!

Make a ponytail (a high one)

But make sure it doesn’t turn out to look that clumsy!

Now roll over your tresses to make a bun and tie the last end of the hair strand with a bobby pin.

Puff out your hair from the bun. This would give your bun a quite good volume and an illusion of thick hair!

Nice. Isn’t it?

#Like hair accessories ??

Well, this one’s for you then!

Side part your hair and take two strands each from both the sides. Roll each of the strands separately and take them back of your head. Tuck them with your favorite pins.

Try using one pin for each of the 2 strands on the two sides since this would make your style look neater!

This style would be perfect if you have formals for your college since the color on your hair would make your whole outfit look even better!

5 Easy Hairstyles for College

Image Credit: zest it up

# Side Braided Ponytail

This may take time initially but once you learn it you’re sure to master this one!

Side part your hair completely and start making a SIDE Braid on the side where you’ve less volume of hair. Now fix the braid with the pin. Now make a neat and a clean low ponytail.

Take off the pin and join the braid with your ponytail. Or simply leave your hair open. Anything that you like.

You’re good to go! It’s a very elegant hairdo and looks beautiful on all hair types straight, wavy or curly.

# Half French Braid

French braid your hair from the crown to the back of your head. Secure the braid with pins.

Leave the rest hair open 🙂

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vidya December 19, 2016 - 3:49 PM

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Very nice review!!! Have to try all of these for sure!!!