5 Sunscreen Facts You MUST know !!

by Mallika Dharmani
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Sunscreen Facts: No summer is complete without sunscreen! The more the sun, the lesser the clothes and more the sunscreen and I dare say (more the sunburns). Half of us are unaware on how to go about choosing the correct sunscreen and the other half lack the application skills – the result being lots of free radicals, tan and even skin cancer in the long run. So here is an article which I feel is absolutely necessary for all of us no matter of what age group, skin type, complexion, we may belong to. Read on and know exactly where you are going wrong with your sunscreen routine.

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# 1 Broad Spectrum

See these two words, we’ll see them properly because the next time you go sunscreen shopping you need to buy a tube bearing these two words. Sun rays are of three types: UVA, UVB, UVC (never reaches the earth). Most sunscreens offer protection only against UVB rays which cause temporary damage to your skin whereas the real culprit UVA rays go unnoticed! UVA rays penetrate much deeper into your skin causing the free radicals to grow at large and affect the collagen too. Broad spectrum means your sunscreen provides you protection against both of these.

#2 SPF

 Higher the SPF the better it is. No, not always. SPF only means the power to protect against UVB RAYS, not UVA RAYS! You have to judge the SPF according to your requirement. However, an SPF 30 is just about right and recommended by dermatologists. It offers about 97% protection from UVB RAYS.

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#3 Reapply

 Once is not enough. Not when it comes to sunscreens. You need to reapply it after a few hours to ensure maximum protection (every two hours to be exact)

#4 Apply It Indoors

 Most people think one needs sunscreens only when you step out. No way! See those Windows and the sunlight that filters through them? Well, they are enough to do the harm. Always apply your sunscreen no matter whether you are indoors or outdoors!

# 5 Put Sunscreen Under Your Clothes

 You think that this fabric is going to protect you?? You could be wrong. Sun rays filter through the clothes too so apply your sunscreen to your covered areas too for all-round protection.

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 These 5 pointers could really help you a long way. The sun might be the most pleasant thing ever but all it takes is a little carelessness and there you have it – a perfect nightmare and trust me nobody wants that. Escape those nasty rays – be Sun alert! Be sunscreen alert!

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