Aliya Bhatt Just Called Someone a Liar!

by Bhavya Kant
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Aliya Bhatt Just Called Someone a Liar! 3

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Hello Bollywood Junkies!!

Well, there is a new gossip in bollywood and about what? – Alia Bhatt calling her dad, a liar! Shocking! Isn’t it?


Alia Bhatt is one of the most stunning and successful actresses today in Bollywood! She is just 23 and she has achieved something that some actresses take forever to do! She is such an inspiration to all the young ladies out there.

She started her career when she was just 19 and since then, she has not looked back. She has given such big hits in a row (Student of the year, two states, Highway, Udta Punjab 😮 ) and with each movie, she has got just better! She has a charming personality. When it comes to her relationships, she does not hide it, does she? Especially, when it’s about relationship with her dad!

Well, the audience would love her dad, Mr. Mahesh Bhatt who is such a talented filmmaker and herself to collaborate for a movie. Wouldn’t you?

Aliya Bhatt Just Called Someone a Liar! 2

Image Credit : Zee News

There are rumors that she may work in a Bhatt production soon.

She is such an amazingly talented actress and working with her dad will just add to her spark! However, in an interview she was asked about these plans, she said “It will happen eventually and we do talk about it.”

On asking about how Mr. Bhatt is always praising her work, she got really awkward and said this – “He lies. I just met him and told him, “Stop lying to these journalists!” Everybody is asking me, “Bhatt Sahab ne yeh kaha woh kaha.” That’s not at all true. Then he smiles and says, “But yeah, you are a star, a lot of people want to work with you.” That is not true, he is lying. I will call him up right now and make him speak to you people.”

LOL! That is cute! We love you Alia  😉

Aliya Bhatt Just Called Someone a Liar!

Image Credit : Cosmopolitan

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