Alpha H Liquid Gold Review

by Sone
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Alpha H Liquid Gold Review: If I were to ever recommend a single anti ageing product, what would that be? This was a question asked to me recently and I have come up with my answer 😉

Anti ageing needs three things to be done. First, and most importantly they should gently exfoliate the skin. This is because as we start getting older, the skin turnover rate starts decreasing. As a result the dead skin accumulates giving our skin a dull look. Another worrying aspect is that all this pile of dead cells does not let ANY product that you apply go deeper.

The second thing is antioxidant property that should neutralize the free radicals. Finally comes the nourishment part that maintains health of the skin.

Clearly the first step is the stepping stone. This means without proper exfoliation, your skincare regimen is useless. BUT, you cannot be harsh at all. Your skin will get irritated and that will be a disaster! You need regular, balance and gentle exfoliation. Lo and behold…the GOLD!

Alpha H Liquid Gold

What is it and who is it for?

A mild glycolic acid treatment.



How to Use:

Moisten cotton pad and apply on face neck and décolletage. Apply in a single direction. Only use in the night and MUST apply sunscreen the next day.

My Experience with Alpha H Liquid Gold

This product comes in a sturdy container. It is immensely travel friendly and I have been carrying it around on my travels without any issues!

Alpha H Liquid Gold 4

I just take a toner amount out on a soft cotton facial pad. I then apply it evenly on my face, neck, décolletage and ears. This stuff will take out the dead skin gunk from your skin. Consider it to be a gym session for your skin. Apply it on alternate nights after washing and drying your face. Skip moisturizer for best effects. The next day, make sure you apply sunscreen liberally before going out. As all your dead skin will be off and a delicate and healthier skin will be exposed. Only on alternate nights and you will fall in love with this product.

This is my ONE SOLUTION to all skin woes. Use it as directed and I GUARANTEE a better skin 🙂

  1. Nice hygienic packaging
  2. Works wonders for your skin
  3. Not too harsh
  4. Does not irritate skin if used as instructed
  1. Absolutely none.
Overall Would I repurchase and recommend?

I am on my second bottle. LOVE this stuff!!

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