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Lipstick Colors for Your Sun Sign 6

Hello Everyone! I am a believer in astrology and it has a great influence on our behavior and personality. There are 12 zodiac signs in astrology and each zodiac sign affects life differently. Each zodiac sign has different meaning and has different effects on our lives because our sun sign depends on the position of the sun at the time of birth. There is something very amazing and exciting about reading the characteristics of our zodiac sign! Today I will be writing about How to choose Lipstick Color Based on Zodiac Sign? which lipstick suits you best and compliments your personality on the basis of your zodiac sign. Let’s find out girls which one suits you the best <3.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Aries, The Ram is considered to be energetic, curious and bold. This sign is ruled by the fiery planet, Mars. It is a fire sign which shows their energetic, passionate as well as stubborn and impulsive behavior. Orange, Coral Orange, Neon Orange and other shades of orange are best suited for this passionate sun sign.

Lipstick Colors for Your Sun Sign 10

Image Credits: thebeautyinsiders

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Taurus, The Bull has two energies. Either it’s calm and relaxed or it’s full of energy and aggression. It is ruled by the planet of beauty and love- Venus and elemental sign are Earth. This sign has following characteristics: Adaptable, Romantic, Relaxed, Volatile and Sensual. It is ruled by the planet of love and beauty, Venus. Its elemental sign is Earth. Light shades of pink will be best suited for this romantic sun sign.

Lipstick Colors for Your Sun Sign 4

Image Credits: Pinterest

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Gemini, The Twins are considered to be the most vibrant and versatile sun sign. This sign is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. The elemental sign is air. This sun sign is considered to be always trying out of the box and does not enjoy monotony. They tend to get bored easily. Gemini woman can carry anything as they are don’t care and full of life personalities. Purple is chosen color for this bubbly sun sign as Gemini women are the ones who stand out of the crowd for choosing something nonstereotypical.

Lipstick Colors for Your Sun Sign

Image Credits: Pinterest

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Cancer, The Crab is considered hypersensitive, helping, and caring, patient and compassionate sun sign. It is ruled by the Moon- the planet of peace and its elemental sign is water. Cancer women are calm and emotional and prefer to look decent and gentle. Nude shade lipstick will best suit a calm and decent Cancer woman.

Lipstick Colors for Your Sun Sign 7

Image Credits: be with style

Leo (July 23- August 22)

Leo, The Lion is considered to be proud and expressive in nature. Ruled by fierce Lion makes Leo possessive, protective and passionate for their loved ones. They are considered to be courageous, kind, loyal and entertaining. It is ruled by Sun, which blesses them with leadership qualities and short temperament as a negative trait. Leo Element is Fire. Leo women are considered to be bold and classy. Metallic Lipsticks are best suited for this proud and beautiful sun sign. They can carry metallic shimmer lipsticks with outstanding grace and beauty.

Lipstick Colors for Your Sun Sign 8

Image Credits: broke and beautiful

Virgo (August 23- September 22)

Virgo, The Virgin is considered to be the perfectionist. Virgos possess qualities such as they are dedicated, resourceful, hardworking, and practical and logical. It is ruled by Mercury- planet of communication and the elemental sign is Earth. These qualities make them- the perfectionist. The can be self-destructive, self-pity and critical in nature. Virgo women are loving and intelligent women. All shades of pink and mauve will suit these perfectionist Virgo women.

Lipstick Colors for Your Sun Sign 3

Image Credits: Pinterest

Libra (September 23- October 22)

Libra, The Scales is about harmony, peace, equality, and balance. It is ruled by planet Venus- planet of beauty and love. Its elemental sign is air. They are graceful, charming, lovable, indecisive and spoiled. Libra women are full of inner and outer beauty. Libra women love luxuries art and comfort. I will choose dark berry lipstick for this charming and lovable sun sign.

Lipstick Colors for Your Sun Sign 9

Image Credits: the lookbook

Scorpio (October 23- November 22)

Scorpions are considered to fierce, intense, dark, passionate, magnetic, brave and loyal in nature. It is ruled by planet Pluto- planet of power and regeneration and the elemental sign is water. Scorpio women are demanding, demonstrative and extremely sensitive. This sign symbolizes magnetic charm, strength, and beauty. Scorpio women are masters of seduction and attractiveness. For such majestic creatures, Shades of dark red and brown will be great when worn by Scorpion lips 🙂.

Lipstick Colors for Your Sun Sign 6

Image Credits: Pinterest

Sagittarius (November 21 – December 21)

Sagittarius, The Archer is ruled by the largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter. It is considered to be the most cheerful zodiac sign of all the zodiac signs. Sagittarians are considered to be happy, full of energy and confidence. These people welcome changes with open arms. The elemental sign is fire which makes them passionate and adventurous. Sagittarians are Eternal wanderers of Zodiac. A Sagittarius woman is fascinated by everything and everyone and love exploring new things. Blue Lipstick is the chosen lip color for this adventurous and explorer Sagittarius!

Lipstick Colors for Your Sun Sign 12

Image Credits: Pinterest

Capricorn (December 22- January 19)

Capricorn, The Goat is known as the most determined zodiac of all the zodiac signs. They are considered to be practical, ambitious, disciplined, wise and patient. They are ruled by the discipline loving- Saturn. The elemental sign is Earth. They can be stubborn and unimaginative. Capricorn women are both- conservative and outgoing. They are meticulous and determined women. Despite having a large friend circle, they prefer being with a few sets of people whose mentality matches with theirs. Peach lipstick is the chosen color of these beautiful Capri women!

Lipstick Colors for Your Sun Sign 11

Image Credits: Pinterest

Aquarius (20 January – 18 February)

Aquarius, The Water Bearer is considered to be a modern and curious lot. They are their own boss and does not like an invasion of their space. They do not follow the said rules as they are lovers of freedom. Aquarians are humanitarian in nature and they want to make the world a better place to live. They are not very emotionally expressive, which makes them very aloof and not many people can relate to them. Aquarius is ruled by two powerful planets- Uranus and Saturn which blesses them with good communication skills. The elemental sign is Air. Talking about Aquarian women, the most important thing for them is to feel free. Aquarian women are intelligent and witty. They have a wild sense of adventure and are very sociable. Fuchsia pink is the color that will best suit these intelligent and witty Aquarian ladies!

Lipstick Colors for Your Sun Sign 2

Image Credits: adore the life

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Pisces, The Fish is considered to be the most humble and generous sun sign of all. A Pisces has following characteristics such as they are creative, humble, and imaginative. They are the ones who value human relations the most and is always considered as the genuine friend in a group of friends. They are selfless people who are always willing to help others without being reciprocated. Their ruling planet is Neptune; it depicts the dissolution of reality. It is a Water sign which makes them very emotional and over-sensitive. Pisces women are mysterious and sensual individuals which makes them attractive. They are a true dreamer. Burgundy lipstick will well suit these sensual and attractive females!

Lipstick Colors for Your Sun Sign 5

Image Credits: we are ladies

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We are women of the 21st century and we live in a competitive world where there is a constant and never-ending fight to be the best in their respective fields. The passion to be the best often takes a toll on our health. We often compromise on our eating habits. But, we do not realize the fact our body is just like a machine; if we do not maintain it will wear out and succumb to deadly diseases. A lot of diseases in today’s world are psychological and stress-related because there is no time left to take care of you in this busy life. One of the diseases cause by drastic lifestyle changes and bad eating habits in women is PCOS.


Image Credit: askdrmakkar

What is PCOS?

PCOS stands for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. If I explain PCOS in a layman’s language, I would describe it as a disease caused by an imbalance of sex hormones in women. It can create problems with your menstrual cycle and cause hindrance in conceiving a child. It can cause abnormal changes in your appearance. It can lead to serious health problems like diabetes and heart problems. In PCOS, women develop small cysts on their ovaries. These cysts are in itself are not a problem but they are responsible for hormonal imbalance. Early diagnosis and treatment can save you from lot of further complications.


Image Credit: Pinterest

What happens in PCOS + PCOS Diet

Normally, ovaries release a very small amount of male sex hormones and these cysts are responsible for the abnormal release of these male sex hormones. The imbalance of sex hormones stops ovulation, the growth of extra facial hair, and obesity. PCOS are responsible for irregular periods. The body is unable to make correct use or no use of insulin which cause the blood sugar levels to rise up. This eventually increases the chances of diabetes among women. Diabetic women face a lot of problems while conceiving a child and there are higher chances of miscarriage among such women.


Image Credit: style craze

Causes of PCOS:
  • Genetics: Yes, you heard it right. Genes can be responsible for inheriting PCOS. If your mother or sister is suffering from this condition, there are chances of you inheriting it. Though there is little evidence of genes associated with this condition. Genetics is something you acquire from your ancestor and nothing much can be done to avoid it if it’s in your genes.
  • Hormonal imbalance: The abnormal release of hormones can be linked with this condition because the PCOS has direct linkage with hormones. The abnormal release of hormones is responsible for the medical conditions related to PCOS. Hormonal balance has a direct connection to what we consume. So, we should include more fruits and leafy vegetables in our diet rather munching on burgers and pizzas!

Image Credit: Pinterest


  • Excess insulin levels: Diabetic women have a higher risk of acquiring with PCOS because, in diabetes, insulin is not utilized properly which causes the blood sugar levels to rise up. The excess of insulin levels causes the androgen levels to rise up considerably. Avoid foods rich in sugar which will shoot up your blood sugar levels.
  • Psychological factors: Stress is one of the prime causes of PCOS because to maintain equilibrium at both your personal and professional life, there is no time left to take care of your well being. The constant fight to be the best takes a toll on our mental well being. Include any kind of physical activity in your daily routine to keep stress at bay!
  • Obesity: Obesity is the root cause of a lot of diseases. It is always said to keep in check your weight because obesity gives birth to a number of diseases. Drastic changes in eating habits and lifestyle have also contributed to the rise of PCOS. No time for play and highly saturated and fat food are responsible for high rates of obesity in our country. Leading a healthy lifestyle can help fight such diseases. The inclusion of nutritious foods and physical activity can lessen the chances of acquiring PCOS.




Image Credit :fitwithjenny

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Khadi Natural Gold Thermo Herb Skin Tightening Face Pack Review

Today, I shall be reviewing Khadi Gold Thermo Herb Skin Tightening Face Pack . Most of us prefer going natural for taking proper care of our skin because it is good to keep away from chemicals as much you can! We all must be reading grandma’s home remedies for good skin while turning pages of magazines! LOL 🙂 I must say the prime reasons for going natural is that we are away from harmful chemicals and its harsh effects on our skin and there are no side effects. People switch to the chemicals from natural products because the results are not very immediate with the natural products but the harm caused to our skin due to use of chemicals is way too much! So, what do you prefer? Chemicals or Natural. I am sure you will pick going natural.Read out the review below!

Khadi Natural Gold Thermo Herb Skin Tightening Face Pack Review


I bought it for INR 200 (100 grams) from a Khadi outlet. It can be brought online also at various e-commerce websites.

How to Use:

Clean your face and pat it dry. Apply cream on face and neck and massage it. Make a thick paste of powder and cold water (In winters, prefer using warm water for better results). I add lemon drops to the paste for effective results. Apply the paste on your face leaving eye circles, lips and eyebrows. Avoiding applying the paste near your hairline as it might get difficult taking it off. No face movement. Leave it to dry. Wash your face and wipe it off gently.

My Experience with Khadi Gold Thermo Herb Skin Tightening Face Pack

I seriously needed something to deal with my skin tan as I travel by my scooty everyday and exposure to sun could not be avoided. I covered my face with stole and my hands with long gloves but all efforts were going in vain. I brought this Khadi product to combat the situation as I believe we should always opt for natural products for taking care of our skin. On applying this for the first time, I built confidence in this product as it really freshness and glow to my face. It has a stainless steel jar. The product is whitish pink color powder and has no smell. I only thing I found little difficult was taking off the pack. It is one hell of a task as I keep splashing water on my face for a long time to take off the pack completely!

Khadi Natural Gold Thermo Herb Skin Tightening Face Pack Review 3

  1. Instantly tightens the skin.
  2. Helps to remove the suntan effectively.
  3. Reasonable price.
  4. Natural product, it does not have any side effects.
  1. Taking off the pack is a bit difficult.
Overall Would I repurchase and recommend?

Definitely Yes! I will recommend and repurchase as it is a natural product, there are no side effects as such on its use and it justifies its claims. It comes at quite a reasonable price and last but not the least, it is made in India and so, I will definitely promote it!

GlossyPolish Verdict


More Khadi Masks ?
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6 Make Up Trends To Look Out For In 2017 3

Makeup Trends: Being in touch with the current trends is a must because wearing trending always draws attention and head turns. Everybody wants to know what is in fashion and what is out of fashion. Nowadays everybody wants to know what is latest in fashion and likes experimenting with their looks. People are now active and aware about what is in and what has been fashion of bygone. Women of every age group is aware about what suits her on her face and on her body and this is something which she is not going to compromise on ! Today I am writing about latest make up trends so that you are updated about it what to watch out in trend this year!  Keep scrolling to read more.

# Two Tone Lips
6 Make Up Trends To Look Out For In 2017

Image Credit : Cosmopolitan


Applying the same tone on the lips has always been in fashion but there are not many variations in lipstick area in some decades. With New Year, sets in new and crazy trends and same are with the lip wear. Two-toned lip wear is about wearing lip colors of two different shades. The two colors have to be chosen very carefully. On the upper lip, a single tone is to be applied while on the lower lip; different shade is to be applied. Wearing two-toned lips will give your overall look a contemporary and urban look. Lips tinted with different colors give you a glamorous look.


# Natural look
6 Make Up Trends To Look Out For In 2017 5

Image Credit: womenfitnessmag

Keeping your look natural is in this year and having a perfectly natural look is also an art. It is known as “no makeup look”. The natural look takes a little amount of time and practice. Nude makeup gives your face fresh and flawless look without looking an overdo. It suits on all occasions and on all skin types. Nude make up can be carried for everyday look also. It involves choosing the right lipstick.


#Chrome Nails
6 Make Up Trends To Look Out For In 2017 2

Image Credit: imabeautygeek

The mirror shine finish of foil like nail colors is IN. Kareena flaunted chrome on her recent appearance on coffee with Karan. All Bollywood fashion divas have experimented with them and you should NOT fall behind 😉 Totally on our Lust List this year!


# Shiny liquid liner


Last year, we saw different styles of eyeliners from winged eyeliners to double winged eyeliners but the shiny effect in eyeliners will add a different touch to overall makeup. It boldly defines your eyes because shine adds a bolder definition to your eye makeup. Wing it out to give your eyes a dramatic finish.

6 Make Up Trends To Look Out For In 2017 4

Image Credit: ilovecutemakeup


# Metallic shimmer

Glitters are back with a bang this year. Yes, you heard it right glitters and shine are back this year to add an edge to your make up. Shimmers makes you outshine in the crowd, while you should know the right amount of shimmer to be applied because shimmer in excess will overshadow your overall make up. Metallic shimmer can be in gold, silver or bronze depending upon the occasion for the makeup. It adds beautiful sparkle to your look. Shimmer can even be applied on the eye shadow area to give a metallic touch to your look.

6 Make Up Trends To Look Out For In 2017

Image Credit: Pinterest


# Burgundy Mascara

Mascara is used to add volume and length to the eyelashes by defining each and every lash separately. Nowadays, the mascara comes with inbuilt eyelash curler which saves you from the hassle of separately curling your lashes. Black mascara has been in since long but this year if you thought there is no tinge of red this time, then you are wrong. Red is still running in race of in fashion, but this time with burgundy mascara. Burgundy mascara will not only break the stereotype of black eye makeup, but will add an unconventional touch to your eye makeup. Colored mascara makes your eyes look bigger and defined. Burgundy mascara is surprisingly neutral and pairs well with most eye colors.

6 Make Up Trends To Look Out For In 2017 3

Image Credit: Monroe Misfit Makeup

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  2. Bye Contouring, Hi Non-Touring !! The Hottest New Makeup Trend 😉
  3. 19 Amazing Uses of Vaseline!
Elle 18 Glow Foundation Review 2

What is it and who is it for? Elle 18 Glow Foundation is a liquid foundation which is available in four shades: Pearl, Coral, Marble, and Shell. It contains SPF 8 which protects your skin against ultraviolet radiations. It is for women who are in search of foundation which is not highly priced and serves the purpose of a foundation.

Elle 18 Glow Foundation Review 2


I got it as a gift in makeup combo gift. It is available at INR 148(30 grams) on e-commerce websites.

How to use

Clean your face. Squeeze it on your palm and apply it evenly on your face.

My Experience with Elle 18 Glow Foundation:

Elle 18 Glow Foundation Review 3

I got it as a gift. I had never thought of giving it a try because the Elle 18 does not hold a strong value in the market. The foundation comes in a black color slender tube. The cream is thick and does not blend easily with skin. The coverage is average as does not spread enough. It is not enough to serve the purpose of a foundation. The stay is quite efficient. It does not get absorbed in the skin. It is a good moisturizer if applied once. It is lightly scented but that does not linger for a long time. It does not live up to its claim of glow foundation. It gives a silvery finish to your skin.

Elle 18 Glow Foundation Review 4

  1. Not highly priced
  2. Good enough stay
  3. Travel-friendly
  1. Unsatisfactory finish
  2. Below average coverage
  3. Silvery effect
  4. Nothing like glow as claimed
GlossyPolish Verdict


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Lakme Blush and Glow Face Wash

What is it and who is it for? Lakme Blush and Glow Face Wash is a gel based face wash with strawberry extracts, antioxidants and microbeads for cleaning your face from dirt and impurities and keeps it fresh and hydrated.

It is for women who want a gentle cleaning gel for their face and want to keep their face away from harmful soaps which makes their face dry and patchy.

Lakme Blush and Glow Face Wash


I brought it for INR 100 (50 grams) from a local pharmacy.

How to use:

Take a small amount of gel in your palm and lather it with help of water. Gently massage on your wet face. Rinse it thoroughly with water. It can be used daily. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of eye contact, rinse your eyes thoroughly.



My Experience with Lakme Blush and Glow Face Wash:

I found the product to be good which can be used daily for cleansing your face after a long day. It is a transparent inverted tube with a flip up cover. The gel is pink with color with pink micro beads. It is a mild gel and it smells great like a fruit! It is not expensive and travels friendly which can be carried in your purses without using much of your space.

Lakme Blush and Glow Face Wash 1

  1. Smells very good.
  2. It cleanses your skin removing dirt and oil
  3. Travel-friendly
  4. It is not expensive.
  1. Nothing like blush like the effect!
  2. It is difficult taking it off.
Overall Will I recommend and repurchase?

Yes, I would recommend and repurchase because it is pocket-friendly and can be carried easily in your purse. It cleans your face removing dirt and impurities. It is a mild gel face wash which is gentle for your face

GlossyPolish Verdict


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Schwarzkopf Gliss Total Hair Repair Heat Protection Spray Review

What is it and who is it for? Schwarzkopf Gliss Total Hair Repair Heat Protection Spray is a heat protectant spray which helps our hair deal with the damage caused due to extensive use of heat. It is essential for you to apply this spray before use of heat styling products as it forms a protective shield around the hair strands. It prevents your hair from coming in direct contact of high temperatures of dryers and flat irons.

It can be used by everyone who uses heat styling products on their hair. It prevents hair from becoming dry, frizzy and coarse.

Schwarzkopf Gliss Total Hair Repair Heat Protection Spray Review


I bought it for Rs. 580 from local cosmetic store. It can be found at any local pharmacy or a local cosmetic store.

How to use:

As mentioned on the product, if used with a blow dryer, spray the heat protectant on towel-dry hair before blow drying.

If used with hot irons, first dry hair completely and then spray on. Straighten.

My Experience with Schwarzkopf Gliss Total Hair Repair Heat Protection Spray

I bought the following product after I saw hair that my hair has now started looking dull, dry and coarse with absolutely no moisture left. I realized that the damage was done because of continuous use of heat on my hair. It suffered from breakage and split ends. My ends looked roasted and many strands were broken from the middle. I just realized that I should now buy something to protect my hair from heat and using a heat protectant is now a necessity. I bought this product from local store as I heard positive about it. It comes in nice golden colored bottle with a spray gun on the top. I use it for straightening my hair. I completely dry my hair and then even spray this product on. I was not expecting great results but to my surprise, my hair looked moisturized rather than looking roasted as usual. It looked manageable and settled. It successfully controlled my frizz and softened my hair. Thumbs up!

  1. It is fragrance free, good for those who do not go for scented products.
  2. It protects hair from heat up to 220 C.
  3. It is for all hair types.
  4. It provides moisture and frizz reduction to hair.
  1. Not travel friendly because of the spray gun at the top, no option to keep the spray nozzle closed.
Overall Will I recommend and repurchase?

Yes, It is a must have by everyone who uses heat styling products on a regular basis or even occasionally. It helps your hair from the damage of excessive heat of blow dry and flat irons. It helps in hair smoothening and frizz reduction. It comes at a reasonable price. Thumbs up for this product. (Y)

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Colorbar Crème Touch Lipstick Dreamy Pink 005 Review

Hi everyone!Color bar has vibrant and different shades of Crème Touch Lipsticks and I am in love with these lipsticks because of the variety and look it gives to your lips. Are you in search of lipstick which can be worn every day, does not dry your lips and has a long stay? Let me helps you with this J Today, I shall be reviewing Colorbar Dreamy Pink Crème Touch Lipstick 005. Keep reading girls to know about the lipstick and how worth it is <3


I bought for INR 425(4.5 grams) from a Colorbar counter in a mall.

Colorbar Crème Touch Lipstick Dreamy Pink 005 Review

How to use:

Press the lip bullet to the lips using even pressure to apply the lipstick on both the upper and lower lips. Press lips together to refresh and even out. Use lip brush for precise and richer application.

My Experience with Colorbar Dreamy Pink Crème Touch Lipstick 005

Colorbar Crème Touch Lipstick Dreamy Pink 005 Review 3

I was in a search of a lipstick for a major family function; I wanted a shade which suits my complexion as well as the occasion. When I was on the counter, I tried on different shades but all of them made me look elder than my age. Dreamy pink was the shade that caught on my attention. It comes in a shiny silver turn up lipstick case with a silver cover to secure it.  It has rich creamy texture that glides on the lips and has moisturizing properties which gives your lips fuller and creamy look. It keeps your lips hydrated and to my surprise, it has a good stay which is generally not seen in crème lipsticks. It is has a rich pigmentation and good coverage. The best thing about the lipstick is its shade; it gives an amazing look to your lips.

Colorbar Crème Touch Lipstick Dreamy Pink 005 Review 4

  1. Beautiful shade
  2. Creamy texture helps it glide effortlessly.
  3. Soft and smooth application
  4. Does not feather
  5. Keeps your lips hydrated and moisturized all day long
  6. Travel friendly
  7. It has a long stay and keeps your lips hydrated
  1. It has scent which can be a problem for some.
Overall Will I recommend and repurchase?

Yes, definitely I would recommend and repurchase because I loved the shade. It is a must try for everyone, for all skin complexions. It is more towards young shade of a pink. It has a creamy texture which glides on your lips and keeps your lips moisturized and hydrated. It has an average stay as compared to crème lipsticks. It is bit scented, but that was not an issue with me.

Glossy Polish Verdict


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Lakme Absolute White Intense Wet and Dry Compact Review 3

Who is it for? Lakme Absolute White Intense Wet and Dry Compact is for those looking for an affordable wet n dry compact.


I bought it for INR 700(9 grams) from Lakme Absolute outlet in a mall.


How to use:

Take the sponge and dab it on the compact powder and apply it evenly on the face. Apply it again if required.

My Experience with Lakme Absolute White Intense Wet and Dry Compact:

Lakme Absolute White Intense Wet and Dry Compact Review 4

I brought this product when winter season was on and I had just thought it will be kept unused till summers arrive. But to my surprise, I have been using it in winters because this compact does not give your face cakey ghostly look like most of the compact powders. It blends very well with skin giving smooth and satin finish. I put it on the BB cream to give it a good finish to my makeup. It serves dual purpose of compact and foundation but honestly, I have not given the foundation side a try. I loved its packaging as it has a nice grayish black circular container. On opening it my happiness doubled because there were two separate compartments for the compact and the sponge which makes it hygienic because in summers, sponge tends to become wet from the sweat on the face and keeping it back on the compact makes Ewwww! Dirty and smelly. The sponge is very soft and smooth which makes its application a delight.

Lakme Absolute White Intense Wet and Dry Compact Review 6

  1. It can be used in summers and winters.
  2. It can be used as a compact and foundation.
  3. The packaging is very attractive as it has two separate compartments for sponge and compact.
  4. Travel friendly
  5. Hygienic packaging.
  6. Smooth and satin finish.
  1. No information about the ingredients on the compact powder.
  2. It does not have 16 hour long stay; you have to touch up after 5 hours.
Overall Will I recommend and repurchase?

Yes, I would recommend and repurchase because it is a two in one compact powder which serves as a compact and foundation. It will save the cost of a foundation. It gives your face a smooth and satin finish and blends well with your skin. It contains SPF 17 and Vitamin B3 which protects your skin from harmful radiations. Though a bit expensive, the finish is up to the mark. It can be used in summers and winters. The product can be easily carried in our purses.

GlossyPolish Verdict


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Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer Review 1

Who is it for?  Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer is for those looking for a highlighting concealer with precise application. It is highlighting concealer which brightens as well as conceals your skin. It is primary step of any make up. It is used to hide any kind of flaws be it acne, blemishes, pimples or darker area of the skin.Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer Review

Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer Review 1


I bought it for Rs. 660(1.5 ml) from a Maybelline outlet. It is available in three shades:

How to Use:

Twist the bottom of the container until the concealer appears on the in-built. You might have to twist it 10 times for the first time as it is written on the tube but it took me a few twists more. Apply the concealer to the under eye area, imperfections and area to highlight and blend it in an outward motion.

For using it under eye area, choose two shades lighter.

My Experience with Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer

Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer Review 3

I bought this product because I had read lot of reviews about it and thought about buying it since it was highlighting concealer. The reason I bought it since I have dark under eyes and I needed something to cover it in the function. The concealer comes in transparent plastic tube with an inbuilt brush. I found the inbuilt brush to be really good but was very unhappy as I was completely clueless on the number of times I should be twisting it to get the correct amount as you cannot determine how much is being dispensed from the tube. I did not find the product to be very promising as I found it could not blend well with my skin and coverage was medium. The finish of the product was not up to the mark as it had a grayish finish on the skin. The amount in the tube is very less.

Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer Review 4
  1. The in-built brush makes the application easy.
  1. The packaging is not very impressive as it is difficult to dispense the concealer with comfort.
  2. Fewer shades are available with this product.
  3. Coverage is average.
Overall Would I repurchase and recommend?

No, I would not recommend and repurchase because the product is bit difficult to handle because of its packaging most of the time you may end up dispensing unnecessary amount of concealer. But as far as the product is concerned, it performs average on concealing and highlighting and its coverage is medium.

GlossyPolish Verdict


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