6 MakeUp Trends To Look Out For

by Jagriti Verma
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Makeup Trends: Being in touch with the current trends is a must because wearing trending always draws attention and head turns. Everybody wants to know what is in fashion and what is out of fashion. Nowadays everybody wants to know what is latest in fashion and likes experimenting with their looks. People are now active and aware about what is in and what has been fashion of bygone. Women of every age group is aware about what suits her on her face and on her body and this is something which she is not going to compromise on ! Today I am writing about latest make up trends so that you are updated about it what to watch out in trend this year!  Keep scrolling to read more.

# Two Tone Lips
6 Make Up Trends To Look Out For In 2017

Image Credit : Cosmopolitan


Applying the same tone on the lips has always been in fashion but there are not many variations in lipstick area in some decades. With New Year, sets in new and crazy trends and same are with the lip wear. Two-toned lip wear is about wearing lip colors of two different shades. The two colors have to be chosen very carefully. On the upper lip, a single tone is to be applied while on the lower lip; different shade is to be applied. Wearing two-toned lips will give your overall look a contemporary and urban look. Lips tinted with different colors give you a glamorous look.


# Natural look
6 Make Up Trends To Look Out For In 2017 5

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Keeping your look natural is in this year and having a perfectly natural look is also an art. It is known as “no makeup look”. The natural look takes a little amount of time and practice. Nude makeup gives your face fresh and flawless look without looking an overdo. It suits on all occasions and on all skin types. Nude make up can be carried for everyday look also. It involves choosing the right lipstick.


#Chrome Nails
6 Make Up Trends To Look Out For In 2017 2

Image Credit: imabeautygeek

The mirror shine finish of foil like nail colors is IN. Kareena flaunted chrome on her recent appearance on coffee with Karan. All Bollywood fashion divas have experimented with them and you should NOT fall behind 😉 Totally on our Lust List this year!


# Shiny liquid liner


Last year, we saw different styles of eyeliners from winged eyeliners to double winged eyeliners but the shiny effect in eyeliners will add a different touch to overall makeup. It boldly defines your eyes because shine adds a bolder definition to your eye makeup. Wing it out to give your eyes a dramatic finish.

6 Make Up Trends To Look Out For In 2017 4

Image Credit: ilovecutemakeup


# Metallic shimmer

Glitters are back with a bang this year. Yes, you heard it right glitters and shine are back this year to add an edge to your make up. Shimmers makes you outshine in the crowd, while you should know the right amount of shimmer to be applied because shimmer in excess will overshadow your overall make up. Metallic shimmer can be in gold, silver or bronze depending upon the occasion for the makeup. It adds beautiful sparkle to your look. Shimmer can even be applied on the eye shadow area to give a metallic touch to your look.

6 Make Up Trends To Look Out For In 2017

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# Burgundy Mascara

Mascara is used to add volume and length to the eyelashes by defining each and every lash separately. Nowadays, the mascara comes with inbuilt eyelash curler which saves you from the hassle of separately curling your lashes. Black mascara has been in since long but this year if you thought there is no tinge of red this time, then you are wrong. Red is still running in race of in fashion, but this time with burgundy mascara. Burgundy mascara will not only break the stereotype of black eye makeup, but will add an unconventional touch to your eye makeup. Colored mascara makes your eyes look bigger and defined. Burgundy mascara is surprisingly neutral and pairs well with most eye colors.

6 Make Up Trends To Look Out For In 2017 3

Image Credit: Monroe Misfit Makeup

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